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The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a loudspeaker diaphragm having
high rigidity. Loudspeaker diaphragms have various configurations of diaphragms with the goal
of making the Young's modulus of the diaphragm material large and low in density in order to
prevent split vibration as much as possible and to improve frequency characteristics over a wide
range of frequency bands. However, there is a limit to the performance of using a single material
in terms of materials. For example, composites in which high-rigidity fibers and scale-like
substances are mixed as a filler with a synthetic resin Is used. In these composites, the larger the
mixing ratio of the filler, and the longer the filler in the case of the high-rigidity fiber, the higher
the rigidity of the diaphragm, but the vacuum currently used frequently in terms of the
production method. While molding is difficult to deform at the time of processing due to the
rigidity of the filler, the diaphragm thickness is determined by the material sheet, and a shape
like a reinforcing rib can be molded as it is, and material flowability in injection molding In
addition to the limitation of the thickness that can be molded, the filler is oriented along the
direction of flow and there is a defect that the directionality of the material properties is
generated. The present invention is a manufacturing method for producing a diaphragm by
heating a raw material sheet in which a filler is mixed at a high ratio with a die having a
diaphragm shape and applying high pressure, and comprises the steps described below. In FIG. 1,
a pellet in which a synthetic resin and a filler are mixed is extruded into a sheet (2) thicker than
the thickness of a diaphragm by extrusion (1). Then, the sheet (2) is molded using vibration plate
molds (3) and (3 ') at a temperature of 80 ° C. to 120 ° C. and a pressure of 120 under a
condition of 9 / cnl to 150 kg / cn Σ Let it be a board (4). Forming the internal reinforcing ribs
15), (6) inside the diaphragm (4) as shown in FIG. 2 by providing concentric or radial concaves
11 in the diaphragm mold as required. Can. The present invention is a method of manufacturing
a diaphragm in which a synthetic resin mixed with a filler as described above is formed into a
notebook shape, and then formed into a diaphragm shape under heating and high pressure,
which is compared with the conventional method Since molding defects due to lack of flowability
of the raw material or molding 4 Nokichi due to filler material becomes 3 + + 1i, for example, it is
possible to mix many fillers such as carphone sen, graphite, mica etc. The diaphragm according
to the present invention is uniform in material and has a size of 1 ′! The speaker's frequency
characteristics are extremely high because it is one degree higher, and the mixing ratio of the
above-mentioned filler material is large, or the shape-wise internal reinforcement rib is formed or
it has a high strength. It has the effect of improving wrinkles.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a schematic view for explaining the manufacturing method of the present invention, and
FIG. 2 is a half sectional view of an example of a diaphragm according to the manufacturing
method of the present invention.
1 is an extruder, 2 is a sheet of material, 3, 3 'is a mold, 4 is a diaphragm, 5 and 6 are reinforcing
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