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Brief Description of the Drawings
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a single crystal
side 11X winding structure of a flat diaphragm of a loudspeaker. In the prior art, a planar
vibration electrode is shown in FIG. 1 to form a breaking circuit by means of a center hole 7, a
Macnet 8 and a plate 9). Numbering 5), Yanta Hall 7 and 9 frets. 1. Z Z 巻, and attach the L end
of the voice coil 10 to the center of the flat plate 4 and attach it to the center of the flat plate 4
and attach it to the outside. An arc-shaped cross section that holds the voice coil IO in the center
by a damper 11 pasted to the inner bottom of the frame 5 and projects outward or inward
between the peripheral portion of the flat diaphragm 4 and the outer edge of the frame 5 In this
case, both ends of the edge 60 having each are attached and inserted in the vibration direction-in
this case, both ends of the edge 6 are cut at an angle and cut as shown in FIG. Due to sex, there is
a defect that the compliance of this part is small or a defect which causes the gun of the vibrator
when the corner part has an arc of 11 arcs. The present invention has been devised to remove hi
e and φ, and it will be described in the garden and ten embodiments will be described. Hi 7t, Fig.
31 v 1, 41 Fig. 41, flat surface w? Align one side of the rectangular edge sheet 2 with urethane
rubber on one side of the moving plate 1 and stick it, and use of the edge sheet 2 is carried out
according to 1 'F1. By bending toward one side, holding the deflection of the speed, and sticking
the use thereof to the frame 3, the deflection of the edge sheet 2 maintains the compliance of 1minute, and the diaphragm 1 Because it can support the speaker, it will be a speaker that can
withstand the vibration to a large three. This structure can be applied to a drive speaker as
described above, or can be applied to the peripheral mounting structure of a so-called passive
radiator diaphragm having no drive part, and the same effect can be obtained. Alternatively, a
member for reinforcement of the imaging moving plate 1 may be interposed between the
adhering part of one side of the seat 2 and one side of the imaging moving plate 1. ----(1st, in the
case of a square diaphragm, 5th! The abutting part 12 of the three-character insertion sheet
sheet 2 can be formed by combining it with the surface cut into 45 'and can be made red to block
both the front and back sides of the moving plate by 1t. 5, you can do
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