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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a diaphragm of the
present invention. 1 is a diaphragm substrate, 2 is a film layer.
[Detailed description of the invention] This t is a modification of the speaker version 1 version of
the conventional version, l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l I'm going to ll-1. However, To, 1 self, the bottom
1 Sika material is the advantage according to 7-4 of the same, the other 110v C distribution '7
phrase place what 振 · ji ji right too fee V · Zushi is also satisfied, IA good. For example, if this Balf
lli child has a small inflexion Young's modulus / / · · · · · · · · jingle with jlj 性 性 吸 へ. , F, ::: The '72
father golden west shield vibrating diaphragm is a high thing or an advantage of 1 problem, or
an anti (fLl: J41 At this point, resonance occurs, and h (t c). And the frequency characteristic is
degraded. 近 / 近 猷 猷 猷 塑性 塑性 塑性 塑性 塑性 塑性 塑性 塑性 現 現 現 現 現 現 現 現 現 現
現 現 現 1− 1− い る 1− 1-6. This Shin's J-ray: Ill + IvIA family I space V is from the sky sky
and so on 1c, to the cousin-thing 6 'this ratio easily shake 11-1 plate shape vcb' Z form A high
power Pl? Self-governing sex award at the school's own self, da, niece, "W also takes care of and
11")! ', -Loss is also the first eye what A benefits. 1 か る 1JC1 呻 の 坤 の 1 呻 ト ー 料 ー ー ー
い 小 さ い 小 さ い ヤ ン グ ヤ ン グ ヤ ン グ ヤ ン グ ヤ ン グ ヤ ン グ 11] same 4kL shell There
is an i-tree t-iC that satisfies both. Therefore, this 7 plan is a base of pregnancy-1 仇, a large
polythene 1 // father of internal loss, 1 cedar covered with a copolymer with ethylene, a dog with
Young's modulus more than this in at least one song. Local town plasticity month effect (+ [! The
rigidity is obtained by wearing: 'I will provide a large collar collar of' + 14 @ 40's 8 will be
described in detail. The polyethylene used as the substrate in this invention is dense: 0 ° 920.97 W / cd 1 tan 4: 0.05-0.1. Young's modulus, 0.5-1. It has a value of 7 J at OX 10 ', and in
particular, low density polyethylene (dense change: 092 to 093, t, anS: about 0.1) is preferable. In
addition, copolymers with egg yolks and 17 copolymers with egg yolksine and vinyl acetate
(EVA), and copolymers with egg yolksine and acrylic acid diether (EEA ') are particularly suitable.
On the other hand, Zhenmachi plasticity applied to the substrate in question is a copolymer
consisting mainly of polys Io 4 methy 1 non (E-2 to g, 'Eli' 'i' g '=)-styrene and three-character
suspension Styrene acylulnitrile which is a ψ 'c 4' to E = 8.7 to 3.8 X 10 ', ABS resin effect (E =
16 to 28 x 10' KFG a), PVC (E = 1.5 to 4 x 1 o 'Kv) /-++ i), polycarbonate (E = 2.1-2, 4 × 10 ′ Kg
/ c + J), polybutylene terephthalate (E = 2.4 to 26 × 10 ′ Kg / i) or carbon fibers, carbon flakes,
etc. Glass fiber, glass flake, aromatic polyamide fiber, silicone Contaminating enhanced thermal
Allowed the Baido 4 etc. - resin is a suitable shed.
As a means to bond the two, it is common to use an adhesive7, and when bonding is performed,
the increase in bond strength change is noted by activating Table 1m of 1-7 Bolieg correction
letters. In particular, an adhesive which is easy to use as well as a urethane adhesive is
preferable. Seven days self adhesion is laminated in film-like i voice and then vacuum vacuum is
used? I like the way of sucking or mass production. Above, the 1I17T board that can be used by
means of hammering is shown in the drawing, for example, a poly IJ egg is used as a parent and
a 1-piece corrector is used for example. The required rigidity of the diaphragm is given by the
outer surface of the 11-thousand-yen-terephthalate 2 and the necessary length of the Boriethousandren-l inside is 1, 4; But □, this person 'V equipped with a lift # II plate-speaker tr: i
piston movement circumference' / Bi number region is expanded, father resonance 1 '(due to per
second he characteristic rC in Peeling and Dates Control the occurrence of the five-prong 2, to
provide a two-phase 杏 生 杏 有 特性 性 ス の ス ー カ ー-る こ と へ へ へ.
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