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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially cutaway front view showing an
example of a variable adjustment device for a plurality of variable resistors according to the
present invention, FIG. 2 is a bottom view thereof, and FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view taken along
the line CC in FIG. 2, and FIG. 5 is DfF in FIG. 4 = 10, ... 1st interlocking plate, 12 ... 2nd
interlocking Plate 15... First variable resistor 15 ′... Second variable resistor V ′... Fine plate. 93 1 実 48-106440 (2) 1 time-94--Actually 48-106440 (3) 図 figure *.! F figure 鎗 "¥. J--95. −
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention is the operation of the town tm vessel t one
of the II 叡 (杆 積 積 又 は 鯵 又 は C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C 0 0 -Ed 4 channel
stella m1ll 饅 開 開 開 開 開 開 開 開 独立 独立 独立 s s s s s s s 螢 桝 channel sound tt
simultaneous K? Can be 桝, according to the need 4 channels of loud sound tl! I hope that I can
not afford KIIIIIIi. It is inconvenient for the user to carry out such an arc control at 810 pieces
each. Of the five right-handed channels, Aln * forward channels are also a sloppy word, but the
collection-Kl-f is a quadruple / IQ% -cased production line to accurately disperse once. That the
inner barrel is off-writhing, f1 wow of the yard darkness! v 會 t-one, its WIA one-on-one-it's off.
4B-106440-03 this one unary # 11 hooks multiple variable alternation at each another one by
one according to a must-see also 11A + can be II number flexible hair free chest of free chest
There is a plan to make a bribe. The device can be freely mated with a plurality of poor portable
devices with a single operating lever, and this device can be arranged on each jl IJK without the
above-mentioned effects. There is a 4I number impervious counter-barrier that can 自在 自在 鰻
鰻 鰻 鰻 鰻. According to this invention, each of the K11 l angles has a parenthesis and a βj
movement arranged with n7 arc-shaped arcs], and a continuous spherical portion in the
longitudinal direction and a hole in each hole, an intermediate spherical portion The operation
group held at is a god-in-law. From the rotation r of this operation lever @], ten thousand of the
が double wn board is -1 movement illusion, or its ^ 壜 is recommended-鯖 r (b). Copper 1. The
rotation shaft of the vL unit is continuously supplied to at least one of the 10 j r r of the 2 黴
interlocking gear and the rotation shaft of the v L unit is continuously supplied, so that the
resistor is the above-mentioned special feature It will be opened by acupuncture-K. Go to the link
between the Jf fixture and the frame, and 嶺-配 can be freely pivoted, loosely engaged with this
copy right and the joyful position of 6) 貧 ケ ー ス 60 case? nる。 48-106440-04 I11 at at 崗 す
ケ ー ス 壷 壷 壷 壷 壷 壷 壷 壷 壷 壷 壷 壷 壷 壷 壷 壷 壷 壷 壷 壷 壷 壷 壷 壷 48 − − 48106440 つ I 崗 回 転 回 転 回 転 ケ ー ス ケ ー ス ケ ー ス ケ ー ス ケ ー ス ケ ー ス 壷 壷 壷 壷
壷 壷 壷 壷 壷 壷. Next, reference will be made to a plurality of times according to the present
invention with reference to a surface addition. (2) In the figure, a rectangular frame made of an
insulating material is shown, and frame 1 has left and right III walls 2 and 3, front and back
11414 and 5v, and-plane (upper in the figure-) shows the upper plate 6 The length is j j. In the
middle of the frame, the central portion sK flt jjll-逢 杆 7 is rotatably held by the spherical portion
8 in the middle.
In the figure, the gap between the upper plate 6 and the depression sr 9 is configured so that the
center portion of the upper plate 6 has a recess 11 and a recess s 9 for retaining the spherical
portion 8. [7 lame] extended to left and right @ @ 2 and 3 ζ j 念 念 念 状 状 4 $ 3 interlocking
4k] 0 is turned so that it can be rotated around its one end. In the figure, -1 of one end of the first
interlocking gear lO is rotated to the ulA @ 2 and held at the wrong position. The same * Km 稜vague 4 and 5 ζ n extended in the dark 内 連 動 2 interlocking &】 2 is arranged so that it can
be (48) motion 48-106440 -05 with its both fiI post as an axis. It's a lone island 1. Gauge 2 ooechm 55 L, and its circular arc 1 l-Ik 彎-. In these wedges 1.1, 2 interlocking wedges 10 and 12
have groove faces 13.14 along their longitudinal direction in the wedge faces of the interlocking
wedges 10 and 12, respectively. The inner end S of 7 is a temporary word. The right III vague 3
outer IIK (b) roll-type gauge 1 prize vest holder 15 is held. The town t (IEM unit 150 same turn)
6 is fixed to a part of the first interlocking plate 10-! する。 The relationship between the cell 1
town Vam 15 and the right 11 @ 3-微] 72 jir (111 freely attached to the frame 1). Attach the
right-handed tatami mat 3 to the auxiliary plate 18 or lower of the building and attach it, image
ws plate 17 pieces! a) 12, the base's projection] 9 is inserted into the small hole of the auxiliary
plate 18 into (b) movement 0 '. At a central portion of the arc side of the plate 7, a mass 20
projects from the frame 1 to a rod shape 7 as well as -m, and ap & 7 is rotated at the portion 20.
An arc-shaped hole 22 centered on the projection 19 and an arc-shaped tJ! $ 23.24 ('r +
formation ζ j Extension of rotation shaft 16 in arc-shaped hole 22) I! II'an, ridge 23, 24 nM m 嶺
AO-1 nnp, annn 38 KNm. The axis of rotation 160 protrusion of case 26 of poor welfare group ·
15 is attached # 927 KJ @. In this case, the case 26 which is a general KWI j in the case 26 is
fitted to the small hole of the mounting plate 27 with a detent key (not coming home). The lower
end HIbK% couple 27 of 27 is attached to the attachment 1 in the natural direction (protruding n,
with respect to the projection s19 of this retainer 28 Fi 徽 1 ll ll II 17) (one person is engaged in
a long shadowed oval hole 29 circle. 黴[email protected]] 7 and mounting plate 27 are stopped by KG combined
element 28, and the cost- ζn ring 11 ° 介 在 30 intervenes-n ふ. The rotary shaft 16 passes
through the ring-shaped plate spring 30 and the mounting plate 27K. As mentioned above,
mount 1i27 on the rotation-16, plate 30, fine p @ 17, auxiliary plate for cost] 8 until it is inserted
through in order, Natsumi 31 who takes a lap around the end at one end f1 , And j are attached
to the screw that has been formed on the outside III of the rotary shaft 16, and these whole are
In this case, due to the presence of the plate 30, it is 20 at a time-plate 7 or 11? I can move, and
only forty rotation positions are made not to be 8g 謳 Ke l lfr + by pregnancy movement or the
like. , 48-106440-07 纂 1 interlock 歇] The strike 2 piece 38 which controls the rotation angle
range of 0 is the 纂 1 interlock l [10 m-, in this example, 6 stones 111! One KM construction on
the 3 side. This strike 124 piece 38 is encircled with the upper side 6 of the frame 1, and the
rotation angle of IK1 ream-0] 0 is I11! I am jealous. For the vote 2 interlocking plate 12 as well,
the wall 2 is attached to the outside 1 of the wall 5 with a small space plate 151, a plate 171 and
the like. Therefore gauge 1! The ITf resistor 15 and ((= the part corresponding to the hook and
the part K are shown with the same sign-sign with a dash "1" "and F- is omitted. A stopper piece
38 ° is similarly attached to the wedge 2 interlocking plate 2K. In the example shown in the
figure, the firewood is connected to the double furnace plate 12 and the ff1Th bed is provided.
17 ') The brass moving plate 40 of the 會 kIi cavity is attached to the inner surface of the former
fist add-on 4 n, W, 1 轡 40 結 2 2 interlocking 12 precession 1 (section transport 檄 40) 7
feeding direction参 片 節】 4] attached to the surface, n? M4】の−Sけ9! The point 42 is a
sexual asshole j, and it is sexually appreciative to a 40 f. @ 2 interlocking plate] 2σ ゝ (b) 凹 凹
の 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 凹 凹 凹%%% ip ip ip ip ip ip ip ip ip ip ip ip ip ip ip 48 -106440-08 fL.
The assistant job 1g, 1g'O Yu-chi is folded into one corner and made into a layer material s 45.
451 to another object. In the advanced configuration, when the operating rod 7 is rotated back
and forth, the IIl series IIII 10 is fought, and the variable resistor 5011 rolling wheel 16 is rotated
to adjust its resistance value. The inner end sFi of the operation rod 7 sFi the second link-the
groove 14KfB of the rod 12 is moved, and the second interlocking 1 [12 rotation is not
performed n, so that the operation rod 7 is turned left and right-like a P Shiha 纂 2 stations ll!
Only the I 歇 12 is rotated, and the resistance value of the 纂 2 variable resistor 51 is set to
w411F. In this example, since the nodal movement is provided in association with the $ 2 linkage
1112, it is possible to determine that the rotation angle position 9 of the predetermined flight is
positive Jil and volume AK &. In this manner, the 'one variable resistor' 5 and the 'two variable
resistor 15' can be independently fitted and installed at one operating rod 7. Furthermore, the
operating rod 7 is rotated obliquely to the left and right direction and Ill rear direction j
interlocking rod] 0 and 2nd interlocking rod] 111 persons of 2 are in front of (b) working angle
of the operating rod 7 At the same time, rotate 48-106440-09 according to the 憤 10,000-1
component and the goishi direction component, and 纂 1 variable Jk!
[81 M and the second town poor resistor 151 are identical (controlled). Thus, for example, the
stereo sound 1111! jI left and right channels fIllll I 可 可 抵 抵 抵 Yr1 # L, 182 111 111 + & 12
(Dkm K 健 ヤ ヤ ヤ ネ ル volume 参 e eEJ 裟 m 恍 basis if you install one sweeping 掃By f.7, the
left and right channel f stores can be used as the front and rear channels without bFi IIIl, and the
same channel lk can be controlled with the left tti channel and the left tti channel. It is possible to
control the fit of the left and right channels and the threat 1 # of the post-III channel by b and b
and not obliquely activating the screen 7. In such a case, the left and right channel volume noise
[K ず 力 に よ り 粂 粂 粂 生 じ 、 、 鮭 鮭 鮭 鮭 鮭 鮭 鮭 鮭 鮭 場合 場合 場合 場合 場合 場合 摘
摘 摘 111 111 111 1111 111 111 で き る で き る 補正 補正. When the rotation plate 11 &] 7
is rotated, the mounting plate 27 is rotated, so that the cage 26 of the cage 15 rotates with
respect to the rotary shaft 16 of the cage 15 to prevent the above Takeshi naru. 纂 2 を 抵抗 抵
抗 151 151 叡 7] 7 + 1-Igl b 慄 補正 補正 n correction sound? T is 4B-108440-109, with its own
weight, 場 O am am 勤 -111 minimum 1i 匍 匍 ya ya: ya ya * ff ff ff ff 塾 塾 塾Job 17 · −-It is selfweight to carry out with duty 1K. i 1 1, as mentioned above, the home m ** w variable resistor
freely! ,,, by the set # fl) to control 杆 7 (you can control to よ よ 0 r 徽 徽 岡 岡 岡 岡 岡 岡 岡 オ
オ オ オ オ 別 個 別 個 別 個 別 個 h h h separately from 別 個 this h 7 111 [[抵抗 resistance case
and a rotation axis between the pair tSt * self, for example, the left and right channel shift in the
stereo sound equipment can be easily 1aN, so as described above 'gaI 11 mechanism The reason
is that one can be set to a predetermined value, so that a zero-stacked stopper piece 38 is
integrally formed with the interlocking plate-has a small number of parts and can be limited to at
most @@ range m. The articulation mechanism does not have to be provided, and the 纂 1
interlocking slope lO [6 ,. , □ 0, good. □ □ □ □ Do not weave in the leg display, for example,
put the gear i on the first gear of the interlocking gear · co- 阜 0 ′ 虐 'engagement' t 6 t 會 f f ′
J 歇 spring t 歇7 records 11 bj can also be configured, poor impoverished shield S is its mounting
rod 271 bite t '-%, 4R-10Fi 440-11 abbreviated case ZSa axis] @ @ 0 protrusion, if you struggle
You can also engage the stop * m alone into the hole 29 370 oval hole 29-04, llllllll Jk
description 111-# Ii according to the invention 敬 蛍 蛍 蛍 輿 輿 優 雪 雪 雪○-A partial cross
section showing an example: Positive Nm, II2MJ: Seven O * mrtia% Third sum: 1,000 faces of
image alignment, fourth sum: II2ME + OCe alternative cross section, fifth sum: DD4 with four
votes It is a broken W leg.
l: 7 lams, 7: operating levers, lO: turtle l interlocking levers 12: 15 2 interlocking plates, 15: @ 1
acceptable fil clamps, 1B ': @ 2 acceptable flEm devices, 16.16': Il & I 11.17. 17 ': Fine adjustment
board. Utility model registration applicant Futaba Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. Toshi Cosmos
Electric Co., Ltd. 41's company 1st person leather 舒 □ · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· 115 1-. 吋 匙 □ 啄 2 劫 4 劫 14 う 2LL "151 turtle 011'145'45-7715'21" m610 644 "48106440-1325202224 qq 4 mouth 6 + 2 r D 肋 41-4 42 42 / 'LD ¥ 5 times 240/10 C, 440 Doo
A14248-106440-146 Formerly Wi ^ O O 実 用 実 用 実 用 実 用 出 人 人 人 1 j * m m-F FJF ya 瓢
神 横 浜 Yokohama * Hoto De valley ward 144 hill 144 books 本 94 f s Cs 5 W two (2) noble
layer 僻 bulk amount brass out-people # t turtle! 累 ・ 累 jiDAlll / 二-壷-h 3 3 茸 茸 茸 畿 畿 ツ ベ
t beya j and de デ II j Il l j I side 揶 48-106 440 -15
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