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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing a conventional
structure, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of the present invention, and
FIG. 3 is an illustration of an embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 4 is a partial crosssectional view showing another embodiment of the present invention. 1 ...... display panel, 2 ......
base plate, 3 ...... batteries, 4 ...... buzzer, 5 ...... tubular intermediate member 6 ...... case, 7 ...... glass,
8 ...... back cover, 11 ...... guide ring, 12 ...... Patsukin A, 13 · · ..... Patzkin B114 ........... Battery pig.
Detailed description of the invention The tree plan will have a buzzer squeezed by 気 気 energy
に 関 す る に 関 す る. Conventionally, in the case of an alarm needle using a buzzer, there is a
411 construction that emits the sound of Buda-to the sound of Buchida-1 by twisting the lower
head of 1 display panel, and such a structure The subject's bleeding to the arm of the pig
prevented the pronunciation shooting movement of the buzzer from about massacre feeding out
1 へ 襄 ヶ !! It is common to attach a buzzer to a female pig with 1 iii L and no inner @ l, and to
provide sound emission to a slope 1 etc. of a female pig that has an external @ on the arm.
Poison-2-99 ° · · However, depending on the close contact to the back pig's arm, the sound of
the buzzer # The sound of the buzzer is squeezed by the arm The sound of the buzzer 1/1 \ The
battery pig to make it easy to live, or Otaichi Ichi, 2 sheets of paper, because the structure of
passing through the bamboo tube and the life of the individual, the food bowl is the first rice
cake --- It is difficult to wear pond pigs. My father has a disadvantage that one watch is thick and
thin because there are two pigeons. As a well-known technique for solving such a defect, as
shown in FIG. 1, the liquid crystal display panel and the speaker are disposed so as not to hit the
market, and the buzzer sound is emitted to the table @ 1 of the clock. There is a thin structure.
According to this' lli construction, the disadvantages of the # structure will be solved, but if the
display panel and the buzzer are not arranged in a planar overlapping manner 7! 1) There is a
limitation that the display panel and the plane of the buzzer are too large and clear. But in the 1%
all electronic digital watch. It must be an easy-to-use watch that has a strong multi-machine axis.
)-In the alarm clock that is the object of the present invention, with the operation time display
such as hours, minutes, seconds, dates, and the previous day, the current time is displayed by
displaying the same time on the end.騨 k c-, line of alarm setting 7), so it is easy to use and there
are also 11 points that can always record the set time of the arm. There is a need to make this a
larger display panel than the conventional display panel, but if the display panel is simply
arranged in parallel with the main panel by using a central display, especially in the case of a
small alarm watch, etc. However, it has become large-sized, it is messy, its portability is bad, and
it is also a despicable watch, and it is sweetened. The present invention provides an effective way
of overcoming such drawbacks, and in particular realizing a compact alarm watch from a large
display panel ef.
One embodiment g11 of the present invention will be specifically described. FIG. 2 is a crosssectional view of a specific embodiment of the present invention. In FIG. 2, a plow panel 17-1 is
fixed to the lip 2 by a suitable fixing member 10. The Earth Book 2 is a 5-Le-4 metal, a print base,
etc., and it is the basis of the watch movement to meet the requirements of the watch movement
(not shown), electronic circuits (not shown), etc. It is attached. The battery 5 and the buzzer 4 are
covered with one west pupil on the back pig 8 side of the main plate 2. The reference numeral 15
denotes a circuit case, which guides the battery 6, and assists and supports the base plate 2, and
guides and supports components of the base. Buzzer 4 (generally, a unit is turned into a circle iF,
but the cylindrical intermediate member 5 is engaged so as to cover the vibration part # 4 a of
the buzzer 4. The cylindrical intermediate member 5 has at least two or more openings
connected by the hollow portion 5b, one of which L1 is engaged with the vibration spine 4a of
the buzzer 4, and the other end is the protrusion 5a. ? bVL, the sound release hole 6aK of the
case 6 and dusted. The sound emitted by the buzzer 4a is led out of the space. Although the
majority of the buzzer 4 is disposed so as to have a front face y 1 r <1, the planar shape of the
buzzer 4 and the projection 5 a of the cylindrical intermediate member provided eccentrically are
provided. The sound of the buzzer 4 squeezes the sens of the display panel 1 and is emitted to
the table 1 of the clock 1 or time display lit. At this time, the projection 5a of the cylindrical
intermediate member can be disposed in a substantially crescent-shaped portion surrounded by
the display panel 1 and the ground plate 2 as illustrated in FIG. It is easy to understand that it is
easy to look at the display panel by making it large-sized by making the watch movement large,
or by making the wood chip so that the buzzer 4 is overlapped with the display panel 1.
Therefore, it is possible to increase the shape of the buzzer 4 so that the volume of the boo H-4
can be reduced without reducing the volume of the boo H-4. Because it is possible that the watch
body is stored at all times while the BUZA-4 and the display panel 1 are in the middle, f, the
shooting speed of the buzzer 4 is large, the buzzer 4 The frequency axis stem spreads
particularly to the low frequency range, the tone range widens, and the sound market Asahi
stabilizes. Ur aqueous r; i, Hatsukin A12. Patzkin B111i-The surface of the mre portion 4a of Bo
Il'-4 can be easily obtained in an airtight manner. In addition, wooden barrel f! 2 and 5, the
cylindrical intermediate member 5 is squeezed to the ground fi 2 to further engage the 6-buzzer
4 with this, and this and Maiji 2 Guide holes 2a are provided to guide the projection 5a of the
intermediate member, and the position of the projection 5a of the cylindrical center part with
respect to the case 6 is accurately secured at the time of h2 assembly There is no problem at all.
Case 6 in which the buzzer 4 is an exterior part in the conventional structure. In contrast to being
attached to a rattan pig 10 and so on, it is advantageous in checking for free time etc. because it
can be incorporated into the watch movement. It may be a guide hole 2a of the front i-feature or
a six-point notch. As also seen in Figure 2, “I can easily spare the battery pig 14”. As another
embodiment of the present invention hJ, ', as shown in FIG. 4, even if the shape of the hollow
portion guiding the sound is the same as in the case-expecting a large resonance, sound
resonance, horn pieces and fruits I can book. Although it is possible to directly hold the
connection of the protrusion 5a of the cylindrical intermediate member and the case 6, although
it is possible. If there is a restriction such as the thickness of the case, it is also possible to
airtightly connect the divine support ring 11 with the case 6 as shown in FIG. 7-The cylindrical
intermediate member 5 is divided into several parts and it is this ET function, but in general, it is
easy to use a complex square shape low conut by forming integrally in one piece with brass. I can
get it. The node-like intermediate member 5 can be integrally formed with one circuit case 715.
The present invention is a digital display panel of the IAT, RIJ-[I have both fired one, but it is an
analog character for Kawari of one display panel, and it is possible to use four lines easily. It is a
wolf. As described in detail in 141. 10, according to the present invention, a small display of
alarm clock with a large size display alarm or an analog character document that makes the
alarm setting time be off at normal time and ITf1. Sawa type 什 oji · ojii テ, テ サ イ ン 的 に 的 に
1 」」 、 ぜ ぜ ぜ 11 11 11 11 If @ で で で で で 音質 音質 音質 音質 で で で で で で で で で
で で で で oji oji oji oji oji oji oji oji oji oji で で で で で で でIt is possible to rationalize the yarn
production of the m-clock, and the plows can easily be made waterproof, and the attachment of
the l pond pig is also an external force. In addition, the small size is easy, and it is possible to
easily manufacture a wristwatch etc. with an alarm for women and-°-. In addition, the
assemblability of the book is inferior to that of the conventional structure. By devising the shape
of the sound emission part, the sound quality, the improvement of the sound quality, and the
selection of the sound emission direction of the child play the effect of the horse of EiT 枦.
Furthermore, it is possible to form L-shaped tube with lx tube → slip plate, etc., and easily
machined with 6 times one-turn case etc. and L-shaped products are also possible n-, and the cost
finish knob It is a device that has come to a close. At the same time, inside practice is an excellent
R plan that can be implemented easily and easily.
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