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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a top view of a conventional ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・
・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ 121 FIG. 5 shows a first embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 5 is a
developed view of a vibrating film portion, and FIG. FIG. 7 is a developed view of a vibrating
membrane portion showing a second embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 8 is a
vibrating membrane portion showing a third embodiment of the present invention. FIG. To Q4150 ... conductor. Fig.1 Fig.2 7-67 one open 50-154,729 (2) Fig.3 Fig.4 4 Fig.5 Fig.6 -68-actual
open 50154729 (3) Fig.7 Fig.8 -69 -
Detailed description of the invention Name of the proposal 1.4 electroacoustic transducer 2,-j!
For fr4fII = 肯 X Enoll Ell Accordion Buddha q 折 せ し め せ し め 複数 複数 複数 複数 複数 複数
音 声 音 声 音 声 音 声 音 声 音 声 音 声 導電 体 導電 体 導電 体 導電 体 導電 体 導電 体 導電 体In
the electro-acoustic transducer in which the magnetic field is applied to the conductor, every
other conductor which is broken to the air layer is connected in a differential amount so that a
current in the reverse direction flows in the conductor in contact with ljI. An electroacoustic
transducer characterized by having. 3, 1-of the fine fi1! In the present invention, a plurality of air
layers are formed by accordion-like t-motion film, and the air layer is formed of a plurality of air
layers (1) 11 ecf 7 m Kametaki is temporarily attached to a conductive material, respectively-q +
41 f 84 The electro-acoustic transducer sic is adapted to apply a magnetic field to the current
collector. Conventionally, a horn speaker and a cone speaker are used as kings in order to
convert electric signals into acoustic waves 11hKll, but all of the conditions as these agL
converters are not satisfied. Recently, Mr. Oscar Baile is the traditional f # 8! We corrected the
so-called “Bail” electroacoustic transducer. Figure 1 is the top 1 iii d that lowers the abovementioned Bail speaker. This speaker is a peristaltic membrane (7) in which the same strong
magnetic field indicated by the arrow (phrase (6) shown in the arrow (4)) is provided by four
ferrite magnets · l) · 2) Il + 14). Lipo / like conductor (Fig. 1 not shown) attached to the second
part (7)) and the voice current according to (2)-' The echo 1 imbvcf is configured to be converted.
In FIG. 1 vc, t81 (91- (6) is a pole piece for assisting the formation of a magnetic path, @@ is a
support member of a magnet, and four is a non-magnetic body, A frame 1211 is a cover for
holding a work bag (γ). wEz shows the shooting film (Te) in more detail! r%のであり、この
all! I! I (Ma) M is a plurality of folds (2), and a ribbon-like conductor A is broken at each
fold so as to extend in the vertical direction. As is clear from FIG. 2, the electrical connection of
the conductor (c) is such that the current in the reverse direction is tltt'L for one fIL. That is, the
direction of the current changes alternately to the rising F and from the F to the rising. Therefore,
now, when an audio signal current is supplied in the direction of conductive brushing-this
method, the law of the ninth frame is placed on the back of a strong magnetic field!
In Fig. 3 + 81; ', Il' · う 小 丁 如 (, は は は − − 万 万 万 万 万 万 万 、 、 、 、 気 気 気 気 n2! 9
(Ill open, air gap closed-so it is inhaled in the event of the arrow and exhausted in the event of
the arrow. If the 1st blade, the 1st opposite, and the 2nd audio signal current are supplied to the
conductor (C), the fold (5) will move to the arrow-and the air layer @ @ @ @ Υ closed, air
chamber (d) @-sld, so that in the event of arrows (d), exhaust, in the event of arrows (d) are
drawn. As a result, an airborne sound wave is generated. As described above, in the case of the
bail system speaker, the conductor of the width and the moving film are integrated and placed in
the magnetic field, so they are uniformly polished over a relatively wide frequency band and have
frequency characteristics. Is flat, and it is difficult to generate minute # 4 儂-It is characterized by
excellent transient characteristics because the light-weight imaging film is driven on the entire
surface and good rise of the sound (4) , Fil desk has the features etc. However, as shown in FIG. 2,
when the fF-% of the electric conductor attached to the shooting force lit γ) is broken at one
point, the defect and the conduction will occur. Since the body is long, there is a drawback that
the impedance becomes large. Therefore, the present invention seeks to provide an
electroacoustic transducer in which the above-mentioned drawbacks are eliminated. If the
present invention is described to vP 久 in a long time, the present invention forms a plurality of
air layers by an accordion-like bent peristaltic membrane, and a conductor for supplying a voice
current to the air layers of the air layers. Each of the electric conductors applied to the air layer is
connected in parallel (Is) in parallel, am-r. The present invention relates to an electro-acoustic
transducer characterized in that a current in the reverse direction flows in the conductor. For
example, an odd number of a plurality of conductors provided in a valley layer may be parallel i !
The first conductor group and the even number in parallel iI are continued to form the second
conductor group, and the conductor of the first conductor group and the second 4 are the
conductors of the body group. Is the tC that causes the current in the reverse direction to flow
and passes through the fCf converter. If formed in this manner, the conductors from which
current in the same direction falls may be connected in parallel, and if one of them is cut off, it
will not become an insane for 4f. Since the parallel connection is low, the impedance is low (Na,
transistor driving is easy. The actual example of the present invention will be described with
reference to the drawings. F6 ° Figs. 5 and 6 show the first actual example of the present
invention (6). FIG. 6 is a perspective view showing an accordion-like nine-folded footwear.
Since the loudspeaker of this embodiment is of the イ ル system, the basic configuration is
identical to that of t% in the alt diagram and 112 diagram. Accordingly, the illustration other than
the shooting movement aS is omitted. このj11! In the case of the storm example 2, the
conductor 4II-m positioned at one side of each air layer is divided into two groups. That is, the
conductors 4143 m 471 of the odd-numbered writing are respectively connected in a ridge line
and provided in Table 11 18159 of the coating film (7). On the other hand, the even-numbered
conductors 42444 f 114 s A are connected to each other between them and provided on the
back side of the forearm end). Then, the first conductor group and the even a4 conductor group
are connected by the lead wire. Therefore, if an audio current flows at the threshold of 瑞 S @
and 關 (1) 2 ', for example, if the current flows from the top to the bottom in the odd-numbered
conductor group in the table, the even-numbered conduction in the back In the body group, the
current is on earth from the bottom. Therefore, a reverse current always flows through the
adjacent conductor, and if this imaging film portion is attached to the cylindrical snow shown in
FIG. 1, it operates as a bail 7-type speaker. If the component -1I part is configured as described
above, the conductor i is broken and tIIail! It is small to use. Also, in order to connect the
conductors in parallel, lowering the impedance is small. In addition, no conductor is provided
directly on the same side of the base, and the back 1iiK can not be formed. Even if the base is
largely displaced, a short circuit between the conductors does not occur. Next, a second
embodiment of the home system will be described with reference to FIG. In this real example,
three conductors 6 1 l (Meiji 2 / 壕 in parallel 1! The one that has been il is the conductor group
to be attached to the original 1IIIK. Conductor group 1 ns-is provided on the front and conductor
group-4 is provided on the back, and one row is connected respectively, and the reed 表情 NK
makes the expression O difference 伺 ** and the back 裏 difference row connected The current of
t is followed by a, and every other current is reversed like flLf'L4. In addition, in the case of
implementation flK of jin, a support member is made to be て like a conductive member in one
corner of conductor group 礪 ~ 40 閣, and the top of the wave is regulated by the support
member There is. In addition, a small fold I is 11rj at the threshold between the friend support
member and each of the conductor groups 呻 to σ 呻, and the support member and the support
member have the rank of 勅 II easily deceiving It is. By forming in this manner, the same effect as
that of the first embodiment can be obtained. Further, in this embodiment, ν (9) includes the
support member's coring and the gb of the fold.
Next, a third embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to FIG. In this
implementation flvc は, conductor group 悌 IMQII is provided on the front side of the work film
(7), conductor group ー is provided on the back side, and each is connected in parallel between
the terminals 1 and 2 There is. Reverse between the current direction is parallel 4I! It is done by
faking the forged ones into a twisted bow line. In this way, the same effect as the% @ l
embodiment can be obtained. The present invention has been described above based on the
embodiments, but the present invention is a pottery J1f! Not to be limited to 1 (, 爽 to 変 形
transformation is a town I @ t.? In the same manner, it is possible to form an insulating layer by
forming a current between the current conductor group and the current conductor group
between the current conductor group and the current source 112 by means of a valve f vc. 4,Brief description of the box II 1 Figure 1 is a top view of a conventional bail system speaker,
Figure 2 is a perspective view for explaining a vibrating membrane part, and Figure 3 and IK 4
are drawing of a vibrating membrane FIG. 5 and FIG. 6 show the first embodiment of the present
invention, and FIG. li! ll! FIG. 7 is a developed view of a vibrating membrane portion showing
a second embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 8 is a developed view of a vibrating
membrane portion showing a third embodiment of the present invention. FIG. (1) ~ Yu) ... magnet,
(ma) ... vibrating film, (8) ~ 4 ... pole piece, 榛 ~-... conductor. Agent 野 Nom Next (2) Fig. 1 2s 55
+-□ · 21 21 ガ γ 図 □ 3 4 4 ′ ′ ′ ′ 7 shooting “J '762 EM 3 0154 729 K Attorney's
attorney's upper stomach 11 up to 5111: 1 ij 1 ;: etc]: · · · I, jj · · · · · · · ·: IIIl [il No. 611-Jl ",: l": i :::
15A 729 first generation number book + wealth 醤-凌Fig. 7-11 :: □: "Book: ', TiI! ;:! ': Jj21
mountain, :::', l: 1: iii ::: i :: il jl + ::, 111-,: ',',: ', l' + 1 1 l r ''---: Ya-h ::-", X" 7 rtn, l] 1 j ,,, jl, j · 7 NH
111 ;: 1 〃 :: i :: · · I] 1: 1 :): 11 \ ° 1111 □-Eve 4 Fig. 15/1729 Tsuno Agent Patent Attorney
High IFll *-
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