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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 respectively show an ultrasonic
transducer according to the present invention in a front elevational view in a longitudinal section.
P5 иии и и и A pair of metal blocks, 6, 16 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и discharge holes or air
blow holes. Fig. 1 1 159-50-121 671 (2) Fig 2-160 1
Detailed Description of the Invention t Title of the Invention Ultrasonic steel-child 2 Utility model
registration request es * w Wired emii element, and a pair of metal blocks that abut on both outer
ends of the electric wire element, An ultrasonic wave IIW II consisting of a central hole of the
essential element and a pair of metal splitters and a central space between the coulometric
element and a pair of O metal blocks by forming a space around the 0111. An ultrasonic
transducer characterized in that a tunnel hole and an outlet are formed on the uneven thickness
m of the O metal block, respectively. According to the invention, the piezoelectric element is used
to prevent the overheat of the piezoelectric element O, in particular, according to the nine-layer
acoustic wave element. A pair of piezoelectric elements in the form of an O-shape, which are
obtained from titanium-zircon-lead-based magnetic resonance, are mechanically connected in
series and electrically connected in Kd parallel via electricity l1iI [to make the piezoelectric
element O both outer edges) a pair Ultrasonic vibrators are known, in which the metal block is
fixed and these are fixed together by a central melt, but the piezoelectric element generates heat
during driving, especially to increase the electrical input power, and the large amplitude If it is
easy to overheat, the power loss will be large and sharp, and the vibration function will be
lowered, or the ceramic crack will occur. As the plate, O is used, which has a large diameter and
thickness, or there is a large diameter 7 flange provided on the device in contact with the metal
sheet O piezoelectric element, and the above-mentioned diameter electrode plate or F17. The
small holes of the outer periphery Kll number of the runge and the axial direction However, the
heat dissipation inside the piezoelectric element that does not come in contact with the outside
air is cold and that overheats over a long period of use, resulting in a cold M effect. It is the end
of the coming year and it is insufficient. According to the present invention, the above-mentioned
problem is that the seed layer acoustic transducer with a canopy is inside it, between the central
indicator and the central hole of the piezoelectric element and the pair of metal blocks which are
inserted through the central indicator. This was done focusing on the formation of a
circumferential space, and in the following, the m'rso practical example will be described in the
first @, a pair of annular rings that are made of zirconium p-titanate snow lead-based porcelain.
Electrostrictive element in which the piezoelectric element l,-is mechanically stacked in series and
electrically through the wax parallel K11 l and the annular terminal plate J, 41 IFi the annular
capacitive element pe one O piezoelectric element 10 the outer end fiK abut , Io metal block with
piezoelectric element / f) inner diameter and #t same diameter O dust hole #a on both sides of
test contact, and minimal O blind screw hole ? b extending further downward from this! ? ?
The other end of the piezoelectric element 20 is in contact with the outer end ?, and the test
contact ? side of the piezoelectric element core O inner diameter and ma?p * iie diameter small
A dust chamber is provided on the inner bottom surface of the second metal block, the second
metal block, the second large metal block, the second large metal block Aa, the second large
metal hole sbo, and the second metal block Piezoelectric element ? forming the hole j1 and the
coercivity element P, ?, 41m / a of each of the terminals 1jJ, aa, 3 &, and @ 10 metal block O
dustbore 4dh are formed with Kw4 ? 8 with these. The blind screw hole eb of the seventh metal
block (J) (the central bolt screwing together to form a joint, which has hitherto been known, but
in the present invention the first metal probe e ? The through hole is extended from the side
wall portion KW- to the inward dirt hole #a and is connected to the space S, and the small
diameter hole from the outside surface to the side wall portion of the second metal block JO Each
of the through holes is drilled through the through holes j that lead to the exfoliated debris @ S to
ja. Write the as blast holes for supplying air to the inner periphery of the gap S, is to use the
other through hole as a drain hole. Next, FIG. 2 shows a large diameter dust hole l on the side of
one contact surface on both outer end faces of the annular electrostrictive element P ? formed
by combining the pair of piezoelectric elements // and / ? and the terminal plate 13 / Ja and
small diameter blind screw hole l, a pair of metal blocks lsb with isb, abut it, and the piezoelectric
element //// and terminal plates / JO each // a Metal block O dust of / ?1 and / Ja and -N) holes
/ 4im, / jm are inserted to form a space S 'between them, and blind screw holes z are provided to
both end screw parts, An embodiment in which the present invention is applied to a wave
oscillator of tzb K screwed central bolt / ? integrally connected together by ultra-blue) is shown,
and from the outer surface of each of the pair of metal blocks / II, II Inward counterbore hole /
4ta, / jal (air vent hole lC passing through the waste 6111S 'C (also ij / jO) and an exhaust hole
1ra (or # il ? C) are also formed O. It is to be noted that the above embodiment uses a
combination of one piezoelectric element and one terminal plate as an annular electrostrictive
element. However, the present invention is not limited to this, and it is also possible to use only
one annular piezoelectric element or a combination of each of an annular piezoelectric element
and an annular terminal plate. As described above, according to the present invention, the center
bolt and the central hole of the electrostrictive element through which the center bolt is inserted
and the pair of metals are inserted into the uneven thickness portion of the pair of metal blocks
in contact with the ultrasonic transducer separation Pores and vents communicating with the
space formed between the block and the block are designed separately, especially for cooling the
inside of the heat dissipating OII electrostrictive element by means of cooling, resulting in
porcelain cracking due to overheating, large output In addition to eliminating defects between
losses etc. and exhibiting a stable function for a long time, the present proposal further uses
conventional vibrators as it is, and drills air vents and discharge holes through inner shoulders in
metal blocks. The JI-child O-wave heat can be satisfactorily discharged by a simple means. .
When the heat means is applied, it is avoided, and the big profit is brought to 4 'in another aspect
to clear the problem, such as 1k and large size, value line and soaring cost of construction II.
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