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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic side sectional view of a
conventionally used pickup cartridge, FIG. 2 is an input circuit diagram of an amplifier in the
same manner, and FIG. It is. 1 ... coil, 2 ... York, 3 ... needle holder, 4 ... Danha, 5 ... thin lines, s 6 ...
permanent magnet, T ... cantilever, 8 ... needle , 9: Yoke, 10: Bobbin collar 11: Coil, 12: Outer
cover, 13: Leader wire. 」=? "旺 -15-
[Detailed description of the invention] The present proposal is a so-called MM type record
playback pin. It relates to the dissolution of cup-up cartridges. FIG. 1 is a view showing the
operation principle of a conventional MM-type pickup cartridge generally used, and is composed
of a permalloy or the like having a generator coil 1), 2 'of a highly conductive yoke 2 of 2'. They
are facing each other in parallel. The needle holder 3 inserted into the parallel part of the yoke 2.
For example, it is a square pipe of nonmagnetic material such as brass. The needle damper 4
which consists of rubber etc. is fixed to the inside. The needle damper 4 further holds one end of
a permanent magnet 6 which is movably held by the piano wire 5 so that the cantilever 7
projects from the other end of the permanent magnet 6 and fixes the needle 8 at its tip.
Accordingly, if the odd meter 8 is engaged with the recording sound groove rotating seven times,
the vibration of the needle vibrates the permanent magnet 6, thereby fluctuating the magnetic
field of the permanent magnet 6 related to the yoke 2 to the generating coil l. A voltage
corresponding to the vibration of the needle l is generated and input to the amplifier. The socalled stereo pin, quadrangle, or cartridge is one in which another pair of yaws having the abovementioned power generation coil crosses at right angles to enclose the needle holder 3. Such a
principle consists of the following: (1) for example, because it transmits a minute vibration of the
needle to the permanent magnet to vibrate the permanent magnet and converts the change of
the magnetic flux into an electrical signal 1 The yoke 2 of the power generation system must be
of high magnetic conductivity, and must not have magnetized b-magnetostriction. However, since
a transistor-based amplifier has recently been widely used, the yoke 2 tends to be magnetized.
That is, FIG. 2 is a circuit diagram of the input part of the transistor amplifier. The power supply
Wee is applied to the transistor Q1, and the transistor Q1 is biased by the resistors R1 and R2.
The power is transferred to the transistor Ql through the coil lFi capacitor C of the cartridge. 1)
In such a circuit configuration, for example, when the cartridge is replaced during operation of
the amplifier. The charge of the capacitor C instantaneously flows to the coil 1 at the time of
connection of the cartridge, so that the yoke 2 is magnetized. The result is a magnetic strain of
the yoke, which inhibits jL favorable reproduction. )、、y’、S。 The proposal was devised
to eliminate such inconveniences. Figure IIIJ3 is a cross-sectional view of the porcelain according
to the present invention. The yoke 9 made of pure iron or the like is, for example, a round bar.
The diameter is made to be inserted between the yoke 2 of the cartridge and the cage as a
diameter smaller than the minor diameter of the needle holder of a general car IJ.
The outer periphery of the same yoke 9 is preferably coated with, for example, Teflon or the like
in order to obtain lubricity at the time of insertion into the cartridge. The bobbin 10 is provided
at one end of the yoke 9 and the coil 11 is wound around the bobbin 10. The bobbin lO is
covered outside <12 and from its end the coil 110 input line 13 is drawn. Outside the lake (made
by 12 synthetic resins etc. Therefore, to use the demagnetization of the present invention, if the
cartridge holder and the needle holder 3 are removed, the demagnetized yoke 9 is inserted in the
mark, and an alternating current is applied to the coil 11 through the input wire 13. An AC
magnetic field of -7 is generated in the magnetic field, and the magnetic field of the company's
cartridge, the yoke 2 of the magnetic field company, demagnetizes the magnetization of the yoke
2 due to the above reason. The idea is such an easy thing. It is effective as detonation of Kurttori
and Di.
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