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The invention relates to the activation of plastics, in particular bisphenols such as
noroidoquinone, and two norogen atoms such as 4.4'-difluorobenzophenone, with ketone groups
in the ortho or para position. The present invention relates to a diaphragm for a speaker, which is
formed of a polyether microaromatic ketone-type resin composed of an aromatic di-ride or a
resin containing a polyether aromatic keto / all main component. Configuration of Conventional
Example and Problems Thereof Conventionally, a polyethylene terephthalate film has been used
as a speaker diaphragm made of plastic. However, polyethylene terephthalate has a small elastic
modulus, and in the case of a full range speaker, there is a problem that high frequency
resonance frequency fH is low and high-pitched sound reproduction is not necessarily good.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The object of the present invention is to solve all the abovementioned drawbacks and to provide a speaker diaphragm having a high high-frequency
resonance frequency fH and excellent in its frequency characteristics. The diaphragm for a
speaker according to the present invention is composed of a bisphenol such as hydroquinone and
an aromatic shivalide in which two halogen atoms such as 4,4'-difluorobenzophenone are
activated by an ortho or para ketone group. A composite film in which mica, such as muscovite
(white mica), 70 gono (white mica), etc., is appropriately formed on a resin comprising a
polyether aromatic ketone type resin or polyether aromatic ketone as a main component It is.
This composite film has a modulus of elasticity of 32.000-90.000 (Kg / cm 2) t? It is very large
compared to 19.000 (Kti / cr1) of polyethylene terephthalate film. Since the diaphragm for a
speaker formed by fully molding the composite film has a high elastic modulus, the highresonance frequency f) 1 is high, and the high-resonance sound can be reproduced. Further, the
internal loss of the composite film is 0.015 to 0.026, which is 3 to 5 times larger than that of the
polyethylene terephthalate film of 0.005 and -5, so the diaphragm formed from this is so-called
on the frequency characteristics The size is small and distortion is small. Further, the composite
film has a heat distortion temperature around 1600 and exhibits vague heat resistance. And
since it is self-extinguishing in a flame resistance test, the diaphragm which shape | molded this
composite film resists high temperature, and has a flame retardance. Therefore, it is possible to
obtain an optimum diaphragm for a speaker requiring heat resistance and flame resistance.
Description of Examples [Example 1] A polyether aromatic ketone type resin consisting of
hydroquinone and 4.4'-dihalobenzophene having a structure shown below as a diaphragm
molding resin is used, and mica is a phlogopite ( (Phonite) -based mica, molecular formula KM93
(AISi301o), (OH) 2 was used.
The composite film made by compounding mica with a weight ratio of 30% to the above resin
has an elastic modulus of 51, 000 (Kg / 'aI), and the internal loss is 0.018. Conducted, diameter
40 torso. A cone-shaped diaphragm having a thickness of 80 μm was obtained. In the figure, a
shows the acoustic characteristic of the speaker using this diaphragm, and b shows the acoustic
characteristic gold using the diaphragm made of polyethylene terephthalate film having the same
diameter and thickness. As is apparent from the figure, in the speaker using the composite film
diaphragm of the present embodiment, it is understood that the high region resonance frequency
fH is high because the elastic modulus is high, and the high sound reproduction is good.
Moreover, because of the large internal loss, so-called “avarage” on the frequency
characteristics. Is small, and a smooth speaker with frequency characteristics is obtained.
[Example 2] The weight L of the resin shown in Example 1 with mica was 1. The elastic modulus
of the composite film made o% was 32.000 (Kr / Cn), and the internal loss was 0.015. A speaker
in which the composite film was formed into a diaphragm in the same manner as in Example 1
was superior in small-frequency characteristics of high-pitched reproduction crabs to a good
degree and "farred" compared to a diaphragm formed of polyethylene terephthalate film. .
[Example 3] The elastic modulus of the composite film in which the weight ratio to mica was 90
with respect to the resin shown in Example 1 was 90.000 (Kq / ') + internal loss was o, o25. In
the same manner as in Example 1, the speaker formed on the composite film full diaphragm is
superior in high-pitched reproduction crab as compared with the diaphragm made of
polyethylene terephthalate film, and is incorrupted by the frequency characteristic with few
paring " there were. Effects of the Invention As described above, according to the present
invention, the use of the composite film in which mica is combined with the polyether aromatic
ketone resin has an advantage of being able to obtain a speaker diaphragm having frequency
Brief description of the drawings
The figure is a comparison diagram of the sound pressure frequency characteristics of the
speaker diaphragm of the present invention and the conventional speaker diaphragm.
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