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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic and schematic plan view showing
an example of a conventional electro-acoustic transducer, FIG. 2 is a schematic cross-sectional
view taken along the same line 2-3, and FIG. 3 is a conventional electro-acoustic transducer Fig. 2
is a view similar to Fig. 2 showing another example of the device, Fig. 4 is a view similar to Fig. 2
showing another example of the conventional electroacoustic transducer, and Fig. 5 is an
electroacoustic wave according to the present invention. Fig. 6 is a sectional view taken along the
line IV-IV, Fig. 7A, B is a developed view showing an example of a specific structure of the
vertical plate, Fig. 8 FIG. 9 is a developed view showing an example of the function. 1 и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и diaphragm, 5, 6 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и flat plate portion, 7 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и 10
[Detailed description of the invention] This iI is related to the self-indulgence ritual conversion
tatami conversion of the Hiraso island style with the #like structure f. Generally, a flat Ili-type airto-air converter is formed by forming an edged conductor face up! The cast plate is placed on a
plate parallel to this, and this vector of the magnetic field and the current of the edge-like
conductor Jkf sinks over the MiS plate in the lateral direction. The frequency characteristics, etc.
are greatly affected by the shape of the linear conductor, the turbidity of a rise, * once combined
or one # & play strokes (G-) equal to 2) o. FIG. 1 is a schematic plan view showing an example of
a conventional ? A-number converter, and FIG. 2 is a plan view taken along the line 1I-II. As
shown in Fig. 1, this '# 4' A acoustic transducer has a molten conductor a formed on its surface,
and / or a diaphragm plate as a peristaltic throat, a bearing plate and so on. Im ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? N N N N 3 3 bc ? ? ? ? bc b 3 b. Re-arrange CIl @, and the magnetic field and linear
conductor a) formed on each NS misery j-J! : ? r L ? ? ? ? C C C ?? k k k k k o o o o ? ?
Q o ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? C ?On the opposite side, it is possible to bring out
its treasure side to 1ki motion space 4 and 9 without 1 ? l'LO. The advantage is that the
transformation is ? 0, but that ? N N 9 9) is also emitted and the magnetic field lines are largely
drawn ? 8 ? 0 ? ? ? и opening of the unity of the island is earning? a 1 ? ? ? ? ?)) ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?) ? ? ? ?) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? v 5 ? ? efficiency ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ?) ? ? ? ?) ? ? as as1 side If the distance 1lIli between the magnetic flux
tightness-fe and the magnetic flux b-C is close to that of the magnetic flux tightness-To, then the
diaphragm plate will have an optical imaging stroke (vibration @ JJ5: and 0). Yes, very low There
is a problem that # 5 @ misses for the removal of sound and the allowable input is relatively
small. The third picture shows another example of the conventional sound-to-sound converter,
and it is similar to the m2 garden, but the rippling mark of this rhombus looks like a wet # & b as
it is 0 ░ 1. The arrangement of the stone C3 ░ C2 is similar to that of the first section and the
twenty-first about the old structure. This f: According to the converter, Gu! Since the same person
and others face each other in the face of an ill plate, the 9th strength plate starts from the% N
pole and the vibration plate bkC gets away from the flat plate uJ ? 8 and other ? main ?, each
box shape Conductor-Red by easily forming a strong and uniform magnetic field around its
periphery, and therefore it produces high efficiency and low strain, and it may be inconspicuous
or not. Since it is scooped by the magnet else friend leaving a pit in the inside garden, the cocoon
with the shooting movement of Ki I Il I root suffers from the efficiency of release to the outside,
and- If you try to overthrow the east 6 degrees and destroy the opposing 6-pole sympathetic
crusade, the vibration stroke (?-) of the 14-diaphragm plate is limited to a small value, so
reproduction of other bass is not a symptom Also, there is a problem that the allowable input is
relatively small.
The fourth problem is the conventional electric sound 41 converter U-i, which shows still another
example. As shown in the inset, the% mark of this converter is one which forms a large number
of parallel ridges d, dse integrally on one side of the styrofoam a diaphragm 2 as well as 0, along
with the sled source IIT 5! Conductor e. e, one M-M one, another one facing the other in a convex
shape C3 + C3 ... ... placed fO and 5, N of each parent stone C1, 8 ? ? are each if protrusion
from aif ▒ i material (hereinafter referred to as pole piece). 1) Look at f, and also the tip jm of
the pole piece f is H1ml gland conductor e, and it is composed like 8/8 with this transducer.
Because one side of the entire surface is exposed to 1? 1 ? ? 1 ? 11 ? 9 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
?? ?? ?? 7 7 7 7 7 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?In order to ensure that the dense equal electric field is clearly formed,
the ih dragon rate can be easily made into a 4-pronounced 4-fold, and each ridge dCvIIlI And
because the length K of the pole piece f is not subject to the long limit f, it is possible to set the
movement & bOJa movement stroke confidence f to any f-; There is an advantage of the temple
that can output the output. On the other hand, in the case of this R fixture, like a pole piece f etc.,
it takes 7 minutes or 6 thick 0 from where it becomes complicated and has a large number of
parts and a vibration stroke. If you try to set it large, there is a problem that the entire 4) l) or the
conventional C becomes large and space efficiency is poor. This device is pumped out in a variety
of conventional conversions 6 as described above, and it is pumped out between ? and 6a, and
its purpose ? is efficient and has little distortion, and the poles are pitched It can be faithfully
reproduced, and its structure is also simple and relatively thin, and it can provide a flat-platedriven v 'muff sound tumbling conversion finger. The purpose of the upper dpi is 0. The four
chestnuts have at least one flat plate portion and a vertical plate portion which is provided in a
differential manner with each other and at least one flat plate portion and 7 v)-6- And at least one
surface of the vertical plate portion is provided with a linear or strip conductor parallel to the flat
plate portion, and the space between each vertical plate portion is a conductor on each vertical
plate portion. In places a plurality of inbs so as to make a relative burn, acting on the i = I of the
polarized current that entrains the conductor and the d field formed by the positive pole and the
negative pole ? The electromagnetic force is spread over the entire diaphragm through the front
iie vertical plate portion 9.
In the following, preferred embodiments of the invention will be described in detail based on the
drawings. Fig. 5 shows the whole structure of the drowsiness transducer according to the present
invention. Fig. 5 is a partially broken view, Fig. 6 is the same "? vf I meat diagram, Fig. 7 false),
butt) is a vertical plate portion Fig. 8 is a developed view showing an example of the same pond,
and Fig. 8 is a developed view C showing an example of the same pond. As shown in FIG. 45 and
FIG. 6, according to the present invention, the clutch .theta. Converter 1 comprises a diaphragm
2 and an edge member 3 (a support rod 4 for supporting the valve 2), v) and so on. Being done 0.
The diaphragm 2 is oppositely distributed, and 62 flats 1-10 1.1 &! 1115.6 and parallel flats
which extend between these flats al 15.6 and connect and support both flats & sections 5.6!
l17.7---. As the placement of the flat plate portion 5.6, a thin plate of gold, mylar film, styrofoam,
paper or the like is used, and as the placement of the vertical & portion 7, a conductive material
such as paper is There are cases in which it is used for immersion and in which one of the four
tortoise materials of aluminum temple is used for one history, and in either case it has excessive
rigidity ?. In the closed space 9 surrounded by the two flat plate portions 5 and 6 and the
vertical plates m7.7... 8) The both sides of the 8 stone 8 are fixed to the 81 small bundle support
frame 4 and the excess frame between the o0 magnet 8 and each flat plate N5, 6 and the magnet
8 and each vertical plate portion 7 is sufficient. Is provided. Gap 8. Is appropriately set according
to the frequency range of the f converter l, and the dark -8, + large increase makes the vibration
stroke (? @) of the diaphragm 2 large, and the others also yell the reproduction of the rose. The
orientation of the rudder and the magnet 8 to be taken into consideration is set so that the
position relative to the vertical plate 7 and the other side relative to each other, so that the
orientation of the rudder and 'A <) o is taken into consideration. Each vertical plate part 7 has N
pole D) and 8 poles to the main ?? even magnetic field! He ? ?. A voice coil is formed on at
least one side 1 fl (both sides in this example) of each vertical plate portion 7 by ? ? ? ? Nshaped or strip-shaped conductor lO formed by dust, printing, etching, and the like. The fourbody lO is extended in parallel with each flat plate portion 5 and 6 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
flat plate part 5.6 old person I! Attach the rod 7 and further position the conductor 10 in the part
7 in the drop 1 to explain how much the specific structural excess for ?). FIG. 7 (4) shows the
valley vertical plate 7 as a single non-conductive and excessive drawing J :! : The sheet material is
integrally and continuously formed, and the sheet material is folded in a rectangular wave shape
to be affixed to the inside of the 4 flat plate portions 5.6 and 9 as well. It should be formed by
etching and printing methods.
r7i straw, as shown in FIG. 7 (A, as shown in FIG. 7A, the sheet # 11 is formed into a -9-rectangle,
and a mountain fold 12 and an intermediate fold 13 are formed thereon, and a mountain fold @
12 and a valley ridge 13 are further formed. And at least one linear or band-like (in the
illustrated example, one belt-like portion 14 is printed, and the conductor aS 14 is printed
similarly, lead lines 15 formed in the same manner. Then, the region surrounded by the folding
ridge 12 or each fold fM13 is cut out by # 1 except for the upper and lower lamination parts 17
and then each fold It is white at edge 12.13 and bent in a rectangular shape IIL, as shown in the
seventh line) 2 sheets of non-conductive flat & 5a. It is configured to paste J # to 6a. Go, in this
moth Ii [! iII portion 14 is constituted by one strip 1,0) each strip is lined in series via '4-line 15
jk, or valley conductive line 14 is parallel to each other. By connecting them in series with each
other via 4 turtle lines 15f, the number of turns of the voice coil can be increased and the
impedance can be further reduced. In fact, in this 1111, the valleys, etc. are divided by 10 to 10
minutes each other, but if this is shown to each other as shown in FIG. In this case, a suitable
speaker can be manufactured. FIG. 9 shows each straight plate 7 (a sheet of four sheets having a
strength of 1 and an excessive rigidity (for example, an aluminum thin plate is continuously
formed into one, and this sheet is a single sheet). In the same way as in Fig. 4, it is bent in the
form of a rectangular wave in the same manner as in FIG. It is configured such that it is a Q such
as a part of a Hoist coil, which is a part of the Hoarse region 18 itself, leaving a Rachel region 18
defined by the line 12 and the valley fold line 13. According to this example, an aluminum plate
or the like is simply used. + It is easy to make and stamped out. Qo like this, flat plate! Against
1115.6! I! : Straight plate 7 vertically! In addition, four bodies 10 are 1 О 1. There are various
ways to make it possible, and there are various ways, and the method of corresponding 0
amplifier, the 68 required raw band and the input impedance ?, which are required for the
speaker concerned, are respectively changed Ht. The conductor lO arranged on each vertical
plate -7 soil is formed by ? + N, which has three electrodes facing each other, and ?-even in the
field Therefore, the signal current does not advance to each conductor 10, ? and (/ J4 100)-The
f?-d force acting on the darkness of the current and the magnetic field causes each vertical plate
WB7 to face in the surface direction (ie, the second factor Even if the step IIi temporary portion 7
and the flat portion 5.6 integrally have a solid layer J ", the flat & portion 5.6 is also the main
surface. It unites as one, and it is done by this and it is ?.
In addition, each of the 3 # book lOs described in the IrIJ statement is together and LJ-7 is equaldirectly ? in the field, so it is 0. Acupuncture and moxibustion are maintained in a single pair,
and custom-made with low distortion (Lt less than 4 and custom-made abscission) are included.
In addition, because 6 Soseki 8 is completely ? in the Shoura of the vertical root 7 and the
vertical root 7 ?, the thickness @ of the sales @ @ 2 body D is the nursery ward 7 (/ J Shokake
As compared with the conventional example shown in FIG. In addition, tremor Ik2 t! The f61
kRIn stroke can be set to a size '-12-1 of failure by scraping the magnet 8 and the gap S with the
flat plate-? and 6 as well. As shown in the past, 714 and 14 or I "] et al. According to this
example of husband and wife, the diaphragm 2 whole is divided into four parts by the flat plate
part 5.6 of 24X, and the valley vertical plate part 7 is positioned in the space of these two flats
4L1ff15.6. 0 so that rjL is a combination of 4i straight plate residence 7 holds a gap between 4L
parts 5 and 6 of this row, this is a play, and C as a long-lasting one from 0, and a diaphragm 2 ?
Even if the body is light and uses M as a flat cell-shaped false body 00, reef ? 8 ? ? ?, even if
it is made a large swing 1- like as one, the diaphragm 2 There is no boiling, no molding friction,
so that even if the pole is i, a faithful reproduction will be an oJ rudder and a combined structure
like 7jO (JJ, 0 ░ 1-J1) Even if it is Scorpio, flat collar part 5.6 is 41 electric plates C1 such as @
? styrol, etc., and firefly direct house 7 is formed by sheet shaving of the identification number
Q because it is a Q disc, it is dressed up. It is rl, not bearing Ogoki even for the playback of Ikizen
the middle. Even if you compose a flat plate of one man, one man, one man Ik 2 ? 2 by one, 4 i 1
stone 8 is 9 of the gangster darkness! Because it is arranged in the dark, the flat plate portion 5.6
can make its all teeth c,-1 j ,, and so on high at the end of 11th, and therefore the flat plate
portion 5.6 is extremely lifted. The tears are released into the i wave efficiently ?. As is clear in
the explanation of the above 4 cases, 4) 1 as in the above 4 lines, at least one flat & house, and
77 in addition to this, the vertical + IL collected in one row mutually -And at least one piece l of
this straight section of the hill is provided with a ?-like or strip-like conductor parallel to the flat
plate, and the space between each vertical plate section On the vertical plate, the conductor on
the vertical plate part is arranged to arrange six stones of iCk number relative to each other by
the different poles, and the conductor is frozen, and the above-mentioned composition is made
on the 61th-No. The ?? @ output acting between the magnetic field and the magnetic field is
transmitted to the one-plate tray through the vertical plate portion.
Since this type of plane-driven slider is% w8 rate, low distortion, and extreme tone reproduction
in the extreme frequency range, it can be used as ? and ? and a cWa are also flexible. At the
end of the table, you can make it back to me at 4 tables with 00 etc. и 00 ? ? ? In addition, as
shown in the example of nu ? 2 ?, # 11! 14) with the brain, brain]-"-if s ? ? s s s ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?!!!!!!!!!!!!! ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 14 ? ? ? ? 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14
14 14 14 14. Ii working sheet metal plate total amount)) It becomes a cell type structure with
high rigidity, etc. Reproduction of other bass etc.-Even if it vibrates with a large shooting width,
problems such as bending of the diaphragm f Preventing reliably ? be able to. 1.11m Brief
Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 is a schematic plan view IfI- showing an example of a
conventional electro-acoustic transducer, FIG. 2 is a schematic cross-sectional view of FIG. 11 and
FIG. 3 is a schematic of the conventional electro-acoustic transducer A diagram similar to FIG. 2
showing another example, the fourth corrosion is the same as FIG. 2 showing the further another
row of the conventional single-voice writing converter, the fifth failure is the yarn 0 in this
o'clock. Fig. 6 is an IV-IV plan view, Fig. 7 (4) is an example of a specific structure of the vertical
plate portion Fig. 8m, Fig. 9 is a developed view showing another example of lWl. l и и @ 4 ? 1 m,
ill: ?-2 и и и ? 5.6 и и ? 4 is 7 и и и vertical plate portion H5; 1-is -1! 81 и Magnet 10--и Conductor
for Kuranosu Bokukoku applicant Japan Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Agent ? ?
? ? ? ? 16- и ?, J16 ? ? Shipa "QG 4 te q Mushi = Tae Yong 1? 2 CCC =, C1: 1-13 v 44 ▒
▒ 347 c '/ i Fig. 4 dfdfb ? C 3 C 3 C' aCi C 3 6 W J ? '-S l 108 F 10 slo 8 // 1 doo 8 J,
971078769529 IQ 54 two / и-/ 6 J person' s ~ / Shi 1, Ku Ku N rolling :! -Area = rotation-?-+ t
sea ? 1 system N:! Mouth> 4! ??????? ?? ? 8: 16121213131212 + 315131 / (, l / / и
и 1 и 1 ': ? 11 ports; 1 ? l; ? IJ 4-141416: ?; ?? i ?; lI1: 1. 53.1?s 9% 9th FA +
212131312121313 ?: ?, 117, 171. ??? ?????????
????????????░?? 17: H?t, +71: 1711 to 11: 1 to 1 I: 1 ииии;
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