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き、。 (2, (JIJ [] yen) (1) 1⁄4 1/1 day 1; title of invention 3; patent applicant 電話 145 telephone
723-4593 ■ Japan Patent Office ■ Japanese Patent Application No. WB50-1493386'16 ' r23
specification 1, title of the invention 1, title of the invention Be alloy for acoustic equipment
2, inventor
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a Be alloy used for an
acoustic device member such as a diaphragm or a cantilever of a speaker. By providing a novel
composition, the work property is improved without impairing the acoustic characteristics. It is
my thing. In the following description, taking the diaphragm of the speaker as an example, the
diaphragm of the speaker is required to have various performances, but among them, it is
excellent in acoustic characteristics and the work handling at the time of attachment to a frame
etc. Good sex is especially important in practice. From this point of view, it is generally required
that the material of the diaphragm have a suitable E / ρ value, ρ value (density), and a high
draw ratio. In the production of diaphragms for loudspeakers, there is conventionally known a
separation method in which KBe alone on a substrate formed in the shape of a diaphragm is
formed into a thin film by gas phase reaction or vacuum evaporation. The diaphragm made of 8e
alone has low viscosity and is difficult to withstand the use of jigs when it is attached to the
frame when assembling the speaker, and it is possible to obtain satisfactory ones in terms of
work handling characteristics r There was no one. In addition, there is a disadvantage that the
acoustic characteristics are impaired if it is intended to satisfy the task handling ability. The
applicant contained A / l in the material according to the invention "member for acoustic
equipment and its manufacturing method" of Japanese Patent Application No. 48 + 144158 in
order to eliminate the defect that the applicant may have found in the conventional Be material
for acoustic equipment members. We proposed a method of making it Be-A / alloy. The present
invention The object of the invention is to improve the invention of the above-mentioned prior
application and to provide a Be alloy for acoustic equipment members having general and
excellent acoustic characteristics and work handling properties. It is characterized in that it
includes 1 to 5 circulations, and further includes 810.1 to 5 and 8061 to 2 one or more. Here,
the amount when 6 types of AJ, St and B are simultaneously contained can be contained up to the
maximum amount when each component is contained singly. AI! In the case of a Be alloy
containing only B, Be and A / in the alloy do not form a solid solution with each other, and BeO
and Al 2 O 3 do not form a solid solution with each other. Therefore, if you set the conditions for
heat treatment incorrectly, [3e and AI! And they tend to separate from each other, making it
difficult to set and maintain heat treatment conditions. When the two are separated, the A7
crystal becomes coarse, and the resulting product characteristics become close to those of the
product consisting of AJ single-self, and the hating can not fully exhibit the advantages of the BeAJ alloy. is there. ! In view of these points, in the present invention, as described above, AI!
In addition to the above, at least one of Si and B is further added. These all have the same effect 9
and Be-0-3t-OO-AI in the alloy. Or form a complex metal such as nBe-0-8-0-A /. That is, these
added components intervene between 13e and A / to work to enhance mutual adhesion. When
the amount of addition of each component is below the above-mentioned lower limit, the addition
effect does not appear, and when it exceeds the upper limit, the hardness is too high and the
machinability and the castability decrease. In particular, when the machinability decreases, it
causes problems in the processing of the product. As an example of the method of producing the
Be alloy, Be and each component are formed in a thin film form by vacuum evaporation or the
like on a substrate imitating the shape of a product (for example, a diaphragm) to be produced. Is
subjected to heat treatment to cut the substrate from the substrate. The purpose of this heat
treatment is to remove the fine bubbles formed inside the thin film, especially by evaporation,
when forming the thin film on the substrate, and to densify the surface of the Be alloy. Vagina
and AI! It is desirable to carry out in an inert gas atmosphere to prevent re-evaporation, and its
temperature is 1 o. It is desirable to set it as -500f. For example, heat treatment is performed for
about an hour at a temperature of 500 to 6 ooc in an A gas atmosphere. Also, the influence of
heat treatment on the characteristics changes as shown in FIG. According to the studies of the
present inventors, the physical properties of 3e alone and the complex compound obtained by
the present invention described above are as shown in the table below. Also, the maximum draw
ratio of the product was improved by 2 to 50%. "-------------------! ---------------------------------------------------- + ISi ', 1, 8730.5, 1 However, as is clear from the explanation of 6DDCX 30min 1: 1 or more in
the A gas atmosphere, according to the present invention, according to the present invention, it is
used for acoustic equipment members without impairing acoustic characteristics etc. The
handling ability of Be alloys containing AJ can be further improved. .
4. Brief description of the drawings-Figure 1.2 is a graph showing the effect of heat treatment
temperature on the characteristics of the alloy. ) IFFa: 1 jl AB * ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′
′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ Patent Application Attorneys Patent Attorneys 菅 菅 Page
EndPage: 25, List of Appended Documents (1) One Specification (2) One Drawing (3) 1) Power of
attorney one (4) petition copy second one, inventor inventor address other than the above
address No. 613-14, Izumicho, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka address No. 5686, Toyocho, Hamamatsu,
Shizuoka name Masao Ohashi procedure correction book December 1949 Japan Patent Office
Secretary Hideo Saito 1, display of the case · Application No. 49-56166 2, title of the invention 2,
title of the invention 4 Be alloy 6 for acoustic equipment members, related patent applicants with
the case of correction電話 145 Phone 725-45955, subject to correction Fig. 6 Contents of
correction End Page Correcting Fig. 2 like a separate sheet: 3
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