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Patent Office Director Mr. Onkyo shares' company name (0273 Onkyo shares-company
representative director five generations 0 Japan Patent Office published patent gazette ■ JP-A49- 1-072 240 published Japan JP 49. (1974) 10.11 ■ Japanese Patent Application No. 1 7643
@ Outgoing IU Nissho 4 e (1973) i / 3 examination request (all three pages) WRM book l
Invention title 11 I! Il claim the dome dome vibration 1 [/ 1 07/071 times the central llIC dome
diameter drill a hole j 'of one hole, the hole I mis of one pile of the hole I, dome weight QJ, QJ 偕
weight, and relatively large anti-twist 6Vt 轟 誼 hole of internal diameter! The loose plate of the
dome which has a structural song stuck to occlude the The detailed description of jll ming relates
to the structure of the diaphragm in the dome layer speaker CM which corrects the frequency
response. The dome speed is supported by -12 / mV with a soft structure of -l / mV, and the
Voice Tsui A / Da is equipped with a magnetic sky -JPg. The diaphragm is mainly made of
aluminum, such as aluminum gl, 91y Min, etc., and made of beta or the like. Generally, it is
molded as an integral part of collar 5p41. The diaphragm has a dome shape on the abovementioned ridge and directly radiates the gentleness, so that the sound wave is radiated as a
spherical wave, and there is an advantage that the phlegmatism is widely spread. The slowing
plate performs piston movement as shown in Fig. 1 in a region where the number of scraps M is
relatively low, but it is used as a light metal such as the material Illics'x of the moving plate or
bake etc. Material body relatively low internal energy loss 1 and high rigidity derived from the
shape of the dome, so the frequency is high (as the piston movement of the diaphragm becomes
11: 2 H, the entire side becomes 8 sides, 8 sides The peristaltic plate drive plant transmitted from
the center is concentrated in the middle of the r-m, and a large stress is developed in the material
of the center part, and the frequency physical property W-by the summer coincidence A beater is
generated, abnormal sound pressure is generated, and transient characteristics are deteriorated
to cause hearing impairment. In order to eliminate this defect # 1: IjA dynamic tL An obstacle
device in the forward direction to make the peak frequency sound numbered, or synthetic rubber
etc. be inserted between the diaphragm and the front protective plate to hold down the
diaphragm. There is a book of structure, but in the former structure, Transient EndPage: 1 was
lost. There is also a so-called sot dome speaker that uses a soft material for the fork diaphragm,
but the diaphragm with this structure does not generate beaters by @C, but the efficiency is very
high, especially in the high region where reproduction is difficult. There is a drawback that the
playback sound is not powerful. As described above, the conventional structure does not reach a
fundamental solution.
The present invention is a small hole in the center of the dome /! In order to explain the present
invention in more detail, according to the embodiment of the present invention, the dome /
center portion where stress is easily concentrated is shown in FIG. To make the function as a free
end around the hole and relax the internal stress and divide the vibration of the dome, it is
assumed that it has a twist of #cR and 1 to suppress the force of the hole lIC1i! 1 Stick the elastic
body ≦ to the hole! The hole that blocked the By drilling a hole! Acts as a free end and releases
internal stress as vibration energy V to the outside. Hole! The size of the dome diameter Q / ~ Q
/! The effect is doubled by 4-), and the action at the free end is reduced below that, so that the
internal stress relaxation action decreases. More than a hole! If is larger, the diaphragm is in a
ring shape and the internal stress can be sufficiently suppressed, but the directivity and goodness
of the dome speaker 1 are lost. Since the 1-character control material is a book that suppresses
vibration around the hole 3 which is a free end, the material has a large movement of internal
energy V-gloss, and the lather effect is up to about λ times. is there. If the degree of onecharacter expansion exceeds this, the effect of the air with less gie loss on the internal energy
will increase, and the apparent internal energy v will be small for the amount of damping
material, and the effect will be small. Damping material is dome weight QJ-Q! It has twice the
weight and holes! (The effect of the book on the plate with ** of the area is the most effective,
less the weight as it acts as a damping material, and more than the support increases the mass of
the central part of the dome It is not effective if the summer resonance beats the beater to the
lower frequency side. Hole as above! The internal stress is relieved by placing a large amount of
free vibration energy around the hole I is small, so paste it so as to close the hole. As it absorbs
split vibration fist energy, it not only suppresses the peak due to the summer 411C in the high
band W-, but also can obtain good transient characteristics over all frequency bands. In the
example, a damping material is attached to the f-5 self-painted picture, but outside the dome IfCl
&? The same effect can be obtained. Fig. 1 shows the diaphragm diameter of 7% of dome power
by 7% of force and frequency characteristics using this-bright vibration 5 as a dream diameter
toIl 烏 φ, hole diameter of 7 mmφ, weight of dove-wrestling plate Q7 jg The damping material
made of ditulmin is weight QOIQ, straight vk / Jrm 鳳 d, thickness / 鳳 m, and the material is
synthetic rubber having a foaming degree of 2 times.
The third! Fig. 7 shows the center of the dome using a conventional diaphragm that does not
have holes. r) M-wave number characteristic, high-frequency cm and a tree / one-half peak are
generated. The third! Fig. T shows the frequency characteristics of the dome speaker using the
sloppy plate of the present invention, in which the high-frequency peaks are significantly
reduced and a generally flat characteristic is obtained. As can be seen from the above results, the
dome speaker 1 using the perturbation plate according to the present invention has no loss to
the high frequency without loss of the goodness of the # 1 dome, pea, and torso fleshiness (・
Brief Description of the Rot Drawing FIG. 1 is a dome speed? 2 is the vibration mode of the
moving plate, FIG. 3 is the vibrating wall of the vibrating plate-Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional view of
the vibrating plate of the present invention, and Fig. 1 is a dome speed. It is a characteristic. / I /
is the dome vibration trap! Is a hole and 4 is a damping material iEndPage: 2 擺 11 II 1st + 3rd
Stub 3rd EndPage: 3
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