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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The drawing is a partially cut away side view of a
diaphragm according to an embodiment of the present invention. ・w。 −43−
[Detailed description of the invention]-Name of the vertical writing 1 device electricity-results!
11-- Pseudo-plate 2w for model registration request emu flexible material to the edge of the
substrate of the substrate is shelled the edge portion, and in the O-edge portion II in the region If
the above board is included! An electric-to-resource conversion diaphragm made of an acid-rich
layer of IIK 111Jum O @. 3 Inventive 01111 11 & Description This consideration is to replace
the speaker and microphone with an electric-write rewrite ll 0 II. The beryllium sheet is used as a
speaker or other electro-acoustic transducer O diaphragm because of its high degree of contact
and high vhlI. However, the hardness of beryllium from 1k, this tS- 櫃 make one shape into a
single shape, ★ cost of the round material itself and write 111, compared with diaphragms that
measure from other materials Will be expensive. The present invention seeks to provide a
beryllium-based vibration plate which can be obtained by a simple process and at low cost.
According to one embodiment of the present invention, as shown in IIIIK, the substrate W is
made of a flexible material, such as fly ester resin or beryllium / rust metal, as shown in IIIIK. In
the / e loop, the edge part / a is formed of swede's korugage cayson. And, in the region L lying in
the edge portion I, a beryllium vapor deposition layer 1 is provided on at least% -one of the
substrate l. Such '& peristaltic plate can be easily obtained by depositing a beryllium in a usual
manner with respect to this substrate / to which the mask covering the edge portion ta is given
in a predetermined ofl shape or gII. it can. Because of the vibration plate expected in this
consideration, the important umbrella effect 一 つ One is that the l111 process is extremely
simple and easy as compared with the case where the thin plate of beryllium is made of a
diaphragm 7 Also, it means that there is a large degree of freedom for the song selection. By
setting conditions such as substrate 10 material or thickness at night, it is possible to obtain a
diaphragm having an optional 0411 property. Since it is formed only on the necessary part of the
hardness t-of the substrate l, it is a friend that is entirely made of 11 lithium! I lower the cost of
materials ,! :#it can. 4 m-simple 壜 m * ww is a partially cutaway plan view of the 摸-榎 by
111111 flK of this invention. l · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · edge portion, 3 · · · deposition layer.
Real J! 1 new model IM #, 4 Io Yua shares 1 company applicant agent lawyer 1) Sawa Hiroaki
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Ward Renewal book 1 chome @ 會 豐 14 O Taisho Building Building 4 @ valet police officer
Kobayashi 嘩-() j! 14) Telephone Tokyo (J コ 参) 111 (Substitute, J ゝ- )
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