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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1a and 1b show a conventional pickup cartridge
device, and FIG. 2a and 2b show an embodiment of a pickup cartridge device according to the
present invention. 21... Pickup cartridge housing 22. 25b · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · movable pole, 28a,
28b, 29a, 29 · · · · · · · · · · fixed pole.
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention is an electrostatic type BUCK-UP used for a
record player. It relates to the improvement of the cartridge device. Conventionally, an
electrostatic pick-up cartridge device used for a record player is shown in FIG. 1 (a). It was
configured as shown in (b). That is, in FIG. 1 (-), a through hole 1m through which the cantilever
2 can be loosely inserted is formed in the cartridge housing 1 (only a part of which is shown).
The cantilever 2 is screwed to the holder 5 via the damping member 4 made of, for example,
rubber in common with the town moving electrode 3 described later in the cartritz body 1 by a
suspension wire or the like. 6 fixed, but rockably supported by the presence of the damping
member 4. Incidentally, the record reproducing needle 7 is 1+! In the flll vl projecting to the
outside of the cartridge housing 1 in the cantilever 2 described above. ! えられている。 Here, as
shown in 11 (b), the movable pole 3 has a pair of projections & m 18b having a predetermined
opening angle with the cantilever 9-2 as the oT # I fulcrum A as shown in 11 (b). It is formed in
Then, fixed poles 9a + 10m and 9b, 10b are installed opposite to each other on the @ → own
Cartritz housing 1 so as to hold the projections Ja + 8b of the town pole 3 respectively. Part 8m.
8b and fixed poles 9ae JOm and 9b, 10b constitute a so-called electrostatic unit. One of the
through holes 1 m of the cartridge bell is closed by a dust cover JJK. Here, when the record
board shown in the figure is traced by the record reproducing needle 7, the imaging movement
of the record reproducing needle 2 is transmitted through the force / chiller 2 by the oT function
other electrode 3 and the capacity of the e electric unit It is extracted as a change. And each
amount change output is an example-,,! . Oh, Miyo 1. Oh. □ 22.1〉 '換 、 と な る こ こ と な る
コ ー ド コ ー ド と な る と な る と な る と な る と な る と な る と な る と な る と な る.
However, in such an electrostatic type pickup cartridge device, the area of the protrusion m8a)
8b of the movable electrode 3 may be increased in order to increase the detection amount d
change output, but this is not It was a pit. In order to increase the capacity change output, it is
conceivable to make the distance between the protrusion Js, 8b of the 0T feature 3 and the fixed
pole 9m, 10m and 9b, 10b, but this has a very constant limitation . t That's such an electrostatic
pickano! In the case of the car thickness-1 ° ridge device, there is a limit to increase the output.
These four keys were made under the above conditions, and by making the movable pole flat in
the extension direction of the cantilever via an armature, it is possible to easily achieve high
output. Improved to become a nine-pole electric type Pisokudade cartridge device! ! The purpose
is to provide. In the following, a book in the ward will be described to explain in detail the 14
examples of this Note 4. A through hole 21m through which the cantilever 22 can be loosely
inserted is formed in the pickup carriage 2) (only a part of which is shown) at the second failure
(-). A part of the cantilever 22 is inserted into a braking member 23 made of, for example, rubber
in the pink-up cartridge housing 2 by a suspension wire or the like, and a pair of substantially Vshaped amateurs For example, it is fixed to one end of a pair of movable poles 25m and 25b
made of metal foil, which will be described later, via 24m and 24b. The town poles 25m and 25b
are installed in the extension direction of the cantilever 22, and the other ends are fixed by the
control members 26m and 26b. A record reproduction needle 27 is fitted to the other end of the
cantilever f-22 which protrudes outside the pickup cartridge housing 21. Here, as shown in FIGS.
2 (b) and 2 (e) in the town pole 25aa 25b, a face seal is made by sandwiching the mother, n, etc.
in the mother: 【J, tJS pole 28m, 28b and 29 ta, 29 b are installed, and the movable rod 25 m, 25
b and the fixed th 28 m + 28 b and 29 m, 29 b constitute a so-called 'turtle eninoto part'. It is to
be noted that the base of the N'IIJ + i6ey quadranto cartridge housing 21 is closed by a through
hole 21 烏 (ri dust bag). In addition, OT assistants 25m, 25b are soft talents ★ like a gold coin *
As shown in a local building, Fig. 2 (d) ((c, · -22 is 2, essential m-* Make only the xo turn and
squeeze. That is, when the needle pressure is applied to the right and left arrows 75 in the figure
at the same time as fc, the town pole 25a. It is set to turn to the d1 line position where 25b
seems to be sloppy. When a record board not shown is traced by the Nokot 9 reproduction
needle 27, the record P reproduction needle 27 +! The mechanical peristalsis is transmitted to
the corresponding movable bridges 25m and 25b via the cantilever two amateurs 24m and 24b,
respectively, and is extracted as a change in four of the isoelectric unit.
And, if the metaphysical it part of the upper i self purification unit is in a row, conversion not
shown 1. A thing to be eaten by the glorious road A1d, C1. Here, the (Stereo) reproduction of the
code Sori becomes a gJ group. And by placing towns ah 25a + 25b on a flat surface on the
surface of the Kanchire ・ ・ ・ 22 via amatair 24m + 24bk respectively, this μI recommended
pole 25m, 25b and fixed pole 28m, 28b and 29m, 29b The opposing area can be increased, and
if the town pole 25m, 25b is made of metal, it can be made lighter and thinner, so the gap
between the fixed poles 211m, 28b and 29m, 29b is narrowed. I can do that. And, mouth rllJ *
25m. Since the presence of amateurs 24 m + 24 b causes the transmission of the ground-1-2 to
J5 b, the power of the change by 4 併 せ can be maximized together with the above, making it a
town I-h As a result, it will be possible to make it possible to give it a large suspension. Since this
“4”, the left and right channel divine units can be sufficiently separated, it can be
advantageous in terms of seven non-range weather characteristics. Further, by supporting the
amateur 24s, 24bt-t @ l'ft of the cantilever 22, weight reduction and braking of the child can be
easily achieved. The four earthquakes are not limited to the above-described first embodiment,
and it is possible that various modifications can be made without departing from the scope of the
invention. After that, according to the device described in detail in the above detailed description,
it is not by way of an amateur to install a town #h billion via a plane in the direction of extension
of the town #h billion. It can be provided that the output is a = T · i-th <i> and a good trapezoid
big ad cart ric at-.
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