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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a piezoelectric
speaker, FIG. 2 is a comparison diagram of physical properties of conventional cone paper and
cone paper used in the present invention, and FIG. It is a characteristic curve figure of a speaker,
and 1 shows a piezoelectric diaphragm and 2 shows cone paper, respectively.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a coral reef lA11
jI plate ground crush type sbio. [Em-type Sbee iI has less l1111-4 power than conventional l11
lJt-type speakers, good response, good b-speaking ability, 礒 gA-south influence is one thing, no
tube It is widely used as a 轟 tm speaker to wait for a delivery. First of all, one example of the
Ssubio, 14-, in which (1) is a pressure-slope, (A crane is this sway-1) K, and its top is conical.
Bones, (The barrel is numbered in a frame where this boo y's 21 edge is outside 1 7's. According
to the configuration to pray / a) / 2) a: 罐 diaphragm t1) vibrates with the top of the cone (2) as
the only junction, and all of its pelvis is cone (2) with this junction 11V4 It is efficient and
structurally simple. As corn paper (2) used here, natural fibers such as pulp were used as the raw
material, and this was used for paper forming. However, in view of the stiffness required for cone
paper (2), the absolute end is small in physical properties, and accordingly, it is an example that
the same frequency number characteristics for reproduction and that it is also bad in the high
region. In addition, cone paper +21 made of natural fiber is made for moving area type speaker,
and it is considered from the point of bending rigidity to if '4 E type speaker to be pressure 4
diaphragm + 1) Vf source 4 = I The badness of the stain is seen, and the characteristic is nowstep. As a result of examining each material as cone paper in view of the layer point KJ in view of
such characteristics, the present invention also shows that the aromatic polyamide volamer is
suitable as a diaphragm material as a piezoelectric speaker. . That is, the feature of the present
invention lies in that the cone paper is formed by heating and forming into a conical shape under
special conditions. The cone paper used for the speaker of the present invention will be described
in detail below. A specific example described here is DuPont's NOMI! (Registered quotient a)
Paper (hereinafter simply referred to as sheet)! In the case of using an Eve 410 having a
thickness of 5 mi /. This paste consists of short fibers called floc made of aromatic boramide
polymer and small binding IP called fibrid, but this floc and fibrid are formed into a paper
structure by a paper machine, and they are in sheet form from the manufacturer i get an offer.
This sheet is first immersed in hot water at 100 ° C. for 6 minutes or more (water is covered
with water only with 411 and essentially the same as M water). This V-) Y in advance is held at
an extreme temperature of 200 ° C and held at an extreme temperature for freezing and airpressing with a hydraulic press using a mold of a male female-type female mold of a nine-point
type. At 25 # for 5 seconds, hold for 1 second, take out from the mold and grind the cone cone
(4) The nine-pun paper made in this way, as is clear from FIG. 2, is not inferior in physical
properties to the cone paper by the conventional natural fiber papermaking method, and in fact
bending is the most important factor as the corn paper It shows about twice the value of natural
fibers in terms of stiffness. Generally, in the case of a piezoelectric speaker, the impedance ratio
to air is larger than that of an electrodynamic speaker. The difference in physical properties
shown in FIG. 2 works more effectively in impedance matching with N0NFjX paper than with
natural fiber corn paper, and is evident from the characteristic diagram shown in FIG. The
characteristic improvement especially in the high region will be made in comparison with the one
of the fiber cone paper. Furthermore, the sound quality that can not but be included in the
characteristic diagram of FIG. In terms of point, it is clear from the hearing test that it gives
beautiful and clear unique feeling. In addition to this invention 11! Since the paper making
process is only heat forming, it is indispensable in the case of natural fibers, and the paper
making process is not necessary, and the productivity is high. Therefore, the production goss is
finished cheaply. The advantages are also conceivable. The overall effect of the present invention
is great, considering the advantages in terms of characteristics and manufacturing costs.
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