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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram for explaining an
embodiment of the present invention, in which 10 is a stereo amplifier, 20.30 is a left and right
channel, 21 and 31 are input terminals, 2.8. 38 is an output terminal, 24 is a microphone input
terminal, 22 is a changeover switch, 41 is a switch, and 42 is a parallax control. −∼. −7−
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a microphone mixing
device KIIf. (1) Conventionally, there are 74 comixing devices, for example, Sguereoh
amplification load r! With 71 comixing function, and microphone jacks that are connected to the
signal path of hill stone, respectively. Then, by inserting a microphone plug into this jack, the
microphone signal input and the left / right signal input are mixed in their respective paths, and
are amplified by respective amplifiers provided at the subsequent stage. The amplified mixing
signals are largely taken out as a force that does not have the desired mixing ratio by adjusting
the balance control at the rear of the amplifier. In this way, although the 71 mixing is in process,
the outputs of the left and right No. 01 paths are always a mixed signal of the 74 signal and the
right side signal, for example, a microphone to the output of the signal path of d stone It is
impossible to take out the left stone sign on the signal and the other output, and can not take out
the left and right outputs as the desired output. That is, the microphone signal input and the left
and right signal input are mixed by inserting the flag into the jack. If the microphone signal input
and the left and right signal input and the right and left signal input (a mix ratio of 21 Well, the
structure is complicated, and two more levels are adjusted! There is an open door where the
operation to operate each I unit becomes messy. In this issue 4-, the above-mentioned drawbacks
are eliminated, and it is not necessary to provide a level adjuster for the microphone signal, and
the structure and operation are lvl and ItVC, so that the mixing ratio between the maj signal and
the monarchy In order to make it possible to adjust, and to be supplied to at least one signal path
of a plurality of signal paths, a plurality of signals are always mixed and supplied to the output of
the other signal diameter 4 when supplied to the other signal diameter 4 The present invention
provides a microphone mixing device configured in Or later), one true M example of this 4 tea
will be explained by going around one round. 71 Cmixing Comparison mt 'PL は 71 Cumming 1
Un if if: il え ス:::::::: il il il il il 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 具 具 具 1 穐 瓢I have a 6-year-old 酊 i. If you
explain from 1 left, this left chanel nelshi hi, this channel mountain input electronic G! The iIK is
connected to an unto-a via a 13+ changeover switch, for example, a double pole double throw
switch @. In this switch 124, -10,000 parallel fixed contact doors 122a) are connected to the
input terminal CD, other than ten thousand internal welds, t2s + b + to the microphone input
terminal -4, and the second IIJ contact piece (22c) is the ant ( Ha) connected to each.
Then, the town contact office (22c) is always connected to the fixed contact (22a), and is
connected to the other fixed contact (22b) when 71 input is applied to the maul input terminal
(d). I see. In particular, although not shown, it is configured to be switched when the plug of the
microphone is plugged. Moreover, the selector pile is connected to the thin end of the said annfu.
In this selector t11, the human power from the input terminal riI +, the FM external terminal
(25al (25b) + 25cl (25d) +) and the large external terminal (25al (25b) + 25cl (25d) +) It has
(25e). And, this town w8 shard (25e) is squeezed in the opening and closing 6 4 to the writing
space 1). The switchgear is connected to the anchor port (25e) ic-piece (25e) ic-stabilized solidfooted child 126a), and the anvil 7 (ha) to be connected directly to the stranger (4) -feet (26b)
And d) the mover (260) connected to the one foot (26a). And, this mover (26c) is connected to
the fixed foot hand 126bl when the LIT1 contact piece (22c) of the switch fJ, l is connected to the
own foot terminal (22b). It is n. 1 · The output terminal is connected via the OT (26c) It
(resistance vl). 1, the input terminal 3 ネ ル of the right channel is connected to the output
terminal + @ via the feedback terminal, the selector terminal interlocking with the selector and
the resistance terminal. Then, the input terminal of these both channels J13tj, -IY, is supplied via
switch 1311. This switch, 4 pieces, is connected to the mouth of the above-mentioned 2 #
collecting and receiving switch O, a moving piece (22c) or 4 furnace liquid points (22b), and is
also configured to be closed in conjunction with this switch V, c. It is done. In particular, the
usage method piece (41b) has a softness 7 on its fixed contact T41a). Further, the output
terminal · Δ (end) side of the resistor (2) 371 is connected by balance control to adjust the level
of each signal, ie, by the E + i variable resistor 14 force 6 and this variable resistor 4 • The mode
switch 1-inch I43 is connected to the i-line 51 in 4-. In the following, the function of the
embodiment of the present invention thus constructed will be described. 1 1 常 左右, supply the
left and right signal human power to the input terminal 3 υ 珈 暢 寿 珈 暢 天 天 天 操作 操作 操
作 操作 − 配 配 配 変 変 混合 混合 混合 混合 混合 出力 4 Perform stereo reproduction with a
speaker (not shown) connected to the terminal-pin.
The section, Rui, close the mode switching switch L41 and perform mono reproduction from the
picture speaker. Of course, it is possible to reproduce AM, FM, etc. by using the above-mentioned
cheat sheet. Explain the following Nimike i Xinku. While supplying a large amount of input gold
to both the input terminals-AI and inserting a flag into the jack, the double-handed doublethrowed switch Δ is a microphone manual power mariner il! 41) Switch the% for the + IlIC
symbol + (22c) to the fixed contact (22b). The input from the microphone input terminal-is
increased by the amplifier. At this time, since the grip closing unit □□□ is switched in
conjunction with the front end 1 record \ X Q 4, the amplified 71 input of the word correction 6 i
is At the end of the autopsy town change resistance-song through the vessel @ 汲 resistance 1AjI.
In addition, the registration switch t41) is also the above-mentioned 2 misery switch C2 ',? Since
it is closed by movement, it is supplied to both the input terminals ILD qi; The signal amplified by
this amplifier α 慟 is supplied to the other end of the variable resistor LL14 via the selector and
resistor 7). Then, the level of the amplified 71 signal and the left and right combined signal is
subjected to diE with the variable resistor (2), and the output terminals are obtained with desired
output ratios. be able to. That is, the variable resistor-is applied, and the resistance 1 @ between
the both channels-(2) 1 is set to 11 if it is 11 and the preparation of the microphone signal and
the composite signal is 18 The combined signal is taken out at the seedling terminal respectively,
and the left channel (2) is a microphone signal such as J4t't-Ministry's irC-M, In the right
channel-a synthetic boost can sound, for example, the dead rl music of the record. (7) In addition,
if the resistance of the above-mentioned oJ trestle resistance device is minimized, the @ plaster,
in which the microphone signal and the 曾 成 信 are completely mixed, can be taken out to both
output forceps and puss and can be heard by the speaker . In this way, by adjusting the variable
resistor +4 series, it is possible to collect the signal of the pupa. In the present invention, in the
above-mentioned 伽-, two signal diameters, 84 are described ;; 2-1 the Janners Gereo
reproduction device has been described, for example, four channels reproduction equipment
having four channels-eight signals A multi-channel 44-mid-day device with a path can easily go
all the way. From now on, Mike Myxinku all-case according to the present invention has a
configuration f15?
The desired output can be marketed by the IIII console, and the operation is not necessary 1)further, at least one of the remaining four-character correction paths. When a microphone input
is supplied to the path (C1 and other signal paths are assembled to reproduce a plurality of
complete signals, so you can taste the sensation of indulgence 7 well and do 71 cumixing 1; able
# Effects such as. 4.1 Simple rg gauge (8) Fig. L% This schematic is a circuit diagram to explain
one practical example of this issue. Four bad ones are stereo amplification geared rice,-■ are left
and right channels, 12I station 11 is input Terminal, IZ ■ urine is the output terminal, (d)
microphone input terminal, z + is a changeover switch, 14Ll is a switch, (rotation) is a balance
control al. Attorney Attorney Attorney Susumu Oka ((3) (9) to C))) <To Satoshi 鳴 ゝ 鴇 朱-代 代 1
1 1 冑 1 押 6 ミ. Miserable ~ ~, jealousy! '-9 force to force. Length 2 ('l') 5, (, List of attached
documents (1) One letter of attorney (2) one statement (3) one drawing (4) application duplicate
copy one, six, inventions other than the above Person, utility model registration applicant or
agent 3-character correction (1) inventor agent 1 Ki R R, Minato-ku Shibanishi Kubo
Akiramachicho No. 16 "Iba Shibaura i ki Co., Ltd. Toranomon branch room (7317) 4 sophisical
law near Kengo [] J 斤 (7 Seki D valve '3 Shoji Takashi Takashi Jl 5 (7568) Iishi Takehana Kikuo
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