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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing a display example by a
conventional frequency characteristic display device, FIG. 2 is a view showing a display example
by the frequency characteristic display device of the present invention, and FIG. FIG. 4 is a front
view showing one embodiment, and FIG. 4 is a perspective view thereof. 1 ...... display board,
2a~2ct2ab~2dc и | ии - и volume, 4---- plate, 6a, 6b, 6c, 6d, 6e ------ adjustment shaft, 6ab , 6 bc, @t 7
bc, 7 cd, 7 de----lever. Fig. 1 Fig. 2 alablblbclclcdldIdele 2b 2 bc 2 c 2 cd 1 ? 1-49-109 504 (2)
Fig. 3-4-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a frequency
characteristic display device, which is incorporated in a sound reproduction device such as a
stereo reproduction device or the like in the frequency characteristic display such as a sound
effect amplifier or tone control. It is an object of the present invention to provide a device
capable of displaying a frequency characteristic so that a level corresponding to a frequency can
be clearly obtained also for the frequency between each adjustment frequency. As shown in FIG.
1, the conventional eyelid display device has a structure to display hv bell tvs corresponding to a
predetermined frequency, for example, 4012511000 ░ 5ooo, 1soooH2K, so each frequency
40.250, 1000, etc. Although it is possible to obtain levels corresponding to 5000 and 15000 H 2,
it is difficult to recognize the frequency characteristics as a whole. explain. FIG. 2 is a view
showing a display example according to the display device of the present invention, in which the
predetermined frequencies such as 40125101000.50000 and 15000 H2 and their
corresponding levels are scaled and written at an interval of 2 dB, for example. There is. Further,
the display board 1 has long groove-shaped knob guides 1a, 1N'b, 1b. ... + 1 + 1 и 1d @, 1e are
guide grooves 5a, 5ab + 5b, '.. + 5cL, 5de, 5e <I! (5) a)) are drilled to face each other, (2) the
above-mentioned knob guides 1a + 1ab, 1b,---11 + 111ae, 1e, respectively, WI4 IJ1 display knob
2 +! L121) 12C + 2d + 2 "and light indication knobs 2ab, 2bc. 2 ca, 2 ae are out. FIG. 5 is a front
view showing an embodiment of the display device of the present invention, and FIG. 4 is a
perspective view thereof. In each figure, a plurality of slide volumes A31L15b + 30 + 3 (L3e are
arranged in parallel on the back of the plate 4 installed at a predetermined distance from the
back of the display panel 1) for adjusting the level for each frequency . In the plate 4, long
groove-like guide grooves 5a + 5ab, 5b,... + 5d, 5de, 5 @ are drilled, and the guides $ 5 & + 5 & 1)
T5b +... + 5d + 5a @, 5 иии Adjust shirts respectively) 6a + 6b + 6c + 6d + 6th and the intermediate
shafts 61Lb, 6bQ, 60d, 6 + le are inserted, and the wedge shafts 6a, 61Lb, 6b, иии, 6cL, 6de, 6e are
guide grooves 5 & + 5ab. 5b,... 15a, 5 (formed to be slidable along 111158).
On the other hand, the knobs 2a, 2ab, 2br... + 2 + 1 + 2de, 2e are respectively attached to the tips
of the shirts (3) 6a + 6ab + 6b + = и + 6eL + 6d @ + 6e. The adjustment shaft 6 & r 6 b + 60 + 66 +
66 is the above-mentioned X foot volume 5 & + 5 'b, 5 e + 3 d. Connected to a slider that varies
the resistance value of 3e, while adjusting shafts 6a, 6b,. . 6d. Intermediate shaft 6ab installed in
each middle of 6e. 6bc, 6adL + 6 (le is for supporting levers 7ab, 7bc, 7C described later (117de).
The adjustment shafts 6a + 6b + 6c + 6d + 6e have levers 7ab, 7bc and 7acL for each adjacent
one. Long holes 8 & + 8a'1abl8 '; 8c which are continuously communicated by 7ds and in which
adjusting shafts 6kr6br6Cr6d + 6 @ are inserted at both ends of the levers 7a'b, 7bc, 70 (1, 7de
respectively. 802; 8d, 8d 'are the adjustment shafts "r6b". It is drilled with clearance to 6 Cg 6 d +
68 (4). For example, the five levers 7 at + are supported by an intermediate shaft 6 ab fixed to
the central portion of the lever 7 at, and adjustment slots 6 a and 6 b are fitted in the long holes
8 a and 8. Further, the adjustment shaft 6b is fitted in one long hole 8b of the lever 7bc following
the lever 71L1) at the leftmost end, and the adjustment shaft 6C is fitted in the other long hole
8b. Thus, the levers 7a147bC + 7Qa + 7d @ are sequentially connected to the shafts. Next, a
usage example of the above configuration display device will be described. For example, as
shown in FIG. 2, when the level of the frequency 4QH2 is moved to 6 (the IB, the wI4 adjustment
display knob 2a is moved as the knob guide 1 & KG), the adjustment shaft 6a surrounding the
adjustment display knob 2 & Slider 6 (set to position LB) along guide $ 5a. At this time, the lever
71L1) is rotated while moving the shaft 6a in the long hole 8a about the center of the Fim
adjusting shaft 6b. (5) Subsequently, in order to adjust the level of the frequency 250H2 to O dB,
when the adjustment 1i display knob 2b is moved through the knob guide 1b in the same
manner as described above, the adjustment shaft with the nuclear control 6 indication knob 2b
fixed 6b slides along the guide groove 5b and is set at the position of QLB. At this time, the lever
7 mb rotates while moving the shaft 6 b around the adjustment shaft 6 a and in the long hole 8
IL ?.
In the above case, the intermediate shaft 6ab fixed to the central portion of the lever 7ab moves
along the guide groove 5ab along with the pivotal movement of the lever 7ab in accordance with
the movement of the adjustment display knob as described above. By this, the display knob 2ab
fixed to the tip of the middle shirt 6ab indicates 3dB which is intermediate between 6dB and
OdB. Similarly, with regard to other frequencies, if setting is made sequentially to the level
corresponding to each frequency by the other adjustment display knobs 2C + 2d + 2 ", the level
at the midpoint of each frequency is also sequentially displayed. As described above, the volume
(6) for adjusting the level for each frequency may be a slide volume or, of course, a rotary volume
may be used. When a rotary volume is used, for example, levers, gears, etc. which move up and
down can be incorporated in conjunction with the volume to move the levers 7ab, 7'bc, 7cd, 7tle.
Also, an intermediate shirt for supporting the upper layer levers 7ab, 7bc, 7cd, 7de) 6a'b, 6bc.
6Cd, 6de, as described above, each lever 7ab. It may be fixed to 7 bc, 7 ceL, 7 de one at a time,
and it may be fixed to 4 & or plural pieces. As described above, according to the frequency
characteristic display device according to the present invention, the intermediate shaft is fixed to
a predetermined position of the lever which continuously communicates the adjustment shaft as
a pair of adjacent ones, and the intermediate shaft is adjusted As it is configured to move in
relation to the movement of the shaft, it is possible not only to know the level corresponding to
each frequency to be processed for adjustment operation by the adjustment knob, but also to set
an intermediate shaft for the frequency between each frequency (7 B) The knobs can be clearly
identified, so that the overall frequency response can be easily and comprehensively recognized,
and connected to the same number of volumes, as compared to conventional frequency response
displays Since the lever for connecting the adjustment shaft is incorporated, it can be
manufactured inexpensively, and when it is used, the display effect as if the volume constituting
the display device increased Those having features such as exhibits.
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