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Description 1, title of the invention
Speaker diaphragm and method of manufacturing the same
The present invention relates to a diaphragm for a speaker, and more particularly to a diaphragm
having a thin film attached to both sides of an opening of a continuous plural cylindrical body
having a weight of 1% and excellent in mass productivity, and relates to a diaphragm for a
speaker. In general, the physical properties necessary for a speaker diaphragm include (a) small
surface density and (b) large specific modulus E ///. (Here E: elastic modulus, J: density)
Decreasing the surface density is necessary to lighten the weight of the diaphragm and increase
the sound pressure, and increasing the specific elastic modulus corresponds to the speaker pis
EndPage: Needed to expand the area of ton movement. FIG. 1 shows an example of the sound
pressure-frequency characteristic of the speaker, but generally it can be roughly divided into a
piston movement region and a divided vibration region. The piston movement region is a
relatively low frequency band in which the diaphragm vibrates integrally and the sound pressurefrequency characteristics are flat, and the occurrence of distortion of sound is also small.
However, the divided vibration area is a relatively high frequency area where each portion of the
diaphragm vibrates locally differently, and peaks and valleys are easily generated in the sound
pressure characteristic, and distortion of the sound is often large. Therefore, in order to improve
the performance of the speaker, it is desirable to make the piston movement area as wide as
possible. From such a demand, recently, a honeycomb-like core which is stronger than a thin film
of metal or high-molecular material or paper as shown in FIGS. 2 and 3 is used as a core material
(1). A diaphragm having a sandwich structure in which a thin film (8) of metal or polymer
material or paper is attached to both sides of the above core material with an adhesive (4) has
been put into practical use. Here, (2) indicates a unit core. The diaphragm with sandwich
structure as mentioned here. (1) Since the honeycomb core as the core material is hollow, the
density is small, and the area density does not increase even if the thickness is increased, so that
the total weight of the diaphragm can be reduced. (2) A structure that combines a honeycomb
core that is strong in 0 (3) compression and a skin that is strong in expansion and contraction,
which can take a wide range of favorable piston movement areas because of the large specific
elastic modulus E //. Because there is 1 bending stiffness is large and 2 split vibration occurs <<
distortion of the sound output is small. Has a great advantage as a speaker diaphragm. However,
manufacturing of these honeycomb sandwich diaphragms is conventional. (Al liquid adhesive is
applied to the skin, and then the honeycomb core and the pressure are applied and integrated.
(B) A method of curing and integrating an adhesive by applying heat and pressure after a
thermosetting film-like adhesive is interposed between a honeycomb core and a skin.
According to the method of 9) and the method of 9) (although the adhesive needs only to be the
portion where the skin and the honeycomb core are in contact with each other) Because the
adhesive remains. The weight of the adhesive makes it heavier. (2) In any of the above-mentioned
conventional methods, the curing time of the adhesive needs to be at least about 15 minutes, and
mass productivity is not good. There was a problem of that. The present invention has been made
to solve the above-mentioned conventional defects, and its object is to make the diaphragm for a
large speaker suitable for mass production, lighter in weight and shorter in production time than
the diaphragm of the conventional honeycomb sandwich structure, and a method for producing
Providing a continuous multi-cylindrical core material and a skin covering a thin film from a thin
film by integrating a non-woven heat-melt adhesive with a non-woven fabric, and a method for
producing the same. A core material is made of a thin film of molecular material or paper or a
mixture of paper and a polymer material, and the cylindrical body is continuous on its peripheral
side surface, and the core material is metal or polymer on both sides of the opening One or a thin
film of a material or a mixture of paper or a mixture of paper and a polymer material integrated
with a non-woven heat-melt adhesive, and the above-mentioned thin film, adhesive continuous
cylindrical core material, contact The agent and the thin film are laminated in this order, and the
upper surface is formed in a desired shape and placed on a female mold heated to a
predetermined temperature, heated to the same temperature, and the lower surface in a shape
corresponding to the female mold. After pressing for a first predetermined time from above with
the formed male mold, it is taken out, fitted into a female / male mold of the same shape and
room temperature, and cooled for a second predetermined time. is there. The non-woven fabric
heat-melt adhesive used in the present invention is a non-woven heat-melt adhesive comprising
fibers of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, polyamide resin and polyester resin. When the weight
of the adhesive layer is light and the bonding time is short, it has the feature of EndPage: 2.
When this adhesive is used to bond the continuous plural cylindrical core and thin film, when the
adhesive melts by heating, the plural continuous cylindrical core and thin film easily contact each
other, as shown in FIG. 4 (B). It has been experimentally shown that the fillet (the rise of the
adhesive) is well formed as shown. Therefore, with this adhesive, sufficient strength can be
obtained with a small amount of adhesive. The details of the present invention will be further
described according to the illustrated embodiment. FIG. 4 shows a part of a cross-sectional view
of a cone-type speaker diaphragm having a diameter of 22α according to an embodiment of the
present invention. A core material (core) (1) constituting the diaphragm is formed in a
honeycomb shape by arranging a large number of unit cores (cells) (2) of a hexagonal cylinder
adjacent to each other.
This core (11 has a height of 3 mm and a thickness of 3 mm and is 0.05 mm thick, the minimum
diameter of the hollow portion of the cell is 1 g, and the weight of 2 is about 13 #. The thin film
(3) attached to the front and back surfaces of the core (1) is a thick L2 * banknote produced from
a natural fiber in a cone shape, and the multiple amount is about 1.3 t in total of the front and
back surfaces. (5) is a polyamide resin non-woven fabric hot-melt adhesive before melting, having
a melting point of 120 C and a weight of 30 t / m 2. (6) is the adhesive after being melted and
solidified, and the weight in this embodiment is about 2.5 t. Thus, the total weight of the
diaphragm in this embodiment is approximately 11 L8. ? である。 In this figure, (At indicates a
state before melting and solidification, and (B) indicates a state after melting and assimilation.
However, according to the conventional method using a liquid adhesive, no matter how thinly
applied, the same cone type speaker diaphragm requires about 101 on both sides of about 5t1
on both sides, and if it is smaller than this, adhesion failure partially occurs. Therefore, the total
weight of the diaphragm is about 26.3 t. When a thermosetting film adhesive is used, the weight
of the film is reduced, but about 69 are required on both sides, and the total weight of the
diaphragm is about 22.3 t. Thus, according to this embodiment, in the case of a diaphragm
having a diameter of 22 and a cone type super power, it is about 2 & 5% as compared with the
conventional layered adhesive, and compared with the thermosetting film adhesive. 1571 can be
lightened. As in the above-described embodiment, a diaphragm having excellent heat resistance
can be obtained by using a boi amide resin non-woven fabric hot-melt adhesive. Moreover, if a
polyester resin non-woven fabric hot-melt adhesive is used, a diaphragm excellent in the adhesive
strength between the core material and the thin film can be obtained. Next, a method of
manufacturing a speaker diaphragm according to the present invention will be described. As
shown in FIG. 5, the upper surface is formed in a cone shape, and a female die having a heater (7:
on the circumferential side surface (81 is heated to about 2 ooc by a heater shaft, this female die
(cone formation of IILI A thin film formed into a cone shape on each side, a non-woven heat-melt
adhesive, a core material of 1 nikcam core, a non-woven heat-melt adhesive, and a thin film
laminated in this order are placed. After heating it to about 2ooC by heater (9) which is formed
into a shape and has a heater (9) on the central side and a pressing device l on the top as well, it
is placed from the top of the laminated diaphragm material. Pressurize-Pressurize for about 1
minute. Thereafter, both molds (81, taken out of all, as shown in FIG. Ε, the female mold & lt; 8)
and the male mold all have the same shape as the all mold but have a heater at room
temperature. Fit between aZ and male die shaft and pressurize for about 1 minute.
After that, when it is removed from both all types a @, as, at this point the adhesive is solidified
by cooling and adhesion is completed. Therefore, the assembly work is completed within 5
minutes, and the mass productivity is excellent. Although the cone-shaped diaphragm has been
described in the above embodiment, the diaphragm is not limited to a flat plate. The present
invention can be applied to a diaphragm in which the cross-sectional shape along the conical
generatrix has a curve of an arbitrary shape. Further, the cylindrical shape of the continuous
plural cylindrical body is not limited to the hexagonal honeycomb shape, and the shape may be
any shape such as one circle, a square, and a pentagon. As described above, according to the
present invention, a diaphragm having a sandwich structure in which thin films are attached to
both open sides of a continuous plural cylindrical core material integrated by using a non-woven
thermal melting adhesive is a diaphragm having a conventional sandwich structure. Compared to
thin film, it has high sound pressure because it is light weight, and it is formed in the shape of
desired EndPage: 3 and laminated in order of thin film, adhesive 8 core material, adhesive, thin
film between dies heated to predetermined temperature Since the method of fitting and pressing
the material and fitting it between molds of the same shape room temperature and cooling and
manufacturing is used, the manufacturing time can be shortened compared to the conventional
method, and mass productivity is good.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a sound pressure-frequency characteristic diagram
of a speaker, and FIGS. 2 and 3 are a cutaway plan view and a longitudinal sectional view
showing the main parts of a conventional diaphragm for a honeycomb structure speaker. FIG. 4
is a cross-sectional view showing the main part of one embodiment according to the present
invention, in which (A) shows a state before bonding and (B) shows a state after bonding. FIG. 5
shows an embodiment of the manufacturing method of the present invention, and is a
longitudinal sectional view showing an adhesive forming step, and FIG. S is a longitudinal
sectional view showing a cooling step. The same reference numerals in the drawings indicate the
same or corresponding parts. (1) is a honeycomb core as a core material, (21 is a unit core, (8) is
a thin film, and (5) is a non-woven-like heat melting adhesive. (6) is an adhesive after
solidification (#)) is a heater, (8) is a female mold, (9) is a heater, aQ is a pressure device, and all
is a male mold. The mouth is a female mold and as is a male mold. Agent Shin Nono-Fig. 1 112rV
Fig. 4 (A) (β) EndPage: 4
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