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Description l Title of Invention
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a speaker with improved
transient characteristics. The following equation of motion is established in the vibration of the
vibration system when the voltage of E sin ? [[volt] (5 JJO) is obtained in the electrodynamic
speaker. иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии (1) Here, the sum of M и quality of diaphragm and voice coil and
added mass of air [K2] X; ) R2: Radiation resistance CNs / m] B: Magnetic flux density [Wb / Go]
L; Length of wire for voice coil Cm) R3i Sum of resistance of voice coil and internal resistance of
amplifier [?] Si vibration i Sum of stiffness of plate edge and spider [N / m] E; Amplifier output
voltage to be supplied to speaker [V] EndPage: 132 L "in equation (1), / R: voice coil in magnetic
field The generated mechanical resistance is shown, and the right side shows the driving force.
(1) General solution of equation (1): X: once-cos (?t-1), exp (pat) + Kexp (P25xt) where? -F77,
the first term of the right side is the stationary term, the first term of the right side Transient
terms are shown in Section 2 and Section 3. (2) If 2 JMS t t <, + r <20 B 'e / R 3 иии и и и и и и и и и (-) (3)
condition is satisfied, l), l] becomes a real number and the transient term becomes It becomes
non-oscillating, or becomes smaller as the magnetic flux density iB is distributed in the upper and
lower direction from the distribution of the magnetic flux density iB or from the center position
(x-[]) of the voice coil. F, magnetic flux density n at B, x = O; can be approximated to the spread
coefficient. The condition for the displacement X to be non-oscillating is: When the displacement
X becomes large enough as 1IiII is added to this condition, P, P2 become an imaginary number
and the transient term oscillates and causes transient distortion. Since the vibration wave of the
transient term is added to the steady state term, the amplitude is abnormally large and the
abnormal voice is generated by coming into contact with the caliper voice coil or other members.
The present invention uses Vc to eliminate oblique defects, and the speaker of the present
invention has a center cap 32 attached to the central upper surface of a cone-shaped diaphragm
80, as shown in FIG. In a speaker in which the voice coil 20 is connected to the inner
circumference and the voice coil 20 is supported at the center position of the magnetic gap 15
formed with the field portion 1'OK, a cone-shaped diaphragm is provided below the center cap
32. The ring-shaped flat plate 60 in the axial direction is attached to the inner wall of the bobbin
21 of the voice coil 20 while providing the through hole 33 which opens the first space above 3
() into the second space of the cone-shaped diaphragm 30. A gap is provided at the upper and
lower sides of the flat plate 60, respectively, and each separate buffer 71.72 is disposed.
In the drawing, the field section 10 is a play in which the pole piece 11 is erected at the center)
12, IJ song net 13, ring plate 14. The figure shows the magnetic gap 15 in which the voice coil
20 is disposed between the pole piece 1 and the ring plate 14, and the buffer 71.72 passes
through the center hole of the ring-shaped flat plate. It is fixed to the pole piece? by the support
rod 73. 4 и 0 is a frame fixed to the field portion, 50 is a spider, and 31 is an edge of a coneshaped diaphragm 30. The speaker of J two (Yellow) has an electric signal input to the voice coil
20 so that the ring flat plate 60 is displaced, and the lower side of the ring flat 60, the inside of
the bobbin 21, the pole piece 1] A pressure change occurs in the third space 82 in a portion
where the buffer 72 is removed from the space formed on the upper side. The pressure change
generated in the third space 82 becomes a flow of air, and from the inside of the bobbin 21 in
the magnetic air gap 15 to the outside Iflllk through to the fourth space through the pores of the
9-inda 50. It is divided into a first path, a second path extending through the first space 811
through hole 33 to the second space between the ring-shaped flat plate 60 and each of the buffer
members 7] and 72. At this time, the viscosity resistance kRg when air flows through the first
path, the viscosity resistance '1R1 of air generated at the upper and lower portions of the ring
flat plate 60 of the second path, and the viscosity resistance of air generated in the through hole
33 Obtain the equivalent circuit of FIG. 2 with Ra. 1) changes depending on the vibrational
deviation of the ring-shaped flat plate 6 (), and the vibrational deviation or the maximum or the
minimum becomes the maximum value, and indicates the minimum value at the center position,
and is set to substantially zero ?. The diameter of the through hole 33 is set so that Ra becomes
zero ? regardless of the displacement of vibration. Under such conditions, the combined
resistance value R4 is EndPage: 2. Assuming that the distance between the buffer 7 and the
center of the ring-shaped flat plate 60 from the center (resting) position is equal to dC 111], Rb is
given by: Here, ?L? is a constant determined by the properties and shape of the buffer 71.72.
(7) Substituting in the equation ? (6), the combined resistance value R 4 becomes ? ? 0 since
this equation is Rg)> Rl) in the case of (1) x, that is, when the displacement X is small. d ? ?:
when X, that is, when displacement X or fat, Rg (d?X) 4 (I, It becomes an increase function that
becomes g. Therefore, the equation of motion of the speaker according to the present invention is
obtained by adding R4 to the parenthesis of the second term of the left side second term of the
equation of motion of the conventional example (]).
The range of the displacement X which is non-oscillating is obtained from the equation (9). If this
equation (10) is compared with the conventional example [the equation (5) of the lift table, the
range in which the displacement amplitude becomes non-oscillating by the equation (10)
according to the present invention is expanded by There is. As described above, the speaker of
the present invention expands the non-oscillating range, but the ring-shaped flat plate 60 is used
as the buffer 71.72 when a human power signal exceeding this expanded range is applied. The
impulsive sound that is generated is not an abnormal sound as in the prior art, but is absorbed by
the buffer 71.72 and becomes a small sound.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the speaker of the present
invention, FIG. 2 is an equivalent circuit, and FIG. 3 is a graph of R4 and Ro. Magnetic gap, 20:
voice coil 21, bobbin of voice coil 20, 30: cone-shaped diaphragm, 32: center cap, 33: through
hole, fiO, ring-shaped flat plate, 71.72: buffer Body, 81 first space, 82 ... third space. Fig.1 Fig.11
Fig.2 Fig.5 EndPage: ?
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