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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are respectively a perspective view
and a sectional view of a piezoelectric speaker according to the present invention, and FIGS. 3, 4
and 5 show other embodiments of the present invention. It is a perspective view of a vibration
[Detailed Description of the Invention] This invention relates to a structure of a "X9", "S", and "No.
2 new speaker" powered by a king's turtle ceramic element. Since the auxiliary drive mechanism
is most commonly used as the drive # J # I of the conventional speaker, this kind of σ) drive dJ
source has a large number of parts and a large number of assembly man-hours because it has a
structure or one. It is difficult to figure out the cost town as you think from it. One, X1. Since the
structure is an intermediate car with the f electric sefmic element as the driving source, it is
possible to embody a significant cost town and has been adopted as a small diameter speaker as
a king. However, the drive part of the conventional lf 猷 pear type speaker storage type speaker
can not be used as a substitute for the one piezo-electric ramic element. Therefore, this device is
more swaying than the piezoelectric ceramic element is a driving source of an extremely simple
construction! Focusing on the fact that it is possible to select the shape of the #I plate as a child)
"c" as devised after "c-3", the embodiment shown in the drawings will be described in detail
below. In Fig. 1 and Fig. 2, the speaker is connected to both ends of a flat plate 70 folded at the
open [] edge of the one-sided open box type frame l, and the V-shaped @ The piezoelectric
ceramic element 8 is bonded to the bending rod of the plate. The diaphragm 2 is required to be
sufficiently smaller than the U friction of the piezoelectric ceramic 3, and for example, a light
metal foil such as an aluminum foil is suitable. The king ceramic element 5trx is made to face the
same pole and superposed, but the 4 self type or the unimorph type used east with the metal
plate is used, its shape has a long direction which goes straight in the ve direction. A rectangular
shape or a circular shape may be sufficiently used. When a sound signal is input by electrically
connecting both electrodes of the piezoelectric ceramic element 3 and a sound signal is input
from the input transistor 4.4, the piezoelectric ceramic element 8 has external and external
vibration as a node ft boundary which is larger than the same wave number of the human power
signal. It performs a bending oscillation like turning direction or reverse KfX, which causes the
diaphragm 2 to be energized and radiates the administration during popularity. Since it is
possible to elongate the shape of the diaphragm, it is possible to expand the directivity in the
direction orthogonal to the aggression direction. 4 FIG. 8 shows a swing Ta plate 2 to which a
plurality of lf electroceramic elements 3 are bonded. The speaker has the effect of the abovedescribed speaker, and in addition to the improvement of the radiation efficiency, the input
impedance is lowered by electrically connecting a plurality of lf 屯 ceramic elements 3 in parallel,
and I can improve the impedance manonotog.
Fig. 4 shows how to connect the ceramic elements 3a and 3b, and to make each of the LE
electroceramic elements 3a and 3b different in resonance type difference as compared with Fi's
root plate 2 饋 :)-4; Fig. 7 shows expansion of the same frequency band for regeneration in Fig.
7). 1) 1E 1E 1 A tool which makes the co-mimetics of the ceramic element different If it is a
means by which it is different, as shown in the figure, it will be coupled by making the pond
different in shape, size and material. FIG. 5 shows a 1-shaped re-bent plate 6 of which each of the
folds is made of l]: and an electric sensor element 8.3 connected. In this case, there is an
advantage of improving the radiation efficiency by expanding the radiation area. Further, as
described in the eye, the reproduction frequency band can be expanded by coupling piezoelectric
ceramic elements having different common carrier wave numbers to the speaker.
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