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The present invention relates to a method for producing a boron structure (A, (t 'J l element) 1 °
# I structure 14 film quality of boron and direction of mechanical IL' f-l:: l 'r, 1: The boron
structure (It aims at the cost reduction of A. Boron (Bl is second only to diamond hardness A: 'P!
I′′I>, and its wear resistance is also very large b) because: (b, j, lJ cutting tools and Ji'l moving
machine parts, ili receiving and with 1-month 1fr, mouth i1 It is. Among the substances whose
size, compared to iil cattle rate (1 immediate 111 rate / 1.64 degrees) is 131 j 〆 1, the smallest
(that is 1 ° d-: / i 'l! I have + + break 4. このゲ1. Is the quality 51 '? His (] -16; J11 dust is the
largest in the substance of 1 p (:, p; [昧 * f "+" ll 'l + + is there. Boron applied product casting and
river) iT and one ρ l way l! It is d--In + to be obtained in the form of a dense mass by 1 month,
and (2) for the production of boron-added products, In most cases, 4′A ′ ′ 4 ′: 1 or C) of
boron and starch 1 is added to a living body by a vapor deposition method, sputtering method,
chemical vapor deposition method (cvn method) or the like. It is used as a formed complex. Such
a conventional method, pume ·, hard τ \, and its excellent surface 1 friction Vl: h: use (-to be
used for the product table, large support 1 (+: ' j 7. (There is no need to eat beef. ところが。 This
is a serious problem in the case of a speaker diaphragm 3 beam using a size of a 4 bullets ratio,
an acoustic material such as a cantilever of a cartridge, or a cantilever of a video disk. That is, the
density and elastic modulus of the composite largely depend on the properties of the substrate,
and the intrinsic properties of boron are thereby largely reduced. It's weird. Tantalum (Ta) in
addition to the method described above. N-deposition of elements such as niobium (Nb),
molybdenum (Mo "), tungsten (W), etc. (0 to 2 to 4 mmφ) by n-element-4c VD method, and then
all the core wires are dissolved and removed M-body can be obtained, but it is possible to make
large shapes such as diaphragms and cantilevers of video disks with these core wires and
substrates with high yield because of the difference in thermal expansion from one
circumference It was difficult because of the internal stress of the deposited boron. In particular,
it is a regression to make a large structural material with a large yield of boron + 1j body with a
low cost core material such as MO or W with good yield.
The present invention makes it possible to eliminate the above-mentioned conventional
drawbacks, J +, which deposits boron on a chromium-coated W substrate by VC reduced pressure
chemical vapor deposition (LP-IVD method) and then heat treatment J, 1. , CrB2 to body face.
WB2. It is possible to provide a boron structure 4A having mechanical strength and good
yield V by forming the whole of a crystalline layer consisting of at least one W2B5, and
completely precipitating the boron layer in this soil-(L. Therefore, the manufacturing method of
the present invention will be specifically described. Boron 'fr: LP-GvD method: J: soot, method to
form on the body, for example, anti-Lr under reduced pressure: infrared heating, high frequency
heating, the substrate placed in the chamber 10 The mixture is heated by electricity or the like,
and reduced to a reducing component j as shown by the following equation to completely
precipitate "niked boron". 2BXs4-3H2-p 2B16HX (concluded, X is Cr, Br, I, etc.), the raw f'1 gas
used in the CVD method has Q as a raw f'1 gas, and there is a hydride of boron etc. in addition to
BI3 . Well, in this 1'111 element, I1 111 m, heating temperature, reduction condition, for gas.
The raw material gas flows into the reactor, i ^ etc., crystals of lilly seed //, form is obtained. In
particular, in the reduced pressure state, 硼 lj, -1 · element in the amorphous state at the above
reaction ha ○ ° C. to 1000 ° C., β-07 bohedral boron is obtained at 1000 ° C. to 130 ° C. In
particular, the atmospheric pressure CVD method LATHETE, LP-CV D method is advantageous
because there is less thermal strain between the substrate and the deposited boron, since
amorphous boron and β-rombohedral boron are deposited at low temperatures. The
temperature for depositing amorphous [111 element on a W substrate using the LP-IVD method
is suitably 700 to 80 ° C., and at a temperature lower than 700 ° C., the deposition rate is very
slow and powdery deposition In order to do this, heat treatment is carried out after this: WB2.
W2B5 f creation-r is circulation, and at a temperature exceeding 8 o O 0 C, strain is likely to
occur between J (body (W) and amorphous boron. Also, the temperature for forming the entire
crystal layer consisting of at least one of CrBz, WB2 and W2B5 diffused by these amorphous
silicon thermal treatment is suitably 860 to 1250'C, and 850 ° C. ! llJkイン! At
temperatures of + lL, CrB 2, WB 2 and W 2 B 5 are generated, and at temperatures exceeding <<
12 tso 'C-r, thermal O. stress is likely to occur.
Also, 5WB2. W2B5 or r-, n-il + ', and all '10 no-crystal VC-limited 1 to 4 have the thermal
expansion coefficients of these crystal systems closer to boron compared to W2B and WB.
Therefore, the silicon film has an oxygen concentration of 1: 7. In addition, at WB <, the bond
between boron and WB 4 is too strong, and it becomes difficult to etch. CrB2. WB2. The
thickness of at least one crystalline layer of W2B5 is 1 "-<20 20 ltm! If it becomes thinner, the
thermal strain of the boron layer and w) can not be totally relaxed, and if it is thicker than 20071
m, the substrate itself becomes brittle and the 1V shape is less likely to fall apart. The purpose of
total coating on a compact W substrate is to ensure that the adhesion between boron and WB2
or W2B5 is complete, chemical, I.). The movable table, cr, reacts with boron to form CrB2 and
functions to weaken the adhesion between boron and WB2 or W2B5 'CI /, so that there is an
effect that the etching yield is directed to -1-. It is desirable that the film thickness of Or be about
several tm. Next to this 1111 compound, a total deposition method of boron, CVD / 71, etc. all
phases Itei 11i 7! 1! , (-7, -1 chemical or mechanical removal of the entire substrate. The entire
structure consisting of boron j1i is obtained. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present
invention will be described. Preparation of all 2.0 W diameter 100 mm long W line 5 degreasing.
Wl: rJ +, Sputterin /; F7 no, C? Rf coated about 1 micron thick. Then this line in the CVD furnace,
l? Then, all air in the furnace was removed by an O-tally pump and heated to 7 o O 'G by
energization. Next, 1 part by volume of boron trichloride (B (7 Jx) and 3 parts by volume of
hydrogen (R2) were allowed to flow at a rate of 2 e / min for 4 minutes. At this time, the pressure
reduction state was controlled by a rotary pump and a valve so as to be 100 Torr. Then BC7! s
Gas only and heat treated at 850 ° C for 3 minutes. The amorphous 17111 element was totally
diffused to a WB2 with a thickness of 20 μm (result of X-ray analysis). Then, the flow of BCβ3
gas was again performed, and the flow of the gas was maintained for 6 minutes while keeping
the body core line at 1000 ° C. As a result, 5071 m of amorphous boron was deposited on WB2.
The samples thus prepared were cut to a total length of 4 (m length, soaked in a mixture of Br
and methanol, and dissolved completely with W, WB and WB2.
Next, dtj weights were added in the form of five-end support beams with a total length of 3.5
teeth of the beam, and the “1” average strength was determined from the load of lL7 where
the pipe broke. As a result, it was clear (17 zebras in water at 17 ° were good products, and
their IL jj · n degrees were 2 in 1.s5. As a result, I'm going to try the clothes γ 'L No 1 missing.
Hereinafter, each condition was changed, and an R11 l element structural material was obtained
in 17 in the same manner as the example. The results are shown in the following table. Sample
No., 'O-No, 15 f': 1: Comparison 'lI / lI Tea Z). All samples have inner and outer diameters Jolnm
respectively. Precipitation of boron was carried out so as to obtain a constant value of 2.1 mm
(thickness is constant at 50 lt m). J: The test FL within the scope of the present invention has a
high flexural strength and a good yield, and has extremely excellent characteristics as a γ6
sound 4A gain. As described below, the manufacturing method of the present invention is the LPIVD method on a W substrate as described above: reamorphous all 2 k deposition (1, later heat
treatment for heat treatment 'J' 1. k spreading 11 ( l-Say GrB2. WB2. W2B5 f was produced
→ 、, boron was deposited on the base in 18 ”J, then the base was removed to obtain boron rl
′ 1 integral, this J: method of the present invention is As compared with the conventional
method, the high-strength boron structural material overall yield is 5 (~ even cheaply (i) can be
filtered, so its industrial value lt is large.
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