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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partial cross-sectional view of a diaphragm
of the present invention. 1 is valve fiber and 2 is carbon fiber.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a compact and
lightweight vibratory board which measures the densification between the sway liJ sheet fiber,
and prevents and measures the balance. In general, the Young's modulus of the t-shaped board J
formed by the wood fiber d is limited, and it is difficult for the lake to reproduce the crystal band
limit internal wave number 15000 to 20000) 17 necessary for the heifer 1. It's been a while.
Therefore, a method of mixing a boron fiber having high elasticity is used, in this case, a single
carbon fiber or an elasticity 4 (35-4. OX1012 dyke A2) or significantly reduced to a sufficiently
high degree of elasticity to achieve a thousand-), 4 / iso 22 ′ V 1 こ れ This is a carbon fiber
with both outer and outer surfaces, and the inner layer with an inner layer, etc. In the case of
combining particularly long fibers of long fiber length 141, the internal density is 1. Because it is
only free time, there is a carbon fiber sheet that forms the H1 soda at the boundary between the
two, i- and there is an insult to the inner layer V and the inner layer V, Since only a small amount
is constituted, it can be said that it can not exhibit sufficiently high elasticity young fruits. The
present invention will be described with reference to the embodiment shown in FIG. fJ xl Q d 12
carbon edge 7: intermediate layer, freeness 20 cc / free fiber capable of dissolving 1111 fiber
length of 10 寵 or more valve fiber) 向 曽 j 曽 V c has three (solar) structure It is an imitation
board for a slider in which a valve fiber is present in the intermediate m carbon fiber tissue at a
required amount such as a valve λ. The pulp fiber of the diaphragm of the present invention is
also a free fiber 2 shoulder 7 (shortly beated to 1 cc or less (1 to 10 mm or less) short fiber, so
the surface of the fiber is soft and it is 61 and m * k band ( Jc y hkh, carbon edge 5-o, l season
(ν: 3 parts freely, and carbon fiber 1 fiber 41 is covered with bulb 1 la 4 or encased, Hartz fiber,
1 curve, L, or stick No, I have no bearishness. Thank you. In addition, 1 carbon fiber containing
the above-mentioned valve fiber is stained by pulp fibers formed on both front and back sides by
-11 stain, by entanglement of valve fibers with each other, by viscous bond, and further by oilfree While becoming temper, the elastic modulus is 2.5 + 3. Ody 7 / cm 2 x] 012 can be held.
Therefore, it is a well-calibrated and excellent vibrator that has no stomach or spallation.
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