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1 348, Showa 38 1 Secretary of Patent Office 1 Patent title 3 ° Patent applicant 4 ° list of
attached documents [Phase] Japan Patent Office ■ JP-A-49-122731 ° 0 published date of issue
49. (1974) 11.25 examination request US -8 (2 pages in total) & 1 specification 1 title of the
invention 1 title of the invention 4 channel stereo system microphone gap can be freely changed
by rotation of the central axis 4 for adjustment Condenser-microphone type 4-channel stereo
system microphone with features
Micropon 2 of 4 channel stereo system, inventor (patent applicant ITI)
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is a method for bringing together
four microphones used for recording of a 4-channel stereo system, etc. at one place into onebody structure. This relates to a microphone of a two-channel stereo system of the Tamana Reiji
part. The microphones used for sound collection for 4-channel stereo are conventionally
arranged at each vertex of the quadrangle centering on the sound source. These microphones
require a large space, are not easy to place, are not quick, and because they are placed in a sound
collecting environment, they are intended to realistically reproduce the sound field at the place
where the listener feels. Has the disadvantage that it is not essential. In order to improve the
disadvantages of this invention, the four microphones are gathered at one place to form a
quadruple-like element, but gathering the ordinary microphones makes it expensive and heavy.
There is a need for a basic vibrating membrane and back plate because it is a condenser
microphone type. EndPage: 1A3 is a manufacturing process that can be used to create parallel air
gaps, such as the most important few tens of microns, of condenser microphones. Outer and
inner straight tetragonal pyramids + d similarity invading-If the inner straight tetragonal pyramid
3 moves up-\, the air gap created by the outer and inner regular tetragonal cones narrowly
echoes . The air gap can be reduced to the extent that the capacity of the capacitor 4 is "7" at
maximum. The increase in capacity is also the improvement of = i as a micro figure 1 phone.
Positive "Can be done at 9 o'clock, there is a plate C that can easily raise the feeling. 味 味-One
simple structure, small size 9 light weight, easy to adjust, can be manufactured at low cost, can
be actively collected, and can be heard by people in a sound collection environment C sound
pickup is possible in order to reproduce the sound in the place realistically. In a nutshell, the
position of the microphone itself and the listener on the playback side are in the same position
((A. Therefore, depending on how to use to keep the sound movement film), 3 is the inner blood
block · pyramidal body (, the side direct pressure tetragonal pyramidal body). Back plate holding)
94 is a phased central axis, 5 is an inner right tetragonal pyramid, and 6 is an upper fixed plate
97 is a lower fixed plate, 8 is a vibration, 9 is a back plate, 10 is a lock nut, 11 is a patent
applicant Miyake Eiji part ore 165 set screw, 12 is an output cord, 13 is a rubber for patent
application of an anti-vibration rubber patent Eiji Miyake (EndPage: 2
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