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"(2,000 yen) \ / 'Showa 4 a 9.3. '15 mouths '4') i Mr. Saito Hideo 2 of the government agency,
inventor 3, patent applicant 4, agent address Minato-ku, Tokyo 2 Shiba Kubo, Sakuragawacho,
No. 2 17th Mori Building 〒 105 Telephone 03 (502) 3181 (Major representative), 2 ° [phase]
Japan Patent Office 0 JP 5'0-1234010 published Nissho 5Q, (1975) 9.2 'Nm. Description Ca-i 0
name of the invention ti-field display device m12, especially d [B ~ range of f water display device
f field display device using a CRT with electromagnetic reversing type ≦ two, voice for
temporary clothing indication A means for compressing the signal with a compression ratio of 15
r 犀 selected in accordance with the gradient of the deflection coil of the = 1 j Braun tube, and the
means wave number band is obtained by this means. And means for supplying the 1 g of biphase-shifted 1 g to the deflection coil of the IJ'fj P. Braun of the Moon. Sound field display
device characterized by having. The present invention relates in particular to a sound field
display device suitable for a stereo sound recording device, and more particularly to a processing
circuit according to No. C-15. At present, what is generally used as a sound field display device
for high-class stereo sound% devices is that it is generally used as an audio display etc. and is
used as a display device for a single-pole Braun tube oscilloscope as a display device. . That is, the
principle of such an audio display device is basically that stereo signals are added to the Braun
tube (1 X, Y each deviation coil for each component) for each component. The second is to
display f 乞 on the basis of the principle of Lissajous figure. However, due to the inductance and
Q value of the deflection coil, however, the frequency characteristic of the acid part is still poor,
and the audio display device has the disadvantage of displaying only a few KHz. Target C: The f
castle to be displayed is limited to only 5 sections of the acid section and 1 section, so it is
recognized as a counter-committee display and it is one disparate ii. The present invention was
made in view of the above points, and an object of the present invention is to provide a sound
field display device provided with a signal processing circuit capable of achieving high fidelity
display capability without the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks. I assume. The following
is a detailed description of one embodiment of the present invention with reference to the bad
side. That is, the eleventh shows a signal processing circuit for one Tyanon C, and at the input
end INl, an end page 1: an audio signal reproduced from a reproduction element not shown does
not finally indicate to the main circuit that the speaker is played. It is divided into input and
input. The audio signal input to the human power 4IN1 is supplied to the l3jJ amplifier 11, where
it is increased to the required level (and turned off and impedance conversion is performed).
This bj JII 84. The output of the amplifier 11 is supplied to n voices, n-bands where t1 castle is
decided, and a single filter 121-12n so that the frequency component contained in the voice and
the faith is described. , Where it is divided into n frequency components (one). Then, each of the
n phrase filters of 1 B to 12 n, each of which has a frequency component of 1) is supplied
directly to the conversion circuit 18 l = 18 n. Here, it is temporarily supplied with a DC signal
corresponding to the fluctuation of 1 o'clock, and it is supplied as a 11-minute circulation signal
of 14 1 to 14 nl. Here, this circumscription division circle 14 + 1-142 is that z'L each IJ note n 1
side of the priesthood filter 121-I Zn provisional frequency, the frequency N divided frequency g
two equal frequency The oscillators 151 to 15n to which the signal is imitated "Provisional 1b1"
decoration signals are supplied, and the direct complaint C conversion circuit 1an to 18n from
the serial number [6 to 2 in the plate city 1] poor poverty Output 1J No. 1 1 C 2nd Month "1 '. In
this case, the i = 8 frequency dividing circuits 141 to 142 are constructed in this case, for
example, using -i1'U as a control function of a long excitation system generally referred to as a
binary electronic volume, and specifically specifically active Using a transistor of the field effect
type as the element, applying 'tU' J 1 and 4 to the gate, the drain (case is the source) C is crimped
temporarily (N Divide the signal, and send out the signal from the field end. The output of the
valley division from each signal divider 141-14n is restored to be coaxial in the old state, so it is
supplied to the king yii spreader 16, where it is amplified to the necessary level. After that, a
neck officer's small coil is received in response to a back door input signal C2 while being held
by a brown officer's deflection coil for the Oyotei screen (not shown). Thus, the signal supplied to
the coil in this case is the frequency N of the voice signal input to the M station divided by N ',
and for example, the first strict frequency band including the first voice signal. In the case of 16
KHz, the division ratio is 9 =, and the signal supplied to the deflection coil can be doubled up to 4
at most, so that the frequency characteristic value of the deflection coil is approximately − In
addition, the fidelity Tisgelei is still possible over the entire range of the audio signal 二 two. In
the case of the above, it is good to add 絢 2 to the valley center 絢 of n band-pass filters 121 to
12 n for frequency analysis. As shown in FIG. 2, if it is assumed that one band-pass filter having 1
/ (2 1 KHz 2 center frequency) 1 is selected and the selectivity Q-5 of this fluorescence filter is
assumed. The dtiB band is ± 10 (JHz, and the frequency of the sieving frequency of the iB width
is j'ml + the frequency tBL of low power is jLl to obtain fl (i-jl + 0.1 jifLl =] l-0, ljl.
Next, for the central filter lBL number 12 of the band pass filter one step higher than jl, the same
as above i2, 7 'H2 = 12 + 0.1-2jL2 = j2-0. Get lju. Since it is sufficient to take jHl-h, z as a factor to
make the 11 mountain J 伶 region full, it suffices to satisfy the relationship j2-0.1j2 = jl + O, lfl
after all, this is j2-1.22fl ( ", ') I = 0.82 jz), and so on, and so on. Therefore, the button oscillation
frequency mantissa (F1 ′ ′ rt) of each of the oscillators 151 to 15 n is determined by the
relationship of Fl−n = jh−1 / fQ. As described in detail above, according to the present
invention C, it is possible to provide a sound processing display device provided with a signal
processing circuit capable of easily performing squeezing on the sound field by removing the
conventional drawbacks. It is a matter of course that the present invention is not limited only to
the above-described table, and that various modifications may be made without departing from
the scope of the present invention. 4, between the drawings just a t, 【DescriptionEndPage: 281!
Section 1 is a factor showing an embodiment of the signal processing circuit unit according to
the present invention according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a factor showing an
example of the characteristics of @johi and luk of FIG. 11 ... Menjika J fare width unit 12l = 12n ...
bandpass filter 18i-18n ... DC conversion circuit 14, 14n ... signal component Incidentally circuit
J51 "15H ... oscillator 16 ... main Amplifier applicant agent 升 式 式 p p1 Figure bfL (-+ ○ 0 Hz)
fH (* 1 OOH 2) agent 11. υ EndPage: 3
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