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The present invention relates to a diaphragm for an electro-acoustic transducer which can obtain
good characteristics. 2. Description of the Related Art Conventionally, as a diaphragm for an
electro-acoustic transducer, for example, a diaphragm for a speaker, a sheet of paper with a clip
material folded is struck. However, such a material is prone to deflection due to its low rigidity,
and conversely, there was a gap while increasing the thickness to increase the rigidity. On the
other hand, recently, many attempts have been made to use a foam material with a high specific
gravity, since a diaphragm having a high rigidity and a light weight is desired, and there are also
practical products. In this case, a foam material is used alone as a diaphragm, or a composite
material of a core material made of foam material and a skin material made of a sheet of high
Young's modulus such as metal foil, carbon fiber etc. There is. By the way, in the case of a
sandwich structure in which a skin material is attached to both sides of a foam material, and in
the case of a canappe structure in which a sheet is attached only on the-side. Of course, a high
Young's modulus material is required as a skin material in order to increase the Young's modulus
E, and a foam material to be a core material also needs a high rigidity. Further, in order to use
such a composite material as a diaphragm alone as a foam material without using such a
composite material, it is necessary to have a still higher rigidity, to reduce the bulk density も,
and to have an appropriate loss. Furthermore, the heat resistance must also be good in order to
prevent the change in vibration characteristics due to the heat generation of the discoil. However,
no material having satisfactory properties in many matters has been obtained. That is, in general,
a material having a high Young's modulus has a small mechanical loss, and conversely,
increasing the mechanical loss reduces the Young's modulus. Therefore, the technology to
increase the Young's modulus by maintaining large mechanical loss -C plastic is used as matrix
material for mica, graphite and other flake materials with directionality. A value has been
obtained. However, such first one has the disadvantage that it is disseminated and tends to form
a gap. As a means of eliminating such defects, woven fabric and 71-Lifth resin have been
developed]] "RP diaphragm material has been developed. In other words, FR, P with high Young's
modulus, for example, glass woven fabric, carve woven fabric etc., and matrix resin such as
phenol, epoxy, polyester etc., is selected from plastic, paper etc. by appropriate selection. Can
achieve high Young's modulus. However, such materials have a problem of small mechanical loss.
The present invention has been made in view of the above-mentioned circumstances and has
high mechanical strength using foam; f'1 (JJ It 4 loss, 1 j heat resistance, small bulk density, easy
machining) The purpose of this is to make it possible to use an electric-to-sound converter
January diaphragm l, i (It:
The present invention will be described in detail with reference to FIG. 1 which is a truncated
conical diaphragm shown in FIG. 1 which is an embodiment of the present invention. In the
figure, 1 indicates polyimide, polyimide amine, polyimide amide, etc. It is an integrally formed
diaphragm such as a foamed material which is made porous by subjecting a solid imide resin to
foaming weight or sintering. In addition, a flake filler 2 such as graphite or mica is mixed in the
diaphragm 1 in order to control the peak in the cylindrical region and not to decrease the
Young's modulus. In this way, excellent mechanical strength, drop-off loss, high heat resistance,
small bulk density jW can be obtained by the foam material made of imide thread oil, and
machining is also easy. Further, by mixing the flake filler 2, it is possible to control the peak
particularly in the high region and to improve the Young's modulus. The present invention is not
limited to the above embodiment. For example, a cone-shaped diaphragm may be used as shown
in the sectional view of FIG. Further, as shown in FIG. 3, it is also possible to form a skin layer 3
in which the flake-filled moon 2 is mixed only at the front and back, as shown in FIG. In this case,
a part of the skin layer 3 intrudes into the portion of the foam material 1 alone, and works to
enhance the adhesive effect of the both. Further, this skin layer is a fluid resin mixed with the
flake filled J paste 2. It is easily obtained by applying or impregnating the self-phase 1 into a
desired shape. The skin layer 3 has the effect of reducing loss by 1 without reducing the Young's
modulus. As shown in FIG. 4, the skin layer 3 may be formed only on the both side surfaces of
the cone-shaped vibration weir as shown in the 4-cross-sectional view. Of course, similar effects
can be obtained in this case. As described above in detail, the present invention is to form a layer
by mixing the flake filling side with at least a part of a porous foam material obtained by foaming
or sintering a polyimide resin. Therefore, it is possible to + jd the diaphragm for sleepinessacoustic transducer which has high mechanical strength, appropriate loss, 1 heat resistance,
small mass density and is easy to machine.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a sectional view showing an embodiment of the present invention, and FIGS. 2 to 4 are
sectional views showing another embodiment of Nada according to the present invention.
1 ... foam material, 2 ... 7 I lake 1 charge, 3 ... skin layer.
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