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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
speaker diaphragm. [Technical background of the invention and its problems] In general, as
diaphragm materials used for speakers, +1) density p is as small as possible, (2) elastic modulus E
is large, vibration propagation speed is large, frequency domain It is necessary to have various
conditions such as a wide range and (3) a large internal loss. Conventionally, as a conventional
diaphragm manufacturing material for satisfying the various conditions, there is a diaphragm
using paper, plastics, metal or the like. Speaker diaphragms made of these materials have many
features, but they also have drawbacks, and it is extremely rare that they are used alone to
compensate for this defect, and many of them are otherwise It is used as a mixture or complex
with the material. -In recent years, <speaker diaphragm disease development developed by
plasma spraying a metal oxide to a metal oxide, such as alumina (Al · 03), titania (T i O ·), zirconia
('Z' r O 2), etc. ing. Although these metal oxides have high rigidity and show extremely excellent
physical property values when measured alone, their physical properties after thermal spraying
are significantly inferior to physical property values when measured alone. It is a numerical
value. For example, the physical properties of an aluminum foil provided with a coating layer of
alumina (All 2'03) by plasma spraying are as follows: i i ρ is 2.1 (g / cJ) and elastic modulus E is
11.9 x 10 ” (Dyn / c + J), the specific elastic modulus E / ρ is 5.7 × 10 ′ ′ (c + a / sec 2),
whereas the density が is 2.7 (g / cJ) in the case of pure Remnium (All) alone ), The elastic
modulus E is 7.2 × 10 ′ ′ (dyn / cJ), and the specific elastic modulus E / ρ is 2.7 × 10 ′ ′
(cffl / 5eC2), and the alumina □ (II A 2 ′ 1 O 3 ), The density ρ is 3.9 (g / cJ), and the elastic
modulus E is 38. The specific modulus E / p is 9.7 × 10 ′ ′ (C 艷 / sec 2), which is
significantly inferior to alumina alone. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention has
been made in view of the above-described points, and the object of the present invention is to
form a metal substrate in which silicon nitride whiskers are mixed with a metal oxide to obtain
physical properties. It is an object of the present invention to provide an improved loudspeaker
will be described below with reference to the drawings and one embodiment for each
manufacturing process. {Circle over (3)} is an aluminum foil as a metal substrate, 2 is an alumina
as a metal oxide on the surface of the aluminum foil 1 (An 203.
The coating layer is formed by thermal spraying, for example, a plasma spraying method, using a
mixture of the powder of (1) and the silicon nitride whisker (silicon nitride made into high purity
and needle-like single crystal) by plasma spraying, for example. The coating N2 will be described
in each manufacturing process. First, as a first step, a 40 μ aluminum foil molded into a desired
diaphragm shape is degreased and cleaned with, for example, trichloroethylene or the like, and
then abrasive powder is sprayed on the surface. Perform plast processing. Next, as a second step,
a powder of alumina (A120i), for example, a diameter of 0.2 to 0.5 μm, a length of 50 to 300
μm, a density 1) of 3.18 g / cJ, and a tensile strength of 1400 kg / m% Then, 5 wt% of silicon
nitride whisker having elastic modulus E + 3.85 × 10 kg / m m mixed with material is sprayed
on the surface of the above aluminum foil by a plasma spraying apparatus 3 as shown in FIG. 2
and 35 to 45μ A1203 S Ig A coating layer 2 of about 35 to 45 u of N4 is formed. Further, in the
same manner as in the above-mentioned production method, a. け(A12”03)。 The
coating layer 2 formed on the surface of the aluminum foil 1 as a metal substrate by spraying a
mixture containing 10% by weight of silicon carbide whiskers and a mixture thereof, and the
coating layer 2 formed in the above example Physical properties such as density ρ, elastic
modulus E, specific elastic modulus E / ρ, etc. are compared with those of aluminum (Aj single
substance, titanium (Ti) single substance, Table N below) is obtained. Table (I) From the abovementioned Table (I), the covering layer 2 made of A6203 Si3N4 formed on the surface of the
metal base by mixing silicon nitride whiskers with Al2O3 as a metal oxide is a single aluminum
or single titanium Among the physical properties, the elastic modulus E and the specific elastic
modulus E / ρ both improve. In addition, since Si3N4 is mixed with AN203 as a metal oxide
having electrical insulation, heat resistance and high hardness in the coating N2 of Al 120 3513
N 4, the thermal shock is very strong and the fire resistance is The mechanical strength is high,
the hardness is excellent, the rigidity is very low, the thermal expansion is very small, the
chemical stability is corrosion resistance, the electric insulation is excellent, and the
characteristic does not deteriorate even at high temperature. In this case, the use of a metal oxide
such as alumina (AN 20a) for mixing Si3N4 results in 1 iffi after spraying. This is to stabilize the
binding to 2i with 3i3N4. Although an aluminum foil is used as the metal base in the above
embodiment, other metal foils such as titanium, magnesium alloy, beryllium may be used in
addition to the aluminum foil.
Alumina AJ as metal oxide! Although 203 is used in the above embodiment, in addition to
alumina An203, titania (Ti02), zirconia (Zr02),? A material which is heat resistant and has a low
thermal expansion, such as gounesia (MgO) and lyrea (B e O) may be used. In the above
embodiment, although the plasma solvent property is adopted to form the covering layer 2, the
covering N2 may be formed by other means, and the covering layer 2 is not shown in FIG. As
shown in FIG. 3, double-sided spraying or single-sided spraying as shown in FIG. 3 may be
employed. (Effects of the Invention) As described above, the present invention has a structure in
which a coating layer comprising a mixture of a metal oxide and a silicon nitride whisker is
formed on a metal substrate, so that a coating comprising, for example, a single metal or a single
metal oxide A loudspeaker diaphragm is obtained which has high rigidity and excellent specific
elastic modulus and high internal loss as well as high rigidity and has a large peel strength, and
piston movement is possible up to the high frequency range, and high frequency division The
vibration frequency is increased, the frequency characteristic in the audio frequency band can be
flattened, and the efficiency of the speaker can be improved.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of the present invention in double-sided
thermal spraying, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing an example of a manufacturing method
in the case of producing the diaphragm of the above embodiment, and FIG. FIG. 6 is a crosssectional view showing another embodiment of the present invention in FIG.
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