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The object of the invention: (Field of production for vegetables + 1) The invention of に 関 す る
relates to the composition of a diaphragm used for a speaker. (Prior Art) Loudspeakers, To obtain
a faithful reproduced sound, it is necessary to have a diaphragm that vibrates in a piston so as to
split vibrations in a high frequency range. It is known that the frequency at which the divided
vibration starts is dependent on the ratio (= E / ρ) of Young's modulus E of the diaphragm to the
roughness ρ, that is, the quintuple ratio. In order to increase this specific elastic modulus, a
metal of the crucible is vapor-deposited on one side or both sides of a ring @ foil on which there
is a proposal for the following composition of the diaphragm using vacuum evaporation or
sputtering. There is a proposal for a 21-Ti4 construction or a 3- 1-drilled vibrating Sham
composition. In this proposal, the specific modulus of elasticity increases and piston vibration! It
is possible to measure the expansion of the fill area, or it is weak against the stress due to the
mechanical vibration or the stress due to the thermal change of the same curve, and there is a
defect that the vapor deposition gold M film tends to peel or crack. Such a phenomenon may be a
difference between the crystal structure of the metal ring as the diaphragm substrate and the
vapor-deposited metal film, the difference between the thermal expansion coefficient, and the
difference between the two. Gold 1 萬; Remaining inside at the interface at the time of back
formation, etc. cause stress, 1 core force strain by 礪 峨 vibration and stress strain by change of
surrounding 「cause fatigue limit It can be estimated that cracks and peeling occur on the
surface of the deposited metal film. (Problems that the invention is trying to solve) This invention
is a product! -(A suitable selection of diaphragm base material for lightening and high modulus
17 of a diaphragm having a structured diaphragm, and selection of a diaphragm base selected on
one side or both sides 1) Select the appropriate one for enhancement and extensibility, and select
these JM 5 萌 and 11 (in order to strengthen the bond with the material, the intermediate phase
to be described in detail later). The present invention is to provide a speaker vibration that is
light, highly elastic and has a high fatigue limit. Configurations of the Invention: (Means for
Solving the Problem) In order to measure the lightening and increasing the rationality factor of
the finished weight of the speaker diaphragm (this, (1) (aluminum, magnesium, titanium as a
sliding plate base) Light weight f4 made of single light metal or its alloy etc. M was selected, and
(2) a carbon compound group of silicon carbide, carbon carbide, aluminum carbide, and carbon
compared with carbon IJ IJum was selected as a filler material. In addition, the diaphragm base is
a carbon compound group at the interface between the diaphragm and the film by using the
reactive vapor deposition method and the ion-implanted paper in combination to strengthen the
combination with the filler material. The intermediate phase, which adopted a means to form a
third mixed intermediate phase of carbon atoms of carbon atoms, carbon atoms, and ring
elements of ring metal decay as long-term absorption base materials, and intermediates of
produced compounds 1 The method of formation is described using the apparatus μ as shown
in FIG. 2, using a 20 μm thick foil of titanium as the diaphragm wiping material, and using the
silicon carbide having the molecular formula 84C as the mark 8 as “1”. Do.
About 4 gr of boron having a purity of 99.99% is charged into the crucible 8 installed in the
vacuum vessel 1. A titanium foil with a thickness of 20 μm is formed into a shape (in this
example, a dome shape) (this example is referred to as a formed titanium foil) formed into a
shape (a dome shape) as a sliding plate for a speaker. The inside of the vacuum vessel 1 attached
to the sample attachment jig 7 is depressurized to 10 -6 to 10 -7 Torr using a vacuum pump
device. The crucible 8 is placed in the vicinity of the crucible 9 and heated to about 2300 DEG C.
to evaporate the boron. C ions are introduced into the vacuum vessel 1 from the ion generator
and accelerated to FJ of 40 KeV to start irradiation of the formed titanium foil surface. The
shutter 9 is opened at the same time as the radiation open field. Then, the evaporated boron
atoms are filled to the desired volume: 1 δ 1 and deposited on the shaped titanium foil surface,
and C ions are irradiated on the shaped titanium foil surface by kinetic energy. In this early stage,
C ions are irradiated by the kinetic energy of the titanium nitride to intrude into it, and those
which collide with the deposited boron atoms to provide cohesion / assist energy. Boron atoms
that have received kinetic energy can enter closer than the deposition state. In the initial stage
until such operation continues to be incapable of penetrating the C ion or the shaped titanium oil
surface, titanium atoms, intruded C ions, and intruded boron atoms in the m1 part of the shaped
titanium erase In the mixed state of + to form. Vapor deposition of boron 19 and C ion 1j4i JJ3
form a film of boron carbide of the molecular formula 84C combined with vapor-deposited boron
j precursor on the intermediate phase because C ion is chemically active. You will come to
Continue until the thickness of the film reaches the desired value. Necessity (this is also done = p
on the back of the mold titanium titanium. In this example, 1 ml of parent and B4C dust are
respectively formed on the surface and the back in five types of film thicknesses of 2 pm, 4 μm,
6 μm, 8 μm and 10 μm. The elastic modulus E of the diaphragm for a speaker according to the
embodiment of the present invention obtained by such means, the 'field 度, the specific elastic
modulus (E / ρ), and the diaphragm for a loudspeaker according to the sputtering method
conventionally used Table 1 compares them with those of The same table 1 shows the modulus
of elasticity E, the specific degree 、 and the relative intelligence factor when the pattern material
is silicon carbide, and the modulus E when the membrane material is titanium carbide, the fine
technique ρ and the specific elongation factor 3 In Table 1, in the case of the conventional
example, the film material in the case of the prior art is a film having the ability to deposit 1 rasp
or up to a film thickness of 4 μm%, respectively, in the case of the prior art. , Implementation!
In the case of warpage, the surface and the back face, respectively, are a silicon carbide film or a
film thickness of 10 μm or more. In addition, return t / IJ if it is 4 μm i if it is a blasphemy 従 or
米 1 ”if it is 4.52 gr, /, d, and n], the place g 4 17 gr, / cd and small ts. In contrast to the ratio -1
singlet ratio or the conventional j-coupling 0.346 x 10 + 2 d 'l ne, cm /' gr, in the case of 池 l
pond it becomes as large as 06 621 x l 012 dyne, cm / gr The speaker diaphragm becomes
minor, and the vibration of the Vistono vibration is 1. 、, l 皮 比 比 田 1 1 ・ 1, · ・ fatigue limit
by the party is relatively large value of the power of 4 degrees in accordance with practical use 1j
conventional 11) Whether there was only 11 cracks in the crotch or 11 wrinkles in the crotch, 1
row of fruit “The power of the limb to serve in practical use” 11A does not cause any
difference in 11A music, Katsura degree of fatigue limit in 7 blood cases is not only recognition,
or shake! , I think that TII he is about to go up to near fatigue fatigue of Toy. As you can see, in
comparison with this example, the drop rate か is smaller, the ratio II II 、, J 大 き く larger, the
fatigue limit or higher is the r runium carbide used for one-back Fj, ttl carbide : Raw. 1 due to the
selection of ones with a smaller elastic modulus such as IJ IJ Um 1 compared to carbonized
titanium, ashed titanium, and charcoal 1, and the fatigue limit of the individual negative vibration
or the cylinder is the mesophase It is because it was formed in the curve of 1 negative direction
and 1 opposite side of a temporary copy material, and it was considered that reinforcement of
the bond was measured.
Brief description of the drawings
• FIG. 411 shows the composition of the speaker diaphragm of the present invention (“a
diagram showing one structure of the fourth structure [1 M, FIG. 2 is a perspective view of the
both sides of the diaphragm manufacturing table.
A .. Forming metal 1. 壜 1 100, B · · · mesophase, C carbon compound film.
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