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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partial perspective view of the stereo
arrangement of the present system, 1 is a television receiver, 1 is a coat for connection to a
speaker, 2 is a wall-mounted speaker 1 is a coat for connection from the machine. 3 is a plug-in
type speaker, 1 is a connection cord from this unit, 2 is a switch. X1 port -81-
[Detailed description of the invention] In addition to the main TV set, two speaker boxes will be
attached as needed, and it will be installed from time to time while enhancing the threedimensional effect of the sound, and from the place where the TV is left, If you want to award the
current TV, if you do not listen to the volume, listen to K Ku, if you raise the volume too much to
cause other troubles and other inconveniences, there are various inconveniences such stereo
system television, speakers Because it is in close proximity, even if the sound quality is suitable
from the place where it was bitten from this machine-it is a pleasant, quiet VCg award, it is tossed
with. It should be noted that children in front of the television can not hear the voice on the
current television, and they have to be careful to keep the children quiet. There is no change and
people such as old people and strata are in front of the television, and there is no need to use it.
If you use this television with a meeting place or a large hall, etc., it is effective to use one tatami.
Especially in the case of sound effects or Western W1 broadcasts, etc., especially when it is
possible to have a sound effect or iii * etc. at a sound assembly or movie iii *, etc., while being at
home with one of the 11 effective rope awards with stereophonic sound, -1. る。 Threedimensional sound pressure with four speakers or without using a speaker / “beaker in this
unit, you can also use 202 speakers of drawing or 24 m speakers of drawing 3 03, a simple
illustration of the drawing A partial oblique view 1 of the drawing shows a television receiver 1.
Connection cord to speaker 2 Figure wall-mounted speaker 1. The continuation code 3 from the
machine is the box type speaker 1, the connection cord 2 from the machine, the switch)) 新 山 東
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