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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing an embodiment of a
specific signal removing apparatus according to the present invention. IL11 '... voice band pass
filter 12, 12' ... synthesizer 13, 13 '... power amplifier. RinLin−3−
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an apparatus for
removing% foot signals, for example for removing sound, localized at the center of a speaker, for
example in an audio stereo system. In an audio stereo table, for example, when an ever-record
performance is performed, voices such as human voice are often localized at the center between
the left and right speakers of the stereo device. In such a case, the electric signal lines in the left
and right D channels converted to the sound are signals in phase with each other and at the same
level. By the way, if it is a stereo device which can not only hear the voice but KL 'and other
sound lines can be heard (the application range in its use is expanded. That is, when a record
deduction is performed, only the singer's voice can be erased and only the accompaniment can
be heard, and there will be a song training or an instrument Nerita. Therefore, it can be used not
only as a stereo device for entertainment but also as a school aid device. The purpose of the book
is to provide a% foot signal removal device capable of removing in-phase and same-level signals
in a specific band, for example, for each channel signal of a stereo device, which has been made
under the above circumstances. It is Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present 4m will be
described in detail with reference to FIG. That is, in the figure, for example, the output signals
from the left and right channels of the record player are respectively applied to the input
terminals R1 n and L1 n. Then, the signal of the right channel inputted to the 'input end Rin is
applied to the input end of the voice band drop-off filter 411 and also to the input end a of the
synthesizer 12. This synthetic signal 2 has a second input Nb and inverts the second input
terminal 7 to the input of the input terminal 7a, and the signal input to the first input terminal a
of the terminal station 1 , Is a 4-width device. ') The output of the combiner 12' and the input of
the power amplifier 13 'The output of this power' q% 13 is taken out at the output BoutK. The
output signal RoutK-bounded signal can be seen, for example, as a speaker for the right channel,
a horn horn, or the like. The signal of the left channel, which has been manually input to the oneside input end Lin, is added to the input end of the IILI voice band, the one over-filter 11 and the
coworker's filter J 'and the recombiner 12 and rl! It is applied to the 41 input 8 'of the TI-averse
synthesizer 11. The output of the synthesizer 11 is the power increase l1 lI! It is added to the
input end of the amplifier 11 in the same position as the input 13 and the output of the
multiplier 11 appears at the output, 4LOuti. A signal appearing at the output end Lout is a
speaker of the left channel or a headphone 譚 G (additional J-1-).
By the way, the voice band pass filter f · D output on the right channel side is added to the '% B
input end of the synthesizer 12 on the left 6 channel side and the voice provided on the left
channel 411 The output of the band pass filter 1 is applied to the input terminal of the J2 of the
synthesizer 11 on the right channel side. Therefore, according to the upper sound signal
elimination skin, in-phase 1. in the sound band of each channel. If there is a '-, level 1', these
signals cancel each other in the synthesizer 12 and 1x '. Therefore, the sound which is output
from the speaker of the stereo '-4thl and is in the middle position can be removed. Also, since the
signal is added to the left channel synthesizer 12 'through the right channel audio signal filter
JJt-- as described above, the left channel audio band l, such as a music signal 4 is not erased.
Even in the case of the right channel, this can be said to be 1) 47), and it is possible to leave only
the sound without losing stereo equipment-D balance. The present invention is limited to the
above fQ * @ 91i; ll remove the sound localized to the center of the left and right speakers, but if
it is a sound localized to the center, change the band characteristics of the filters 11 and 11 'to
make bamboo to the ground easy, Specific frequency band · r) You can taste the salmon. As
described above, according to the present invention, it is possible to provide a constant signal
removal device capable of removing, for example,% e-fold signal among the signals of each
channel of a stereo cargo, and it is possible to simply enjoy the stereo equipment. The scope of
use can be expanded so that it can be used as space equipment as well as being used for
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