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The present invention relates to improvement in the adhesion of a diaphragm made of a
polyolefin resin or a material containing a polyolefin resin. A diaphragm made of a polyolefin
resin or copolymer with these materials has a characteristic that the material has a relatively low
density, and moreover, it has good internal frequency loss with respect to vibration or frequency
characteristics as a speaker. Since the adhesion is not good, it has the drawback that all surface
activation treatment for adhesion is necessary. The most common conventional method for
surface activation treatment of olefin resins is to treat the surface with a mixture of chromic acid
and sulfuric acid and then apply a primer or activate the surface by corona discharge. , And a
step of applying a primer. However, in these methods and in all cases, the treatment capacity of
the activation reservoir is insufficient, and even after the treatment there is insufficient wetting of
the primer and the adhesion MIJ, L is not enough. It is necessary to completely carry out the
removal and treatment of the acid waste used for treatment, and in the case of corona discharge,
since only the part that was in contact with the electrode was activated, the diaphragm shape was
achieved during actual treatment. There is a disadvantage that a complicated processing machine
is required, processing time is long to process a large area uniformly, and an 'IE' force device is
required. In order to eliminate this defect, it is activated in the state of raw material sorting and
then formed into a diaphragm shape; there is also a loss, but this method causes partial loss on
the treated surface due to expansion and contraction of the surface due to molding It was inferior
to practicality because The wood invention relates to the improvement of the surface activation
treatment step in the vibration / production step consisting of polyolefin type interest or a
polymer with these, as described in detail below. In the wood invention, after forming a
diaphragm base material made of polyolefin resin or copolymer with these into a diaphragm
shape, the surface is irradiated with plasma of inorganic gas such as oxygen gas, nitrogen gas,
etc. Table 1 It activates In. By performing gas plasma treatment on the surface, desorption of
hydrogen constituting the polymer and elements of the pond occurs, or the formation of a polar
functional group such as an amine group or an L group of an oxidation group improves the
wettability of the adhesive. It is estimated that the effect of significantly improving adhesion is
exhibited. Surface activated living room fit by gas plasma fit! The diaphragm that has been
subjected to k alone has sufficient adhesiveness to assemble the speaker, but by applying a
primer such as alkyl titanate or isocyanate to the surface after activation treatment, even
stronger adhesion can be obtained. .
A test piece was cut out from the diaphragm manufactured by the method, a piece of cloth was
adhered using a phenolic neobrene rubber adhesive, and a 90 ° peel test i was conducted. Table
1 shows the results of the test and the degree of wetting. Shown in. The smaller the contact
angle, the better the affinity between the substrate and the adhesive, and the easier it is to wet.
Table 1 shows a plasma processing apparatus I hill used in the invention of wood. The diaphragm
5 is attached to the sample mounting plate 4 ° disposed between the electrodes 2 and 2
'disposed in the vacuum chamber 1 and connected to the high frequency power source 3 and is
present in the plasma generated between the diaphragm or electrodes Arrange as you do. 6 is a
gas sharing part for plasma, 7 is a vacuum pump, 8 is a vacuum gauge, and 9 is a gas cylinder. In
the embodiment where the results of Table 1 are obtained, the degree of vacuum is 0.5 torr, and
the treatment time is about 30 seconds. As apparent from the above actual measurement values,
according to the present invention, the wetting characteristics of the adhesive are also improved
compared to the conventional method, and not only the adhesive strength can be enhanced, but
also the disadvantages of the conventional processing method described above Removed I11.
Since a homogeneous activation process can be performed on the diaphragm of (1), by using the
diaphragm manufactured by the wood invention, it is possible to provide a speaker with stable
quality and good durability.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of a plasma processing apparatus.
Tfi vacuum chamber, 2 and 2 'are electrodes, 3 is a high frequency power source, 4 is a sample
mounting plate, and 5 is a diaphragm.
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