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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1A A longitudinal sectional view showing an
embodiment of the piezoelectric buzzer according to the present invention, FIG. 1B is a
transverse sectional view along the line E in FIG. 1A, FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view
showing another embodiment, FIG. 2B is a transverse sectional view taken along the line Lolo of
FIG. 2A, and FIG. 2C is a side view of a Haber line of FIG. It is shown. 1 · · · acoustic box, 1a · · ·
sound hole, lb, l 'b · · · opening. 11 11 housing 12 printed wiring board which doubles as a lid 2
piezoelectric element 3 resonance plate 4, 4 'electronic component 4a 4b 4 'a, 4'b = lead wire, 5,
5' ... mounting pin, 5a, 5'a ... outer end, 6 ... circuit board.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a construction
buzzer which is particularly crushable to mass production. In FIG. 1, a case 11 and a print
arrangement 41, which are required by a synthetic person's fat or the like provided with a sound
hole 1a in a reconnaissance and a cage 1! Sound box froze from 1 storehouse 12 using substrate.
2 is a zirconate titanate bite lead-based compound or the like, and a metallized electrode surface
(not shown) by silver baking or the like on an amphibian surface 1-<'-Yon 49? The plate-like
piezoelectric element 3 which is formed in 9 directions in the thickness direction is a resonant
plate made of a thin film of metal or synthetic resin to which the piezoelectric element is
attached with an adhesive or the like. The printing unit is divided into two sections in a crank
shape in cross section and fixed between the two divisions 1 of both names. 4.4 'is a transistor
that makes a buzzer conversion of' -1 'fW. The electronic components such as resistance are
shown, and these +1 lead wires 4a. The warp value 4b and 41a, 41b thread 1 thread is projected
on the back surface of the printed wiring board 12 and fixed by a row 41. Next, 5.5 'is the lead
wire 4a, 4b and 4'a, 4'b,' ::--,-, inside the casing 11 of the reflection angle 1, G '= m " Print one
side of the lid on one side of the cover 4 Mount the original substrate 12 on the + iii pile and
make it stand out on the i4 'side and determine it by the row 64 □ 6 At the bottom of the printed
y-ray base 10 v12, the notch on the outer periphery of the print y line 17 and the 17 peripheral
surface of the above-mentioned zone 11 form til ati: ii mouth, ,, L1b, 1'b: * = Shi "c outside 5a. A
pair of mounting pins with 5 / a killed outward, 6 fixes the piezoelectric buzzer constructed as
described above by means of a low-order detector 5 with an external origin 5a, 5'L of the 4stated nin 2 -It is a circuit board. In the past, this type of piezoelectric buzzer used to be mounted
on a circuit board, with the mounting pins embedded in the same board as the acoustic box
projecting straight out in a straight line (downward). There was a problem with the low
attachment to the substrate. That is, the end of each lead wire of the & child component is purine
hY1 group: or the blue end is set on the wiring board at the same time by dipping or the like so
that its wood end protrudes slightly from the side, or The mounting pins of σ o 十 十 JJ 十 十 JJ
JJ 合 合 合 合 合 ° ° 外 外 外 外 外 外 外 外 outside edge or above electron. Since it is not
possible to use low attachment at the time of lhj because it is located away from each unfinished
part of the component, once the lead wires of the electronic component are once lowered, the
mounting pins are inserted through the printed wiring board and separately -One piece of
clothes, r4y '+).
In contrast to the above, since the four piezoelectric buzzers were configured as described above,
first attach the mounting pins to the printed distribution board so that the ends of the leads of
the desired electronic components and one end project in approximately the same dimensions asAfter being inserted and brazed simultaneously with the lead wires of the electronic component
3-, the mounting pin is bent in an inverted U shape, and from the opening portion which is
wound by 1 stroke in 4 turns of the printed wiring board Since it is necessary to make the outer
end project outward and then join the above-mentioned print distribution section 4 temporary as
a lid to a housing, the process of fixing the low-order work is stopped once and the quantity
record is achieved: Since it is possible to extend the entire length of the mounting pin in a
perspective manner, there is an excellent effect such as reducing heat transfer to the printed
wiring IA-as board in the case of bonding the serving pin to the winding board. Next, in Fig. 1, if
the J hole of the spirit box is constructed so that it can be immersed in the hJ "at a right angle to
the IJ path, l is a flit that twists the national body 11 and the lid (· j j 1 . (Sounds 12 and f from 'f !,
f, 2 are autumnal men, iA child, 3 are 4 castles, 4 ° 47 詔, i hope)' Ichiko 1 'Item 4a , 4b and
41a, 41b 4 1 1 t 1-lead of the child part until the end of the '11, and in the main row, the abovementioned lid 1 (in the print layout * m & 12 A pair of ones implanted in: 'L with a bin 5.5'
above! Openings 1 b, 1 ′ b 4-! Formed by a pair of notches provided in the integral side wall Fplane, bent outward in a line in the inside 411. And the outer ends 5a and ffa thereof are fixed to
the lower circuit board 6 by means of a row line or the like. The thus configured fall is also
assembled in the same manner as that shown in FIG. 1 of the previous example, and exhibits the
same effect.
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