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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of an embodiment of the
present invention, FIG. 2 is a gain characteristic diagram of an automatic gain control circuit, and
FIG. 3 is a frequency of a first band pass filter of the same. Characteristic diagram, Fig. 4 a, b, c
show a concrete circuit diagram of the noise filter of the second band pass filter at the same time,
a concrete circuit diagram of an active filter, a frequency characteristic diagram, Fig. 5 shows a
frequency characteristic of the whole system above. 1 is a voice storage element, 2 is an
automatic gain control circuit, 3 is a first band pass filter, 4 is a delay unit, and 5 is a second
band pass filter.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is an automatic gain control
method for reducing the difference between voice output levels stored in a voice storage element
(1) +1), input / output circuit (21). And input the amplified output of the automatic gain control 1
section (2) to the first band pass filter (3) for removing unnecessary frequency components other
than the voice band, and the output of the first band pass filter (3) Are input to the delay unit (4)
for adding an appropriate reverberation sound, and the output of the delay unit (4) is passed
through a second band pass filter (5) for removing high and low frequency reverberation
components for sound reproduction. The present invention relates to an audio reproduction
apparatus formed by extracting a signal, and an object of the present invention is to provide an
audio reproduction apparatus capable of broadcasting clear audio. The present invention will be
described in detail based on FIG. Reference numeral l denotes a voice storage element. This voice
storage element (lj is composed of an integrated electronic element circuit such as a ROM
capable of digitizing, storing and discharging a voice signal, and the broadcast content is made 2)
is an automatic gain control circuit (hereinafter referred to as AGC), and AGCt 2 'is shown in FIG.
It has input / output characteristics as shown in FIG. That is, the signal is amplified
proportionally and output up to about -30 dB of the input level, and output at about the same
level (about -10 dB for inputs of 0 or more), and the ringing signal To reduce the audio level
difference of the audio signal called in The reason is that, for example, the voice output level
difference for each sentence may be large depending on the storage state as the voice storage
element il +. Father, the amplified output of AGC (21 has a frequency characteristic as shown in
FIG. 3), and a band pass filter (hereinafter referred to as BPF) VC input of .PHI.1 of the next stage.
This L is a full-bodied characteristic in the voice band (where 'E' i 4 150 H 2 to 1.5 KHz) and the
gain attenuates otherwise, but the slope of this attenuation is the second band pass filter (5 It is
relatively loose compared to. This BPF t3: is for removing unnecessary frequency components
other than the voice non-passage zone oBPF f: I The voice output of the voice band of I is input to
the delay stage (4) of the next stage 0 ! It is configured by connecting 1024 steps of J to Rage-F,
and adds an appropriate reverberation depending on the installation place of the speaker (6)
described later, etc. to create an audible sound with depth, which is an audio signal. It is about 30
m5 ec, which can be delayed (3).
The output of the delay unit (4) is input to a second r <<, and a filter f (hereinafter referred to as
BPF 161). In this BPF + 61, as shown in FIG. 4-), a noise filter circuit (7) in which a parallel
connection circuit of a capacitor and an ejector is connected in three stages is connected to an
opposite pair as shown in FIG. Configures an active filter. This activation filter has a gain of about
+34 dB and contains frequency characteristics as shown in FIG. In some cases, the flat region of
gain is provided at 300 Hz to 1 KHz, and the flat region is lower than that of BPFB 3j, and the
drop in gain is large. This is to remove the reverberation component in the low range and
improve the lightness of the output hoarseness, which accompanies the addition of the afterglow
sound in the -S spreading section (4) in the previous stage. The output of the BPF + 51 is input to
the power amplifier W19 +, converted into speech by the sneaker (6), and played. FIG. 5 shows
the frequency characteristics of the entire system of the present invention)) The overall system
has a gain of about +40 dB. (4) Thus, in the present invention, the voice signal stored in the voice
storage element is input to the automatic gain control (b) path for reducing the voice output level
difference, and the amplification output of this automatic gain control circuit is voiced. Input to
the first band pass filter that removes unnecessary frequency components other than the band,
and input the output of the JS sit-bass filter to an appropriate reverberation total addition '≦'
extension part, and the output of the delay part is high, Since an audio reproduction signal is
extracted by passing through a second band pass filter for removing reverberation components
in the range of A, audio signals stored in various audio storage elements are almost the same
audio output by the automatic gain control circuit The bell is increased by 1, and is extracted
only to the -L voice component of the voice band with the first band pass filter, and is added with
the equivalent reverberation sound by the delay unit, and is Jc 1 with depth First band pass fill
converted to a usable sound Flatter band 7) lesser than 27) C) lowers the clarity of the signal by
removing the reverberation component of the low-pass as a voice signal because it is output as
an audio signal, so it is stored in the back door storage element IC Clear sound in the audio
signal? t has the advantage of being able to play. (6)
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