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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an
A-flat plate speaker which is formed in a flat plate shape and is provided with a single-pointsymmetrical four-sided diaphragm. [Prior Art] In the case of a speaker having a cone-shaped
diaphragm and a dome-shaped diaphragm θ1. Due to the front chamber effect that is non-linear
to the shape of the diaphragm, it is inevitable that peaks and valleys occur in the sound pressure
frequency characteristics. Therefore, the shadow of the anterior chamber effect due to the shape
of the diaphragm is #: 9 points symmetrical square '352 circular plate-shaped diaphragm divided
by a plate-shaped plate-sby car is used. But flat plate speaker (dividing vibration in eigenmode of
flat plate 1 swing plate 2 relatively low frequency ° T ′ ′ sound pressure frequency! Since a
deep valley can be made in the poetic nature, a flat plate 2-quad beaker in which a higher order
mode 'T': a diaphragm is driven to divide the vibration is proposed. Fig. 3 · · · and Fig. 4 (づ:? The
flat plate speaker shown in Fig. 3 is a voice coil bobbin (4) K ": a flat plate-like diaphragm (1)
Drive directly, 1A · 1 flat plate Sveve 1-shown in Fig. 4 + 1 *: * From voice coil bobbin (4): Inside:
shaped sabani]-n (6) All valves, insulator plate shaped diaphragm Are you driving the clause of
(1), its f? -Flat-plate shaped diaphragm ii + t ': J: min, li1] Prevents deterioration of sound
pressure frequency due to vibration! The frequency M pressure characteristic of the flat and wide
jjt ¥ region is obtained by ei J '1-. In the figure, (2) in the figure is 71 / -m, (3) (Magnets felled),
+51 id, spider, f71 i: Yoke stand: not shown. [The problem has been solved and J is to be solved
[l] The conventional flat loudspeaker -id shown in FIG. Voice coil bobbin (in the side), so that the
contact vibration (inverse (1), L (1), L, L '' r-so there is, so use τ buy 'I5.? ') The diameter of the
voice d-x-il and the knob-net (3) become large τ-j, the bed height h: 11 years old The vibration
f11 residual vibration through the sabub cone (6) shown in FIG. 4 -What type of form is I '? , The
number of parts used increases, and assemblability also worsens, and it becomes difficult to
obtain high quality skis and cars3. Even in the flat plate car shown in FIG. 3 and FIG. 4, there is
no change in directivity due to the outpost effect and the split vibrator 1 observed with the coneshaped speaker. Between the species / f such as the directivity is worse (there was a vertex.
Among the inventions U1 (in order to eliminate m points, 7 wide band flat sound pressure
frequency compatibility: f, directional, p, flat-plate speaker, all inexpensively obtained and flat
band) With the goal.
In the case of the present invention, the diaphragm is formed in a flat plate shape, and the shape
of the diaphragm is formed into a point symmetry f (not a four-sided shape). In the case of the
second and third inventions, the diaphragm is configured to be flat ↑ 11. In the eigenmode, a
partial divided vibration is generated, but the shape of the diaphragm is an astigmatic
quadrilateral, 1 °, the sound pressure frequency characteristic U of the whole diaphragm. The
effect of the j-divided vibration is neglected, and the i-divided vibration is excellent in directivity.
FIG. 1 (A) is a front view, FIG. 1 (B.Mon.J, and a side sectional view thereof) showing all of the-. 'V
example of the flat plate car of the invention of the present invention. Ao (bow, 9 cases with a
flat-plate shaped diaphragm formed into a trapezoidal shape, a! t, if the aluminum honeycomb
core material L2 inside and outside of it? 1II 1 side (· In: aluminum foil 50μ thick thickness 2 to
form a total extraordinarily shaped 1, its shape parallel L27 +: length of 5 sides of each side 5 J 2
20, height It is formed in a trapezoidal shape of f 30 cm and thickness 1115 cm. ano (d this flat
diaphragm 1t (li supporting frame. A fi 41 is a voice coil bobbin having a magnetic circuit, a
magnet 6, arp 6 and a voice coil wound with a diameter (φ) of 36, and its tip is bonded to the
center of gravity of the diaphragm. The side is a spider for supporting the voice coiler bobbin
α11, and α1 is a yoke. FIG. 2 (A) shows the combined EE frequency% characteristics at a
distance of 1 + rl away from the diaphragm 1lCIl when the above-mentioned flat plate speaker
shown in FIG. 1 (A) (B) is vibrated. The vertical axis represents sound pressure ((IB)) and the
horizontal axis represents frequency (, HZ). Fig. 2 (B) Ifj, Fig. 2 時 に) when the flat speaker
vibrates. Sound pressure frequency% 'j' = gold in the name part of the plate m1 concerned shown
in FIG. 2 (Y) and FIG. There are 64 figures of 1 ~. The vertical axis represents sound pressure (d,
B) and lateral movement represents frequency (H = y,). The line (a) in FIG. 2 (B) and the
diaphragm (l! In FIG. 2 ((ko)). 1 shows the proximity sound H-frequency characteristics of the
code collection part of 1, and the proximity of the (Z) part of the line -1 ('A and FIG. 2 (1)) (E) of
(E) of FIG. Sound pressure frequency characteristics purple sweet potato. From the word method
of FIG. 2 (B), division vibration occurs in the-next mode (about 315 H,), and the center of gravity
of the diaphragm α1 is near j (near the sign ('f') of FIG. 2 (D)) Sawa Valley has a deep valley in
the 8th and 2nd order modes (about 78 n H7) f 13 diaphragm Qi base example near (the 2nd F)
1 (E) sign (Z), and also vibration There is a valley (leakage near the center of gravity 0 of the
plate (+1)) which is generated in the close circumference e number characteristic 0L (b) 2e.
Overall 11-Kawachi wave number characteristic U at a distance of 1 m from 1-or 1 (Fig. 2 (A):
The effect of divided vibration is mitigated and ignored! , Is in the state of being able to. That is,
when the diaphragm a11 is formed into a trapezoidal shape, division vibration occurs in the
eigenmode, and the sound pressure frequency l characteristic is partially deteriorated, but the
sound pressure frequency characteristic U · 'f of the whole diaphragm: Neglect the impact 12, get
it, improve it to about 2: 1. As a result of 分割 第 1 2 (A) 1 1, divided vibration changes the
directivity. There are two. [Effects of the Invention] As described above (7 / I, in the present
invention, the diaphragm of the flat / cis beaker is formed into a flat plate, and the shape is
formed into an all-symmetrical four-sided shape. Sound pressure frequency characteristics of flat,
wide band: t, A-: 1. A flat plate speaker with excellent directivity is obtained at low cost.
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. 1 (The gradient is a front view showing one embodiment of the flat panel speaker of the
present invention, Fig. 1 (J3) is a side sectional view thereof, and Fig. 2 (4) is the total sound
pressure frequency characteristic of the speaker of this invention Fig. 2 (B) is a graph showing
the close sound pressure frequency characteristics, Fig. 2 is not shown, Fig. 2 is a front view of a
diaphragm in the speaker of the present invention, Fig. 3 and Fig. 4 are It is a longitudinal crosssectional view of the conventional flat plate speaker, respectively.
In the figure (II is a diaphragm, α is a frame, (L41 is a magnet, (L1 is a voice coil bobbin, <18 is a
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