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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view of a conventional speaker, FIG.
2a is a partial sectional view showing an embodiment of the speaker according to the present
invention, and FIG. It is a perspective view showing a cone. 1 ...... coil bobbin, 10 ...... flat
diaphragm, a cone with 21 ...... waveform.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The invention relates to a loudspeaker. Generally,
as a speaker using a flat diaphragm, there is one as shown in FIG. That is, (1) is a cylindrical coil
bobbin, the voice coil (2) is wound around the lower periphery of the coil bobbin (1), and a center
ball (3) is loosely inserted from the lower opening. A play M4) is formed on the center pole (3),
and a top plate (6) is attached to the plate (4) through a magnet (5). The − side of the top flat (6)
is the above-mentioned void 4. .. / / I coil f2) One end of a frame (8) to which VC is opposed and
one end of a damper (7) is fixed is attached to the upper surface thereof. The other end of the
damper (7) is fixed to the upper outer periphery of the coil bobbin (1) adjacent to one end of the
drive portion (9). A flat diaphragm fil is mounted and fixed to the other end of the drive unit (9),
and the peripheral edge portion of the flat diaphragm Ql is attached to the other end of the frame
(8) via an edge t1. It is done. Then, a magnetic circuit is constituted by the center ball (3), the
plate (4), the magnet (5) and the top flat (6), and when the voice coil (2) K acoustic signal is
supplied, interaction with this magnetic circuit By this, the driving force generated in the voice
coil is transmitted to the flat diaphragm fil via the coil bobbin (1) and the drive part (9), and the
electric-to-forward conversion is performed. However, in such a conventional speaker structure,
the strength of the butterfly driving unit is not sufficient, and there is a problem that the driving
force generated in the voice coil is not transmitted to the flat diaphragm faithfully. Since this
invention is a book made by focusing attention on such conventional problems (2), it aims at
solving the above-mentioned problems by providing a corrugated cone as a drive part.
Hereinafter, this invention will be described based on the drawings. Fig. 2 (a! において、
fll(21(! 1 tl D are a coil bobbin, a voice coil, an edge and a flat diaphragm in FIG. 1,
respectively. (211 is a corrugated cone, and one end of the corrugated cone CD is added to the
upper outer periphery of the coil bobbin (1) and the other end is a flat diaphragm a1. In this
corrugated cone, as shown in FIG. 2, the diameter on the coil bobbin (1) side is small and the
diameter of the flat plate & t · plate flllil is large, and the waveform (2) is deformed on the outer
periphery and 7tW @ conical It is a drive part. As described above, by providing the waved cone
as the drive unit for driving the flat diaphragm, the strength of the drive unit can be increased
and the contact area with the flat diaphragm can be increased. .
Therefore, the driving force generated in the voice coil can be faithfully transmitted to the flat
diaphragm. In addition, as the contact area with the flat diaphragm becomes large (3), the flat
diaphragm is also reinforced, so that the piston vibration area can be expanded, and the effect
that the reproduction band of the speaker becomes large can be obtained. The production cost of
this corrugated cone is comparable to that of the conventional one.
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