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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross sectional view showing an embodiment
of the present invention. E secondary coil, 4... Diaphragm, 5. −91−
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker to
which a mutual induction phenomenon is applied. A typical electrodynamic speaker transmits
sound waves by transmitting motion of a voice coil generated when a voice current flows to a
voice coil which is an odor in a magnetic circuit to cone paper. Such many conventional speakers
(1) require a lead for supplying power to the voice coil. Since this lead wire is fixed to a member
of the vibration system, usually cone paper and a frame as a fixed side, it hinders smooth
vibration operation of the vibration system and adds weight to the vibration system. Since it is
necessary to wind a large number of thin wires in order to obtain the required impedance, it is
also not preferable in terms of the space factor of the conductor volume occupied to the volume
of the voice coil. In addition, when using a lead wire, an adhesive, an insulating material, and the
like are used in combination, but since the weight of these members further promotes the above
phenomenon, it can not be ignored. Here, this study basically eliminates mutual use of the
vibration system by eliminating the lead wires arranged to connect the fixed side and the
vibration system (2) by utilizing the mutual induction phenomenon. The purpose is to remove the
vibration system so that the vibration system operates smoothly and stably and has a long life.
Furthermore, according to the present invention, it is possible to convert the impedance between
the primary coil disposed on the fixed side so as to be mutually inductive and the secondary fill
disposed in the imaging system, so that the conventional voice can be obtained. The purpose is
also to remove limitations on coil design and allow free optimal design. Hereinafter, the present
invention will be specifically described based on an embodiment shown in the drawings. The
figure shows the application of the invention to a dome-shaped loudspeaker as an example. The
same speaker 11) has a center pole (8 (, yoke (7), magnet 6 (3) and top plate (9), and magnet q
between the center pole (8) and the top plate (9)). The part (2) constitutes a magnetic circuit.
Further, for example, a dome-shaped diaphragm (4) serving as a vibration system is disposed in
the magnetic gap its + 21, and an appropriate damper (11! Thus, for example, the top plate (9) is
vibratably supported. Then, a secondary coil (3) short-circuited to form a closed circuit at the
position of the magnetic gap (2) is wound on the upper vibration control panel 4) serving as a
vibration system, and the above-mentioned secondary Koino 3) and the corresponding position,
in other words, a position where the interlinkage flux is generated with respect to the secondary
coil (3) K, for example, center ball as a fixed side (8 At the base of) the primary coil (5) t-fixed
rigidly, so as to be able to supply the external (4) + audio current.
In the case of such a dome-shaped speaker (1), in order to weaken the elasticity of air inside the
dome-shaped diaphragm (4), a through hole is formed in the center pole (8) or the magnet (6).
May be Now, when an alternating current as an audio signal is supplied to the primary coil (5),
induced currents of the same wave number are induced in the secondary coil (3) by mutual
induction. The induction current of the secondary coil (3) acts on the direct current magnetic
field at the position of the magnetic demagnetization part (2) in the magnetic circuit to excite the
diaphragm (4) as a vibration source to emit a sound wave. As described above, in the present
invention, since the primary coil on the stationary side and the secondary coil of the vibration
system are mechanically separated and electrically coupled by mutual induction (5)-'7, It is
possible to operate a book with free pregnancy without having to arrange a lead wire or the like
directly on a voice coil such as. Therefore, in the present invention, no lead wire is attached to
the member to be an imaging system, so that the vibration operation is smooth and stable, and
moreover, there is no fear of the life breakage, and the long life is achieved. Since the impedance
conversion is performed at the base of the coil, the secondary coil may be wound once, it is easy
to manufacture and the space factor can be idealized without requiring an insulating material or
an adhesive, and the secondary coil has a required impedance. Since the shape or the electric
resistance of the shape can be determined regardless of the shape, it is possible to bring about an
effect that it becomes possible to exhibit the reproduction characteristics of the sound in the
form of a forged condition. (6) In the meantime, the present invention is not limited to the dome
castle speaker described above, but may be applied to various types of speakers. In addition, the
primary coil and the secondary coil are put into practical use in order to be as close as possible
or to be coupled by a magnetic material of high magnetic permeability in order to increase
linkage flux and achieve effective feeding. Do.
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