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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are structural diagrams showing a
conventional speaker device, FIGS. 3A and 3B are structural diagrams showing one embodiment
of the speaker device of the present invention, and FIG. , B is an electrical connection diagram
showing a specific example of a resonant circuit constituting the level control circuit of the same
speaker device. 1 ... manpower terminal, 2 ... a tweeter, 3 ... one midrange Subika, 4 ... woofer, 5 ...
tweeter branching circuit, min for 6 ... tone Wave circuit, 7 ... diversion for bass iL 10 ... Level
control circuit. 1 1 65 1- 51-10 531 (2) Figure 2 3 (B)-66-51-105 31 (3) 4 (A) (B) 1-67
[Detailed Description of the Invention] 1-1 @ Manual 1, Title of Invention 3, Note 1! ? ? ? 1 ?
Wi Wi Wi s . Loudspeakers 41 of W than before! The pupil is used, but these oit amount, the
sound quality adjustment method can be roughly divided into the following two if roughly
divided. As shown in FIG. 1A, a voice from a 1 / 1jlIIIg- shown is applied as 1-alk, and 2-- "for the
input terminal 1 and for high-pitched and mid-tone, each speaker for sound 2. 11, 4 and am tube
bypass filter (it, py). Bandpass filter Bs, p, y)% low pass filter (L, P, F) K for treble, middle plaster
layer, * respective branches of * plaster 1 m via III @ * '+' * Then, change the above-mentioned
branching ? path 0-II constant and change its shoulder wave echo at, Meby * F, 11, 40 sound
pressure! It is 40 of the composition which can spend IIJ wave number paradox. As shown in tz
@, one is a high-pitched, middle-tone (14+) wave circuit S,... And a high-pitched, mid-tone Ospeaker 2, an attenuator 8 for easy-to-high-pitched and mid-tone , 9t-inserted in series and
adjusting the attenuator 9, 9 by changing the speaker laziness, the input level to S ? ?,
changing the frequency inertia of the entire device Ii! ????????? However, in any of the
above-mentioned devices, the control of the frequency range of the control itself as well as the
level town variable is IIL! If the characteristics of the l-path and the speaker are large enough,
there is a drawback. The present invention overcomes the disadvantages of the subject, and will
be described in conjunction with the river, 4 $ -J, about 0'11894 below. Gran, No. 311, grade 1-,
same as component Wc, same letter-letter No. and detailed 11 @ omitted. In II, it is a level
control-path, and since it has a beak characteristic or a pitch 41, it is configured as a Jliij path,
and it is 11J34 that it is possible to rebuke an arbitrary frequency level. O 8-? input the level
control loop 1 o above m 1 and ?, middle, bass minutes aii 1 M6. e, TO people Kam and 6MK #
Nashi * ? tyL, taail ? input terminal 1 and high sound, for middle sound O fraction-Rio, 6 and O
inserted into the low 1 for diversion-I 1 117 G human power is direct It shows an eyebrow IIjl to
the last input ladder 1. Shown next is an example of the crystal of the conspiracy-thigh that
pulsates the above-mentioned level conch or 1-xgl passage 10 to the year 411.
??? The fourth mA is a common Ill circuit having beater bone property, and a series-path of a
coil L1 and a capacitor ta1 and a resistance ?1 are connected ** between the input ladder a1
and the output terminal b1. Ceramics, connected between output terminals b1 and bj2,
connected to 9 negative W # 1 anti-company third 3A A for the purpose of beeker police 4 and
min. It is. In this common 11m road, central angle lI! The vignette IIQi at wave number # 1 and
the number of O angle wrinkles -1 is superior by the following equation.
???????????░??? i, page J '░---C'), LIG. Book above negative lI! The Cabinet Road
has a central angle of 11 # number -1 and has a sharp and fake beak pipe l! ? ? ? ? ? ?
show characteristics. Next, the fourth WJB is a resonance circuit having a tee, 14P property, and
the input terminal a1, the nine force electrons b1 and the 011 JIK are a-carriage, fill L2. And the
capacitor cl * is connected, and the load resistance flo is connected to the output terminal b1 + ?
? 2 as described above. In this back circuit, sharp transformation at the angular frequency tm2
of the central angular frequency ? and is expressed by the following equation. ??????
CC2ea2wm ?;:, Q ?? j ? ииииии 7L 2Rc + 12tJLlt, that is, upward # 11 circuit ? center angle mal
number # 2 with sharpness Q, frequency with sharpness #! 1 shows the characteristics. As is
apparent from the above equation (1) and the @ equation, it is necessary to change the fill L1 and
the three conden tc1 or coil Lg toco yf n tc2et from the brush K, so that the beater dot or dip
point 0 square circumference pattern number $ 1 mm R And its S-bias q by changing false to-by
itself, changing the value of 11 anti-11 or # 1 anti-k 2 and thereby changing the beak point OII
writing or di, changing the point eswst In order to mean Dojima by h changing the volume to O
sound quality play as an O metal and an iron metal body. Ceramics, body S ? ? ? K III * so also
0 without a daughter, circled d level control circuit 10 may be direct Nubika ?, S, 4e @ K Kll,
level control ? l 110 ?It is 4-simple to insist on working Ow O road. More than I! As you can
see, the speaker system on the front of the car II is not limited to the speaker in the middle of the
speaker. It has a feature that it is possible to change q of any III # ll ? O level. 4.1-1-1 1 111 1
ml, 2 m is a conventional speaker device, 11 mA, 1 m, 1 m, 0 m, 1 speaker, 1 speaker Oj!
The specific example of the co-ma path that constitutes the wet-level 1 sub-roll path is the
electrical rust IIg shown. 1 иии Input terminal, 2 и и и Loudspeaker. $ J @ иии in the amount for the
speaker, 4 ..... bass speaker, 6 ..... treble for demultiplexing - road, branching for 6 ..... mid - road, T
и ... bass for demultiplexing - road ten ..... level controller snow - only - road. The 1st meat 2PFBP,
F4L, P, F Fig. 8H, P, FX2B, PPP4'L, P, F110531L Representative's name 1 Toshio Tsuji Nakao ~ 3
? 5 (A) H, P, F 8, P, F 10, P-F (B) 5 H, P, F 06 B, P, F 1 1 L, P, F * q C 153 '"! "" Agent Mr. Toshio
Nakao 1 sound s4 Figure (A) R + b и 2 (B) 2 b Leiyama Cv ? 2 b 2 Nei I '-312-Agent Mr.
Kameshima Toshio 6 Invented person other than the above And agents (1) inventor address
Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Oji Kadoma address 1006 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
within the candile 12 Nakao Yoshi translated note place same place unitafuka Name on #
banmon address same place gino name Jun Kimura (2) agent Address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma
City Oji Kadoma 1006! t, 4 t 6 swamp 1 ? 1 '-v ? ?'] ?-j: 1 to ? 1
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