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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross sectional view showing a conventional
back electret type microphone, FIG. 2 is a cross sectional view showing a back electret type
microphone according to the present invention, and FIGS. They are a top view, a side view, and a
sectional view showing a member, respectively. 8 ...... vibrating electrodes, 15 ...... output terminal,
16 ...... fixed electrode, 20 ...... elm s Kutoretto layer.
[Detailed description of the invention] As for the unthinking, one of the pair of mutually facing
eyebrows / mechanisms [・ ■ foot electric power, while the other is the large electrode of the
movement, and it opposes the upper toe oscillation lIL 愼The present invention relates to a pack
electret type microphone formed by attaching an electret, an Ike Z 91 ′ ′ 'latter voice 1-t- to a
surface of a rim having a short electrode. 1i1i microphones are not required to have +1 jfi bias
source and 4 because 4 microphones are inconvenient, and conventionally, the first one is l'c + 1:
the one with the top like a circle. In the first case, 1 is a case consisting of gold and 焉 r 4 @, and
it is a round dog whose 1 L 11 is a shite song 1 & 1 b in a circle surrounding each -Jcf'L. 21 l-t-1
rule output-A new curve is made from the inner edge of the spear 1 ring 2 'which is inplanted
with the fold 1ii IN 1 m of the case 1 or one of the il, and 51 fields are out of the case 1. A
reference numeral 3 is a circle / temporary 1H11 cut material made of a breathable material I +
such as felt, and ijL: W * → Vc on the ring 2 ′. 4 is a sound が (+ 4 成形) formed by an insulating
material, and a large and small sound hole 4a which determines the 婿 i characteristic is formed.
5 is a terminal 11 output terminal, sound 14-! It is bent from the inner edge of the gold ring 5
'installed in the recess 4b of I-(He--) 4, and the hole 4C of the ring 4 is drawn out of the case 1
There is. 6 is a fixed area for i, 9 ring s': +-! The electric power is collected at 1: 4, · j4 b of the ball
office opening 4 and ', the ring large spacer made of material 4 I-t is interspersed with the ring (A
ring 5' and l'll). The upper bend of this R + j tail region 6 has a single-molecule film ki + 也 which
is an electret trap (not shown). 8 sparrows! A four-in-a-half-long-seven casket 11 through a ringshaped spacer 9 consisting of a thin 1-4i film, a fixed interval, a complete bond, a one-and-a-half
six and a light It has been turned. 10 (A ring-shaped frame made of a material belonging to one
genus belongs to 1 fl of the above-mentioned spear-spear ring 2 ′, which is interposed in 1fl of i
i i excess, t-J 8 and the bending T ′ 1b of case 1 . Parts up to 部 材 8 in the case 1 fold Ru lii &
11) 11! Hold on 1 (ゝ, 、, り. As a result, fixed = i, miso 6 gets in contact with + I-output forceps 5
VC4 abrasive through spacer 7 and metal ring 5 '), and 振 = 8 伜 10, case 1 ■ Blind μ lb, case
1's home base, upper curve 1 amount 1 m. Gold, マ イ ク ロ ホ ン ring 2 '-, 411 output,-child 2 ia
気 気 気 ・ ・ ト ト の 4 h like this h In this microphone, the yarn movement from one opening
of the case 1 Like the arrow of a misfortune to the hair pole 1 (If you use a pressure drop, second
i man JH zone 8 or t 巧 skillfully ii pole 6 々 8] d "'I; 4:' J" 'I, becoming-becomes.
For this reason, the static volume of i 祢 1 変 化 changes, and イ 哨 応 じ corresponding to the i
conversion occurs in + and-out car 5 and 21-j. By the way, in this conventional microphone, the
+1 rule output insulator 5 is attached to the constant four-pole electrode 6 by bonding with a
conductive layer or by rate coating, etc. Because of this, the number of parts is large, and there is
a far point that the number of parts is vengeance and the assembly and mounting is 4 chestnuts
or 4 pieces. This is the amount of polymer film attached to item 6 + r-h mK, 1 k, film k4g Ii and 1
electorate 1 group, the central part of 回, 回It is because it is not preferable that the protrusion is
a protrusion or a curse that its shape is 1 inch. The real name commission was made in the point
mentioned above, and the place where it was made was to reduce the number of parts and
double structure the structure. The present invention is to provide a measured bank electret
microphone. 2 and h will be described with reference to FIGS. 2 and 3 for (1) to (0), but the same
members as in FIG. It is numbered. As shown in FIG. 2 microphone company, FIG. 3 Φ) and (0),
fixed imts and +1 tllfill forceps 15 are integrally vc-molded, and a part of the outer periphery of
the pole 16 is fixed. Is bent and the output turtle eye 15 is drawn out, and half of it, the recess
14bvc sparrow of the acoustic circuit 14 and the thickness heart C of the spacer T and the spacer
T correspond to the counter anti it! It is a micro-ho of 11A, and a single mouth, except that it is
provided with 140k, and this step portion 140 has a fixed 1il only 16. As shown in FIG. 3 (b) and
(C), the V electret layer 20 is shouldered. Also, in the 4 pole 16 and the electret layer 20, a
plurality of air bubbles fL 16m and 20 & communicated with each other for releasing air when
the tie circular pole 8 vibrates. It is pierced. The output 1115 is drawn out to the outside of the
hole 14ct-j of the sound j11 緬 14 as in the conventional four child 5. The above-mentioned 1
fixed magnetic pole 16 (1) upper [10 ri rekutoretto + 1 j 2 (1) Sugino first coats dovetail
molecular film on the reversible reed 16 and then 'j' &% V1! It is carried out by praying a part of
the outer periphery of i and electretizing a stair polymer film in which the output f-child 15 is
cedarized, and the output single child 15 is (4) or 16 Since the arrow is made from the outer
periphery, electretization takes place without a tie.
The microphone according to the 43 proposal shown in FIG. 2 operates in the conventional
microphone shown in FIG. 1 and “1”. The sound pressure applied from the direction shown by
the arrow in the drawing causes the swinging electrode 8 to be vigilant E'5. From the terminals 2
and 15 to E'5. It is supposed to be taken out as an old issue. Disappointing East As mentioned
above, 1? i1 constant power of output i child, because it is cedar by curving the circumference of
the circumference of the circumference, so that it is a conventional one as a traditional fourhanded one; Support the face → L also compare compared 1. b Severe heat scooping, cutting, and
the salmon becoming a single I bird, and assembling, collecting work, μ is j? The cost is reduced
for one sheep, and the pack electret microphones are fixed: + L * and one child's 421 Suzaku
light are stable and negative. 411! The 11th fungus is a cross-sectional view showing a
skilled pack-electret microphone, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing a pack Cr creekette
microphone according to the present invention, 図 3-) to <0 Is a flat-tN showing one member of
FIG. 2 and a cross-sectional view thereof. 8 · · · · · "15 × 15 · · · output-child 16 · · · fixed + 't' tl K
20 · · · electret j-utility model registration founder Pioneer Corporation l et al. 51A agent Hideo
Ogino n 5 q 4 1st Factor ["j, slb 16611) □. 94 b \, 14 c 142 ° 1 ° Is-, 14 ° third (!
1(o)(c)□! Strain 5 (b) / 20] -Month 6. : Hideo Ogino, Pioneer Corporation, J8 utility
model registration applicant
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