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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing the structure of a constant
voltage drive type dynamic speaker apparatus according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a view
showing the structure of one embodiment of a dynamic power speaker, FIG. FIG. 3 is a diagram
showing the specific configuration of the embodiment. 1 is a drive coil, 2 is an auxiliary coil, 3 is
an electrodynamic speaker, 4 is a constant voltage amplifier, and 5 is a distortion detection
circuit. −
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a constant voltage
drive type electrodynamic type sneaker apparatus. In general, in the electrodynamic squirer, a
drive coil is provided integrally with the vibration system and the drive coil is one 60! The
structure is such that the driving force is obtained in proportion to the current (signal) flowing
through the drive coil, but this electrodynamic speaker has an output signal from the amplifier (a
distortion occurs inside the amplifier). Therefore, the driving force of the drive coil is distorted
because the signal component is driven by the sum of the distortion component and the signal
component. Therefore, conventionally, in order to reduce distortion generated inside the
amplifier, a method of improving the bias circuit or detecting a distortion component and
subtracting the distortion component from the output signal to cancel the distortion component
However, all have the disadvantage that the circuit configuration becomes complicated. The
present invention is an improvement of such a conventional defect, and will be described below
with reference to the drawings. In FIG. 1, an electrodynamic speaker (3) provided with a drive
coil (1) and an auxiliary coil (2) integrally with a vibration system is provided, and the drive coil
(1) of this electrodynamic speaker (3) The output signal (represented by the sum of the signal
component and the distortion component) of the constant voltage amplifier (4) is manually
driven to perform constant voltage drive, and the human power signal and the output signal of
the constant voltage amplifier 3 (4) The distortion detection circuit (5) adjusts and subtracts
those levels to detect a distortion component, inputs this distortion component to the auxiliary
coil (2), and the driving force and driving coil of the auxiliary coil (2) The driving force of (1) is
reversed to be opposite to each other. For example, as shown in FIG. 2, in the electrodynamic
speaker (1), a drive coil (1) and an auxiliary coil (2) are wound around a bobbin (7) fixed to the
top of a diaphragm (6). (1), (2) are positioned in the magnetic gap of the magnetic circuit formed
by the L portion flat (8), the magnet (9) and the lower flat (11) having the center pole (10) at the
center, The inner and outer peripheries of the plate (6) are supported by the frame (14) through
the central support (12) and the peripheral support (13). Also, in order to make the driving
forces of the drive coil (1) and the auxiliary coil (2) opposite to each other, either the winding
direction of the drive coil (1) and the auxiliary coil (2) should be reversed or the amplifier (4) And
the distortion detection circuit (5) may be reversed in polarity. The specific configuration of the
distortion detection circuit (5) will be described with reference to FIG. 3. (15) is an auxiliary
amplifier, and its output signal is connected to the inverting input through a feedback resistor
(gain adjustment resistor) Rf. With feedback, the inverting input is grounded via the resistor R1,
and the output signal of the constant voltage amplifier (4) is divided by the resistors R1 and R2
to adjust its level and input to the inverting input of the auxiliary amplifier (15) On the other
hand, the input signal of the constant voltage amplifier (4) is input to the non-inverting input of
the auxiliary amplifier (15), and the output signal (signal component of the constant voltage
amplifier (4) whose level is adjusted with this input signal And the distortion component sum) to
extract the distortion component at the output, and the distortion component is manually input
to the auxiliary coil (2).
In the above configuration, the output signal voltage EO of the constant voltage type amplifier (4)
for explaining the operation of the present invention is EowEs 十 Ed if the signal components of
the nine are Es and distortion components Ed. The human-power signal voltage 5el of the
amplifier (15) is e1 = Vi−K (Es + Ed) where I: human power signal voltage K of the constantvoltage amplifier (4): an attenuation factor determined by the resistor RLR2. Therefore, assuming
that the gain of the auxiliary amplifier (15) is A, its output signal voltage e. は、
eo=AiVi−K(Es+Ed)1=A(Vi−KEs)−AKEdとなる。 Here, if the
attenuation factor K is determined by adjusting the resistance R2 such that Vi = KEs, then eo =
−AKEd. That is, the output signal voltage e (1 is proportional to the distortion component Ed) of
the auxiliary amplifier (15). Now, assuming that the driving force of the driving coil (1) is F1 and
the driving force of the auxiliary coil (2) is F2, F1 = B111i1-N, “1EO = 131tl2” -B1tIEs + EdZ,
but B1: the driving coil is set. Magnetic flux density of magnetic field tl: Coil length of drive coil
Zl: Electric impedance of drive coil, similarly F2-B2t2i2 = B2t2-! −! l! −2 KEd = −B2t2Z
Further, LB2: magnetic flux density 12 of magnetic field where the auxiliary coil is placed 12: coil
length of the auxiliary coil Z2: electrical impedance of the auxiliary coil. 7 Therefore, the driving
force F of the electrodynamic speaker (3) becomes F = F1FF2KEd = Btz1111−B2t2] “1 =
B1t1−warm P10 (旦 1−law H4 people L) Ea. Here, if each constant is determined so that B111
= B2t2AKZlz2, 5F = B1t1i, and the driving force F becomes proportional to the signal component
Es. As described above, according to the present invention, the output signal of the constant
voltage amplifier is driven manually on the drive coil of the dynamic speaker, and the constant
voltage is driven while the f component is driven on the auxiliary coil, and the drive coil and the
auxiliary coil The driving force of each of the driving forces is opposite to each other to cancel
the driving force due to the distortion component (there is an advantage that the driving force of
the electrodynamic-type sneaker 8 becomes a driving force proportional to the signal
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