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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to
loudspeakers, and more particularly to planar loudspeakers. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION A
loudspeaker according to the present invention has a voice coil inserted in a magnetic gap of a
magnetic circuit connected to a diaphragm formed of a transparent body and held in a curved
shape by a full frame of this diaphragm via a sheet. For example, the front side of the screen of a
television receiver (for example, it can be mounted on a window of a car or the like). [Background
Art] Conventionally, in a television receiver, a speaker is built in a cabinet or attached to the
outer surface of the cabinet, and in a car stereo provided in a vehicle compartment of a car, a
shelf-like wall surface of a speaker iIi Buried in [Problems to be Solved by the Invention] In the
case of such a V-Garbi John receiver, the cabinet becomes large in the speaker built-in type, and
when mounted on the outer surface of the cabinet, the entire 14] is enlarged and the screen is
enlarged. The outer shape was large compared to. Also, in the case of a car stereo, a 7 ′ ′ e-me,
which would be a hindrance if the speaker is attached to the inner wall surface of the upper
chamber in a projecting manner, is inevitably determined where to attach. I can not say. In view
of the foregoing, it is an object of the present invention to provide a speaker which can be
attached to the front side of a screen in, for example, a television and a soyon receiver, and to a
window in an automobile. [Means for Solving the Problems] In order to solve the above problems,
the speaker according to the present invention comprises a magnetic circuit comprising a
magnet, a yoke and a plate and having a magnetic gap, and a voice coil inserted in the magnetic
gap of this magnetic circuit. And a diaphragm connected to the voice coil and a frame for holding
the diaphragm in a curved shape via an edge, and the diaphragm is made to be a transparent
body. [Operation] By having a signal current flow through the voice coil, the day chair coil is
vibrated in the magnetic gap of the magnetic circuit by this configuration, and this vibration
causes the moon? A diaphragm connected to the chair coil is stretched and contracted in the
direction of curvature to form a compressional wave of nausea and radiate the sound wave to the
outside. And since the diaphragm is a transparent body, for example, when this speaker is
attached to the front side of the screen of a television receiver, an image can be viewed through
the diaphragm and sound can be obtained from the screen, and When attached to a window, it
can be used for summer without losing the field of view because Vi diaphragm sheet can be seen
through. Embodiments of the present invention will be described below with reference to all
In the figure, (1) shows the entire speaker, (2) is a frame, and a magnetic circuit (3) is disposed
on one end side of the frame (2). This magnetic circuit (3) has two magnets · (4a), (4b) in the
same pole via the rear half of the plate (5) made of soft iron material; the opposite film fML, both
magnets (4a), (4b) A two-part outer yoke (6a) made of soft iron material on the other electrode
side. (6b) is disposed so as to encase the plate (5) to form a magnetic gap g between the zone (5)
and the plate (5). And from the plate (5) to the outer yoke (6a) of the magnetic tube g of this
magnetic circuit (3). Magnetic flux in the (6b) direction is obtained. Is the voice coil (7) wound on
the outer periphery of the magnetic gap fg of the magnetic circuit (3) configured in this way? The
bin (8) is inserted. The bobbin (8) is formed in a rectangular flat shape so as to be inserted into
the front half of the plate (5), and supported by the outer yokes (6a) (6b) via the dan "-<9) It
corresponds with the damping effect to (5). Then, one end of a quadrilateral flat plate-like
diaphragm 00 is connected to the voice coil (7), that is, an eyelid bin (8), and this diaphragm αq
is arranged in a frame (2) by bending in a cross-sectional arc shape. The diaphragm CLtl is made
of a transparent body and can be applied to a transparent plastic film Q such as a polyester film.
The other end, ie, 1 of the peripheral surface of the window frame (2a) of the diaphragm (1fJH
frame (2) "? The end connected to the bottle (8) and the corresponding end are fixed via a
support q 支持 made of a hard material, with this fixed end? Both sides of the curved surface are
bent to form an arc shape in cross section with the connecting side end to the bottle (8) as both
ends, and the edges (12m), (1, 2b) formed by an elastic body such as urethane foam. It is
supported so as to hold a curved shape, and is supported by an edge (6) made of an elastic body
slightly inside the bobbin connection end. When a signal current is supplied to the voice coil (7)
in the speaker (1) configured as described above, the bobbin (8) moves in the magnetic gap fg of
the magnetic circuit (3) in the front-rear direction (first The vibration ejaculation which vibrates
in the direction of the arrow a) and is held in a curved shape against the frame (2) by this
vibration is fixed by the support (11) at one end to the frame L '(2) With the part as a fulcrum, it
is expanded and contracted, that is, in a direction orthogonal to the curved surface (in the
direction indicated by the arrow in the same figure) VCC vibration -5 sound is emitted to
reproduce an audio signal.
In the above configuration, when the vibration & four are wide, a plurality of magnetic circuits
(3) are provided and connected to a plurality of voice coils (7) respectively disposed, and these
voice coils (7) are connected in series or in parallel Drive the whole simultaneously by supplying
signal current. Similarly, a magnetic circuit (3) is similarly disposed on the other end side of the
bending direction of the diaphragm αQ to connect a voice coil (Gevin (8) on which a force is
wound), and simultaneous drive of both ends is also possible. As described above, the
loudspeaker of this example is configured to emit a sound wave by bending the flat diaphragm
and expanding or contracting in the surface direction, that is, the direction of curvature, so that it
is equal to or more than the conventional dynamic speaker It is possible to realize an extremely
thin speaker while having a high conversion efficiency, and the drive in the surface direction is
dominant with respect to the diaphragm and the high frequency limit is high. However, it is
possible to design hyphens and to play bass. In particular, since this speaker (1) has a flat
diaphragm αQ formed of a transparent body, an object on the layer side of the diaphragm αQ
can be seen through, and therefore this speaker is arranged on the front side of the screen of a
television receiver, for example. Even if the screen can be seen through, as shown in FIG. 4, a
television receiver (when using as a slider for the elephant unit H, the m-plane of the screen @, ie
the front side of the cabinet (2: 3a) Because it can be mounted on the cabinet, the speaker
storage inside the cabinet can be reduced, and the cabinet can be made smaller by that amount,
and the entire 1 ↑ J can be expanded like the one that mounts the speaker on the side of the
cabinet. Space saving is possible. And by thus mounting the speaker (1) on the M1 side of the
screen (a) of the television receiver 3 ° C., sound is emitted at the front of the image K, and the
sense of incongruity is not caused and the AV effect is emphasized . Also, the speaker (1) of the
present invention can be used by attaching it to a window glass of a car as a speaker of a car
stereo, and even if the speaker (1) is attached to the window glass in this way There is no
obstruction, so there is no hindrance to driving etc., and it can be installed in the part t ¥ L that is
most suitable for listening. In this case the loudspeaker (1) will be a hindrance to the passenger
even in a narrow vehicle compartment There is nothing to do. [Effects of the Invention] As
described above, the loudspeaker according to the present invention, like the dynamic
loudspeaker, is driven and operated to have a conversion efficiency equal to or higher than that
and is thin and the diaphragm is made of a transparent body. Therefore, it can be placed on the
front side of the screen as a speaker of a television receiver, which enables space saving and
sound can be heard from the image surface, and the AV effect is emphasized, making it possible
to use Mano automatic book. When used as a car stereo equipped with a car stereo, it can be
mounted on the window glass in the vehicle room without hindrance to driving etc. and can be
arranged at the optimum site for listening etc. It is.
Brief description of the drawings
1 is a cross-sectional view of an example of a non-inventive speaker, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional
view taken along line I-1 of FIG. 1, FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional perspective view of a part of a
driving kIJ portion, and FIG. It is a perspective view of the state which used the speaker by this in
the television receiver.
In the figure (2) Vi frame, (3) a magnetic circuit, (4a), (4b) a magnet, (5) a plate, (6a). (6b) is a
yoke, (7) is a voice coil, gij, a magnetic gap, a scream is a diaphragm, (12m), and (12b) α3 is an
elastic body.
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