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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a state in which a
vibration system is supported by a device according to an embodiment of the present invention,
and FIG. 2 is a front view showing a supported state of the vibration system. 1 -..- .. Vibrator, 2,
2a .. E. Circular hole, 5 ...... L-shaped material, 6, 6a ..... Bolt, 7, 7, 7 ... иии Bolt, 8 иииииииииии L-shaped
material. 'Bud i-concave M2 bad-47-
?Detailed description of the invention? 1 considering the specification m 104 vibration system
support device 2 practical new drug brass ? O O range ? support all the tapered holding part
symmetrical to the O shape that conforms to the external shape of the self vibration system
Holding the three supporting parts (with #O holding) holding the holding on the side of the
support member ?-side by holding the holding members on the side of Lll material The IWII
support device characterized in that a strong iIK connection is fixed by porto, and if necessary,
one side of the L L lt l O member is fixed to the other side of L L l l t O and the following
members are successively connected. 4 thought mo * s * @ a This invention is mainly O to
support ultrasonic vibration system. Conventionally, in order to support the ultrasonic vibration
system #i, 7 rungs are integrally provided at the part of the vibration system which is at the edge
of the vibration of the vibration system] or 9) and grooved by crank means by appropriate means
Was. However, this is &! Even if it supports 111 Kmb city of vibration with 9 vibrations, for
example, vibration 2 system is a rod-like t, if it can be vibrated in its O length direction, 0 * m 10
The problem is that the vibration O is ? IIK and noise is generated, and it is also necessary to
make the flange of the IIIIl system have 9 pm. From the above point of view, the main site S does
not provide a groove for 7 runes in the supporting self-oscillation system, and obtains an
apparatus capable of supporting the oscillation system with a stone so as not to generate an
oscillation system O drive dark noise. 2 ? 0 support member 0 hold II K) vibration system 0 m 1
ll O which has a tapered mutually symmetrical holding portion which conforms to the
configuration of the vibration system to be supported. Hold the part that hits the clause and
support them * # o-? & LI 14t. -By fixing the filming,% by the force of Porto)) strong Kl! ?? m
is fixed, and if necessary, one side of the L-soda material is fixed to the L-lid ? 0 ? drawing, and
the following L1 ? is continuously connected. Next, an example of the implementation of the
main site will be described in 1Ik &. illflJl moving body, (5! i, (21 L) B Vibrator +1) Support
member having symmetrical am holding portion <3), (sa) on tapered ridge that conforms to the
external shape of (4), (crane) ore support rib ( : L), the upper part of (3 &), the supporting
member (2) with a circular hole, (5) ab reinforcing material. (31) Hold an empty space between
them and hold the length direction angle O vibration 01iK * of the vibrating body (1) from the O
holding portion (3) # (31L) K, and support them lI # ( 2), (21 L) 0 upper eyelid through ? (4) *
(4 ') K & lute m # (6 K) to fix in the film of LI ? (5) 2 2 (7 ba 7) by strong liK continued constant
(1) Metal part-side face end & LIHt ((turn) O other side direction-connection with a bolt (split (2))
is a large Lll material. When the vibrator (1) is supported as described above and the other side
of the LI l material (8) is properly attached 11tK so that the vibrator +11 moves in the O length
direction, Support member (2), (am) 0 #! The holding part (#, (sa) K holding stt * m moving body
1110 vibration 11011 KW h S ore rear vibration, the vibration is transmitted from the holding m
(31, (sa) to the support member (811, (lam) K, WKLI material (5), C) transmitted to (8), but the
support members (2), (am) and LL4t (l are combined because they follow each other, so the
vibration is damped (1) In the case of (1 * J6, b lid (a) K1ll), ?-is hardly transmitted, so that the
noise is almost completely ignored. 8 support members O hold II K which has a symmetrical
holding portion which is symmetrical to the outer shape of the vibration system to be supported.
Since the 11111 system O vibration mesec is made to hold a section and these supporting
members O- ? are fixed on Llll material ?-side 2 together with the other side 41) y * iii , Do not
have to soften the O-franschian collar for attachment integrally to the vibration system, so that
the O production is formidable), and the vibration system O to the lift O11 in case of duty! i
Attenuation in the longitudinal direction o11A work support member 111 material 20 in the
housing part of the i part, but it is attenuated, but still it is hard to round off the hard work L @ K
# i transmission 9 that the O damping is more severe, m work Depending on the system, even if
only one XIm # is used, no vibration is transmitted to it, and there is only one piece of SLlll
material. At the moment, it is possible to prevent the occurrence of repulsion due to partial
vibration supporting the vibration system. Brief description of the 5411 picture am 1st m Korean
book review II ?-Example O is a perspective view of a state in which the vibration system is
supported by the device, and the second half is a normal picture showing the ** system O
supported state. (1) и и ?? vibrator, great) (-) и и и и Support member, (2) (Sa) ? и и и и и и и (4) (?) и и и
? circular hole, ?) и -ELI l material, (6) (15 Jase bolt, (7) (7)--bolt, (19 liking-X + IH 1 generation
? ? L L ? M 2 C C-?). ???????????????? Berihito Koizumi God 11 I appendix
1101 brass (1) statement 7 (?--7 ((turn) power of attorney J ? e 1 e except O idea, tribute new
plan-Idehara people (1) Inventor Meg b / Ookaya!
Tokyo-Kuro-ku Ookayama 1-chome @ 10 books # J ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? District ? ? ? Takahata I 7 I d d-Progress' sll Chubu mil! Hair 4-base 0 / ? 1-IeI
Tanoka 1) Kozo (2) Utility model applicants Mek 1 t ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? X Okayama ? 10 @ J j
ak ak I 1 Age Mori Eiji ? t Ku Tokyo s1 sumi ward Ookayama ko Tl 1 l / (4 J J ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? 1 ??
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