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Acoustic vibration plate O comprising a non-water-soluble, non-water-soluble, non-water-soluble
denatured carboxymethyl cellulose having a degree of swelling larger than that of the valve.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an acoustic
diaphragm suitable for application to, for example, a diaphragm for a speaker. In an acoustic
diaphragm using a valve, an additive such as a paper strength reinforcing agent is added to
improve the Young's modulus. This type of diaphragm is obtained by a mixed papermaking
method in which a valve is dissolved in water to make a sheet. In this case, the above-mentioned
additives and agents are added in the so-called wet end in the dissolved state of the valve of the
papermaking process. . In this case, when the additive is ionic, the valve has a negative charge in
a state of being dissolved in water, so that fixing can be performed efficiently with a fixing agent
such as sulfuric acid, for example, paper, for example In the case of gelatinized starch or the like
which shows little ionicity as a reinforcing agent, that is, nonionic ones, there is a problem in the
fixing rate. In order to improve the fixing rate, it is also proposed that cationized starch or the
like is used. In this case, the valve itself tends to be condensed and collected, and the density
tends to be uneven. In the present invention, even when using, for example, ordinary starch, this
can be efficiently fixed to improve Young's modulus, FH (highest resonance frequency) can be
improved, and valve aggregation can be avoided, and density can be increased. Nonuniformity
can be eliminated, and distortion of sound caused by uneven density can be effectively avoided.
2、∼。 That is, in the present invention, when a non-ionic natural polymer such as starch as a
paper strength additive or an additive such as vegetable gums is added to the valve, the valve is
non-water soluble and has a swelling degree as well. The larger the amount, the insoluble
component is added to the modified EndPage: 1-type carboxymedelcellulose (CMC) in a form
capable of being held on a paper sheet in the form of fiber, scaly, granular, etc. That is, ordinary
CMC is readily soluble in water, but those denatured with acrylic acid or the like do not exhibit
water solubility. However, this metamorphic CMC contains significant water and is an island.
That is, it shows high swelling carbon. For example, the modified CMC (trade name: Akron)
manufactured by Berries Inc. can absorb about 40 'rnt of water per yr. The method of adding the
modified CMC is to add 1 to 10 parts by weight of starch to 100 parts by weight of the pulp to
the wet end in a state in which the pulp for papermaking is dissolved in water, and further add 1
to 10 parts by weight of the modified CMC. Add in parts. The vibrator obtained by adding the
denatured CMC in this manner has a high retention rate of starch and a high Young's modulus.
It is considered that the addition of the denatured CMC to the wet end efficiently absorbs or
adsorbs the starch solution to the denatured CMC together with water, thereby improving the
retention rate. Examples of the present invention and examples of diaphragms not according to
the present invention to be compared with these are given below. Paper was made using the wet
end of the composition of Example 1. Paper was made using the wet end of the composition of
Comparative Example 1. The amount of starch fixed on the paper obtained in Example 1 and
Comparative Example 1 was measured, and the amount of fixation on the paper was compared to
that of Comparative Example 1 as compared to that of α1 in the case of Example 1 was 42%. As
a result, it can be seen that the fixed amount of starch, that is, the strength of paper strength was
remarkably improved by using the modified CMC. The wet end of the composition of Example 2
was used for paper making to obtain a vibrator for a speaker. The wet end of the composition of
Comparative Example 2 was used for paper making to obtain a speaker vibrator. When the
Young's modulus of the vibrator for a speaker according to Example 2 and Comparative Example
2 was measured, that of Example 2 according to the present invention was 178xlO'V-, compared
with that of Comparative Example 2 that was L51xlO'N / m '. It can be seen that the Young's
modulus is improved. The results of measurement of the frequency characteristics of the speaker
unit with a cone-shaped vibrating paper of diameter aoat according to Example 2 and
Comparative Example 2 are as shown by the solid curve and the broken curve in the figure,
respectively. It can be seen that FH is improved. This is due to the improvement of Young's
modulus. In addition, the diaphragm according to the present invention was able to have a
uniform density without uneven density of pulp. When adding starch as a paper strength
reinforcing agent, that is, a natural polymer additive and modified CMC in an amount of 1 to
1011 per 100 parts by weight of the pulp, the Young's modulus is high and the density and loss
are high. It was confirmed that a diaphragm with good characteristics was obtained.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic view of frequency characteristics
of a loudspeaker according to the present invention and a loudspeaker according to a
comparative example. 1) Imported. B .....- .. 0 ° EndPage: 2
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