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Patent Office Secretary 1 Name of Invention Ex. 2 Inventor 3 Patent Applicant Address Osaka
Prefecture Kadoma City Oji Kadoma Address 1002 Name (582) Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,
Ltd. Representative Matsushita Masaharu 4 Agent [Zip Code 535] 5 Attachment List (1) 1
specification (2) Drawing 1 [phase] Japan Patent Office ■ Japanese Patent Application LaidOpen No. 50-1329180 Published Japanese Patent 50. (1975) 10. 21. Japanese Patent
Application No. 4 '? -3'g 161 @ Application date Akinori, (197 Kenko, 3 examination request
unclaimed (all 2 pages) Office serial number · 646 ge 55 specification 1, name of invention 1,
name of invention speaker
5. Detailed Description of the Invention The conventional speaker has a piston-type vibration
whose directivity depends on the aperture of the vibration number, and the directivity becomes
sharp especially at high frequencies. The only way to improve this is to reduce the diameter of
the speaker. The present invention is intended to provide a broad directional speaker by
vibrating the diaphragm in the radial direction of the coil and generating a spherical wave in one
radial direction. The following describes an embodiment of the present invention with reference
to the drawings. Blight. FIG. 1 shows a perspective view, FIG. 2 shows an X-X cross-sectional view
thereof, and FIG. 5 shows a partially enlarged view of FIG. In these drawings, (1) an ld magnet, (2)
a yoke, and (3) are a voice coil and a diaphragm coupled to a ('1) 14 voice coil (3). A magnetic
field is generated between the magnet (1) K and the yoke f2 +, (2) in a direction parallel to the
axis of the cylindrical coil (3) as shown by the dotted arrow H in FIG. Now, when a current is
supplied to the voice coil (the blade in the direction shown in the drawing, a force acts on the coil
(3) in the direction of the arrow F by the magnetic field H. Therefore, when an alternating current
is applied to the voice coil (3), the voice coil (3) expands and contracts in the radial direction, and
generates a sound wave uniform in the radial direction. The diaphragm (11) is connected to the
voice coil (3) to improve radiation sound pressure and to prevent air permeability, and may be a
diaphragm in which a film or the like is laminated on the voice coil (3). According to the present
invention, since the voice coil does not move in a piston like in a conventional speaker, but
expands and contracts uniformly in the radial direction of the cylinder, the sound wave is
uniformly radiated in the axial symmetry of the coil. We realize directional speaker. EndPage: 1
can be done. 4. A simple exploded view of the drawing shows one embodiment of wood shelling.
Ζ FIG. 1 ′ is an external perspective view, FIG. 2 is a side sectional view taken along the line XX
in FIG. 1, and FIG. It is the elements on larger scale of a figure. (1)-single magnet, (2+-yoke, (3)voice coil. (Ill・−ダイヤプラム。 Name of agent Attorney Attorney Yoshizaki Figure 1. 6
Inventor names other than the above Tekuto silk "Sato Kazuei EndPage: 2
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