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April 1974 λJ day 3. Patent applicant's address Nishi-Shinjuku 1-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 18-1 (New Building) (4) One letter of attorney [F] Japan Patent Office Open Patent Gazette ■ JP
50-13 880 t 10 Published Japan 50. (1975) 11.6 In-house serial number n 3 l 2:? Reference
band for generating a rotational sound flaw signal generator basic frequency f, a frequency
variable oscillating means for oscillating frequencies f, + Δf and f, -Δf, and one frequency f1-Δf
and f,- It has frequency variable light and oscillation means that oscillates 2Δf, and the beats of
the output of each of the above means are all stations at frequencies f and + Δf. means for
seasoning f, -Δf and fl -2Δf, the frequency f of the reference device and the sum and difference
of the frequencies f1-Δf of the frequency changer means 'r,' r, A rotary sound image signal
generator comprising means for obtaining a signal and means for obtaining TT, TQ scratch
signals with outputs f1 + .DELTA.f and fl-2.DELTA.f of one frequency oscillator.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention provides a rotational sound
image signal generator useful for measuring effects of 2-n (n is an arbitrary positive integer)
channel stereo system. Conventionally, in order to measure the stereo effect with 2-channel to 4channel stereo etc., the reproduced sound for one sound in each direction of the 2- to 4-channel
stereo signal must be manually or assy switching circuit according to the necessity. They made a
change by listening to the sound image. However, according to the above-mentioned method Q, it
was a bad smell, and it was difficult to make. According to the rotational sound image signal
generating apparatus of the present 4th invention, it is possible to generate a sound iz′ft that
rotates concentrically around the tailed person by ω n. Consider the multi-dimensional threedimensional transmission signal known as the 1-invention t-52 virtual matrix system according
to the present invention, now at the position of the angle θ from the X thin of the reference
point 0 at the intersection of X @ and Y axis. If a certain sound source t-8 (θ) is n, the sound
source S (θ) can be expanded to Je-JeJ2θS (θ) = a @ 10 c, e + c−, e + cle. Here, *[email protected]=T.SIGMA.,
Cs = T4. IC'-t "" TT, smell = TQ, and further Tz = TH + T1. Every 'r, =' rkL-'rL. The applicant
previously proposed that "EndPage: 1 Discrete 4 channel transmission is Ili]" by transmitting Tg,
TL, TT, TQ, and called "universal matrix system". Now, f $ S (If the level of M is 8, T = Sml + 'e-". @
* @ I + .. (21T-8. 1-c (.... (3) −TT = S−eJ #... (4) T-8 −eJ 2 ′ (... (5J) Now, here, the same signal
as the above-mentioned transmission signal is detected. In order to set the output signal of level
S as G and the frequency of f as output signal H of level S as the output signal H of G as an output
signal t-- leather as the output signal Hi, the function indication is given by the double signal line.
If it is not, the output signal H at time t is. H: s, eJ (fs-fs) '27 rf, (, 431 G = 8 · · · · · · · · · · (7).
Therefore, if the reciprocal difference between the output signals G and H is determined, then G +
H-= 8-1 + 6-J (fs-fs) 2π "----(8) 曽 50-138801 (2) G-H-8 -1-e-J ('鳳 -f 鳳) 2 It becomes (9), and the
rotation can be calculated by comparing the equations (2), (8) and (3) with the equation (9)
Sound IJ! 1tt−8(t)とすnば、こnはTH。 It will give a signal of TL.
In the same writing 21. An output signal J having a level S having a frequency of −f, n is based
on the output signal G, J = s, eJ (ft−fl) 2fft −−−−− Q. If the equation (4) is completely
compared with the equation (4), the TT flaw signal for the sound source S (t) is given. Further, for
the output signal of level S which has a frequency of 2f, -f, the output signal Gt-is based on n = S-,
-J2Cf 1 -f *) 21 rt ..... If the equation IW (5) is compared with the equation +19, the output signal
is given a TQ signal to the sound source S (t). As described above, it is understood that the 2-n
channel rotational sound image can be dived using signals of different frequencies. An example
of the implementation of the present invention will be described in detail with reference to FIG.
(11, (5), (71 is frequency M variation 'A shooting aCVFO). (31 is an oscillator that generates a
reference frequency (fl), and its output level is variable in frequency with a variable number of
wave numbers (f'L, f2, f2 to be the same as 5), +41. (61 is a beat source j device, lυ3 is an
initiator generating a frequency of Δf, -1α1. 囮 is a phase shear wave5. +81. (Ttm, l1l) (/ -1
phase regulating circuit, +91. [17] JQ calculator. Originally from 1 oscillator ("3"). Add beat
oscillations 1 (2) and (4) in parallel to iJK # [9]. The beat likelihooder + 2 + VC is added with f, 10
Δ f from the frequency variable expander (1) and the reference frequency (fl), and the output of
this difference frequency is added to the order 1 2404 Waver frequency of Δf-Completed one
unit of A device U pump Δf reference · 4 wave mosquito and cry phase ratio collection n DC
output according to phase difference frequency town change; u button 11 plus that week? Keep
the skin number f, + Δf, and add f and + Δf output signal to the beat generator fNi device (2)
with dark and a-cho-phase reciprocator fit, and place f @ adjustment! g1 coil (8) K gallo, the
phase adjustment circuit out crab:,. ′6. A signal corresponding to a TT scratch signal shown
in L (1 弐 is obtained from ヅ. On the other hand, a reference frequency f and a variable
frequency oscillator (53 plus f−Δf difference frequency are supplied to the beat) @ vibrator (4),
and the output of the beat source ′ ′ A unit卯 卯 、 、 倹 倹 倹 倹 別 別 13 13 13 13 13 13 13
13 13 (13 の f な る f frequency comparison with the frequency. (9) Depending on the phase
difference, the DC output is frequency-shifted (51), and its frequency is kept at one direct
frequency of f, -Δf, that is, at T6.
The output signal from the frequency changer (5) is made to reverse the phase 1801 in the
phase adjustment circuit (10+ in the crystal phase production circuit (IIJ and 〃 u calculator υ).
The output of the phase adjustment circuit σ · is obtained by IJ 11 calculation 4 (9 j Garro E n,
the frequency f 4 length U T T と え 〃 〃 〃 卯 卯 卯 91 91 91 91 91 91 91 (( The output of the
zero calculator (9) is a TL-fold signal corresponding to +91 mu. Further, the reference frequency
f and the fl-Δffe from the wave number town lily (5) are different, and an output corresponding
to a T signal is obtained at one output of the next addition 4 圓. Furthermore, the frequency
output of fl-Δ f from Zu man-made town & original equipment (5) and the frequency variable
oscillation a (7) more End page of fl-2 Δ f: 2 ·】]-beat oscillator output (In addition to 61,
compare the frequency difference with the oscillator (13 with frequency .DELTA.f, add a DC
output according to the phase difference to the frequency generator i (7)) to the output of the
variable frequency oscillator. It is always kept at the base of fl-2Δf, f taken from frequency band
change address 7)-f, -2Δf circumference 1s-Il! The output is applied to phase A layer 03 to cast
out a signal corresponding to TQ. The above-described phase true point f 81. The u21μ
correction box (9) is a position complementary circuit for shifting the phase and the output of
α〃. According to the above-mentioned lesson of the present invention, n-fcTT, T1. . TR1TQ, it is
a 4 channel 犀 犀 1 1g, and if it takes only TR, and TL, it will be one stereo signal at any time, so
only the signals of TR and TL can be reproduced dKtau and two left and right Let f be emitted
from the speakers and f. A signal corresponding to a stereo signal for a universal matrix, which
has a mantissa of @, is alternately cut off from the left and right speakers, and is generated. Also,
TT, TL, TB,. If sound is emitted from the four speakers arranged before and after the TQ signal,
the sound source of level S to the number of stations lf number tV of the radio frequency f is
rotated over the four speakers and emitted, so that it is mentioned at the beginning yt '! As a
signal generator for xI <stereo effect definition or demonstration, a rotational sound image can
be obtained very easily! # * T-Have. As a matter of course, the present invention can be used not
only as a universal matrix system but also as a multi-stereo transmission generator of another
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a system diagram of the rotation signal
generator of the present invention. (T +, (5+, (7+ is a frequency variable oscillator, (2), (4), (61 is
a beat 晃Vibrator, (3I is also a reference generator 1 (81, (13 is a phase adjuster, f91. TE is / Jul
funeral, a 卯 is a Δf frequency oscillator. α recovery 11t151. (1 & is a phase, 5 is a temporary
device. EndPage: 3
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