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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an existing
piezoelectric speaker, FIG. 2 is a top view thereof, and FIG. 3 is a characteristic diagram when this
speaker is incorporated into a speaker system, FIG. 5 and 6 are sectional views of the speaker
according to the present invention, FIG. 7 is a sectional view showing an example of the flexible
material used in the present invention, and FIG. 8 is a case where the speaker according to the
present invention is incorporated in a speaker system. It is a characteristic view, 1 is a frame, 2 is
a piezoelectric diaphragm, 7 is showing the flexible material layer, respectively.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a piezoelectric
speaker C2. Piezo-electric speakers are better compared to conventional electro-dynamic
speakers. Due to low power consumption, good response, good weight reduction, no magnetic
influence, etc., it is being widely used as a special two-tone speaker. Fig. 1 shows a typical
example of a pressure-type '砿 type speaker. (11 is a metal or resinous frame, (21 is a frame (1
(of which the inner bottom (the two inner edges are fixed, a brass diaphragm + 3) a brass plate +
3) I lear sheet 7) What is closely attached is (5) a substantially conical cone paper, the top of
which is bonded to the central portion C of the I + electric motor drive plate 21 and the
peripheral edge is frame crests (two are fixed. Looking at the characteristics of the speakers in
the ス ピ ー カ configuration, Fig. 2 (two shown μ <, the earth city shaking temporary (2) natural
frequency (one correspondence I-resonance resonance his number (fr, 1 in the vicinity Have a
large peak. Is this UJ resonance point peak the earth's dragon diaphragm as its sound source (2)?
As long as it is used inside, it can not be avoided, and when it is adopted to a sound rumor device
such as a piezoelectric speaker stereo with such characteristics, as shown in FIG. The low
frequency part of the speaker is overlapped to emphasize the vicinity of the six resonant
frequencies (fr) of the piezoelectric speaker, and the characteristic as a whole is bad. Depending
on the high-end audio equipment adding a dividing network C: Depending on the connection
between the bass range of the bass and that of the treble loudspeaker? Smooth 1-Sic, it is easy to
measure the improvement of the characteristics, but 5. Knees) T and C have a considerable cost
increase, and there is no point in using upper type bibi to use for high-pitched sound, which is a
large prefecture that has hindered the spread of upper type loudspeakers. The present invention
has been made in view of knowledge problem point C-1 and the following four cases (four, the
example of the town plan speaker will be described in detail: C: (1) j-freat, +21 Piezoelectric
diaphragm, i51 + cone paper, the feature of the present invention is a thousand chamber, the
diaphragm (2), the back plate 1 and the bottom wall (6) of the frame (1) are partially dense It is
in the place of being interposed with a flexible substance + 71 such as foamed urethane foam of
different quality, maltopean or bis-colloid based paint. Specifically, a convex portion (8 (a part is
formed in the central portion of the bladder wall (6) of the frame + 11 and the convex portion (8:
(a part corresponding to a portion corresponding to 4 substances (7) density? It is higher than
others. In contrast to FIG. 4, the one shown in 185 is the bottom II of the frame (1) (the center S
of the 61 (two concave (9)?
It is formed, and the peripheral portion ff1sc of the concave portion j9) is superior to that of the
portion corresponding to the dense concave portion (9) of the flexible material (7) at the
corresponding portion. FIG. 6 shows still another embodiment r, in which the bottom of the
frame 11 (61 instead of flattening C flexible frame 11 (6) and piezoelectric diaphragm (21
flexible material (7 Thickness Y of the central part of Y) is larger than that of the outer peripheral
part as shown in FIG. 7 (-, as a result, the density of the central part is more than that of other
parts). As described above, between the bottom wall (6) of the four niframes (1) and the back
surface of the sliding plate (2), the two flexible materials 171Yx intervene C2 by its damping
action C2 by the acoustic The peak value in the characteristics can be suppressed and the
characteristics can be flattened. In addition, the acoustic characteristics can be changed relatively
freely by changing the density of the flexible material (7) partially. Thus, according to the
speaker of the present invention, five flexible material layers of different C2 density partially
intervene between the bottom wall of the frame and the back surface of the piezoelectric
diaphragm, so that the resonance frequency (frJ is suppressed. Loudspeaker system for
piezoelectric type squeaky sound (When two are incorporated, the sound characteristic of the
entire system dem is suppressed peak in high range as shown in Fig. 188, flat over a wide range
C: without using dividing network Sound characteristics are obtained.
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