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Description 1, title of the invention
Method of manufacturing diaphragm for speaker
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a method of
manufacturing a diaphragm for a speaker. Conventionally, as shown in FIG. 1, in the method of
manufacturing a diaphragm for a speaker, in which a substrate made of a flexible cloth is formed
into a dome shape, as shown in FIG. After immersion in 1) to impregnate into l) (1) and squeezing
out excess resin with a roller (3), the phenolic resin impregnated group A) I (5) is dried by a drier
(4). Then, a protection solution (5) is coated with a resin solution for maintaining airtightness
such as AcI J) and an acid ester emulsion solution (6) by knife coke-(7) ',': '1. ’II! This is a
method of obtaining a diaphragm for a speaker by molding it into a dome shape while heating
and pressing it with a molder (not shown) that has been dried by a machine (8) and giving soft
tightness to ice. . However, when such a manufacturing method is used, the resin solution
penetrates into the cloth of the squeeze and flows out to the back side when coating the soft
airtight holding resin solution when using the base material of 1. Bonding with the coil bobbin is
insufficient. Nodging, must use a thick thick cloth as a substrate, and a soft, resinous resin
solution for tightness maintenance penetrates between the surface and cloth of EndPage: 1
substrate and is airtight. There is a disadvantage that the coating weight of the resin solution is
large, the weight of the diaphragm is heavy, and the acoustic activity is low. In addition, coating
unevenness is likely to occur during coating, the flexible elasticity of the diaphragm is likely to be
nonuniform, and there is a disadvantage such as high harmonic distortion due to split resonance
and abnormal vibration in the split vibration area. . The present invention is thus an
improvement over the prior art, and one embodiment will be described below with reference to
the drawings. Apply a polyurethane resin solution (10) (Heyrak 3090 (trade name) made by Toyo
Polymer Co., Ltd.) on the surface of a rolled ruled paper (9) while sequentially feeding it out, and
then use a doctor (11) After uniforming, it was dried by an infrared dryer (12) to form a
polyurethane a, III effect film (13) with a thickness of 20 to 30 microns on the surface of the
release paper (9). The conditions in this drying step were 120 ° C. and 1 to 1.5 minutes. Next,
the surface of the polyurethane resin film (13) is coated with a polykunkun-based adhesive (1, 4)
(for example, Hirak A, D (trade name) manufactured by Toyo Polymer Co., Ltd.) and a doctor (15)
Form an adhesive layer (16) of about 5 to 15 microns in thickness and even evenly.
Thereafter, while sequentially feeding the rolled base fabric (17), an adhesive layer (16) is
interposed between the base fabric (17) and the polyurethane resin film (13) to form a roller
(18). The pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet is dried by an infrared dryer (19), and both are
completely adhered to form a diaphragm substrate (20). This diaphragm substrate + i '(20) is
released from the release paper (9) It peeled off. The conditions in this drying step were 120 ° G
and 1 to 1.5 minutes. As the base cloth (17), use [Linton 733] made of "Thin, thin and rough, and
a woven cloth with its own formability as it is, as it is, as it is, as it is. did. This is a 30 de'neal 6
polyester single fiber twisted into a single yarn, and this yarn is plain weave (100 yarns per inch,
89 yarns per inch) 11, and it is I: o, 1 dragon, the weight is 312 / go. Therefore, diaphragm base
+ A '(20) which laminated the polyurethane resin film (13) on the surface of this base cloth (17)
is thickness 0.12-0.13 rum, and weight 801 / b. Then, the diaphragm base material (2o) is heated
by a molding die under the condition of 170 ° C. for 120 to 30 seconds. “A dome-shaped
speaker as shown in FIG. I got a diaphragm for it. As apparent from the description of -1- below,
the present invention differs from the conventional method in which the surface of a base
material is coated with a resin solution for soft airtightness retention, and a polyurethane resin
film (13) is used as a base cloth (17). Since it is a system which laminates and forms diaphragm
base 4jA '(20), since (1) polyurethane resin film (13) does not penetrate into cloth [] of base cloth
(17), it is thin and it has eyes Can be used with a rough lightweight base cloth (17), and the full
airtightness is repelled by a thin, thin polyurethane resin film (13), so the weight of the
diaphragm can be reduced and the acoustic activity rate can be increased. (2) The uniform soft
airtightness is imparted to the diaphragm, so that there is no disturbance of the vibration mode
such as split resonance or abnormal vibration caused by the non-uniformity of the soft elasticity
as in the prior art, In particular, harmonic distortion is reduced, 3) Since the thickness of the
polyurethane resin film (13) can be easily controlled, flexibility as the diaphragm, the elastic can
be easily controlled, it has excellent advantages such.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a view showing a method of manufacturing a
conventional diaphragm for a speaker, FIG. 2 is a view showing a method of manufacturing a
diaphragm for a speaker of the present invention, and FIG. It is a figure which shows the
structure of the diaphragm for speakers manufactured by the method. (9) is a release paper, (13)
is a polyurethane resin film, (16) is a layer of an adhesive, (17) is a base fabric, and (20) is a
diaphragm substrate. Patent Assignee Onkyo Co., Ltd. Attorney Patent Attorney Saita Club
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