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Head of the Patent Office President Hideyoshi Hideo June 28, 1951 Address (Location) Meguroku, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 1-chome, name 4th Name (Name) (501) Pioneer Corporation
Representative, Ryozo Ishizuka Name (6069) Tetsubeno Hideo 2 "" 11 characters "phase" Japan
Patent Office "0" JP-A-5 1-141 1170 published in Japan. (1976) 10.7, Specification 1, Title of the
Method of manufacturing electroacoustic transducer
3 Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a method of
manufacturing an electroacoustic transducer using a polymeric piezoelectric film or an
electrostatic film as a diaphragm. In the case of an electric sound I # converter using the abovementioned film as a diaphragm, the film is tensioned and attached to a frame, and in the case of a
polymeric piezoelectric film in particular, a foam is applied from the back side to eliminate
tension. Was bending the frame and applying tension. However, if the flatness of the frame is
sufficient and the accuracy during the production process is not high, the film as the diaphragm
may have large unevenness in tension, and if it is at the end, wrinkles may occur. The fraction
was bad. And when wrinkles etc. arise, the double oscillation in a vibration system body became a
cause of distortion etc. The present invention is intended to prevent tension distribution such as
wrinkles from being generated in a polymer film which is a diaphragm, and in the place where
the purpose is, the diaphragm is stretched on a frame with a tension of -W in advance. The
present invention is to provide a manufacturing method of end-to-end electroacoustic transducer
in which the electro-acoustic transducer is tensioned and heat-converged, and the diaphragm is
stretched by a large tension. . Another object of the present invention is that, for the imaging
plate subjected to the polarization process, since the force Dpf> process is carried out at the
temperature equal to or less than the parturization process temperature, the electric sound does
not cause any inconvenience due to the similar charge amount. , W to provide a method of
manufacturing the container. Next is the practice of non-invention? The productivity of an
electroacoustic transducer using a transmission plate made by stretching polyvinylidene fluoride
(PvF'2) into a film form Ij will be described. Set the shooting plate with electric shock ahead,
frame with a constant hydraulic power vc frame * reconnaissance 1 and then at least the normal
knitting, the temperature below the melting point of the transmission plate (the melting point
temperature of PVF 2 is 180 ~ At 200 ° C, it heats up the flight time from several tens of
seconds. Due to this heating, the diaphragm is fed mainly in the direction of stretching force 711]
and is stretched even if wrinkles etc. have occurred on the & moving plate in front. Then, the
polarization treatment is performed on the iiK peristaltic plate and the process is finished. In the
case of the shooting mJ 設 け which was paternized and subjected to force and polarization
treatment, it was stretched and fixed to the frame with constant tension, and after several days at
a parturition treatment temperature of 1 vessel or less, bending force several vessels As a result,
the imaging plate becomes feathered in the direction of stretching force, and wrinkles and the
like are stretched. This is a seven-piece orphan! The physical properties of the vl plate are shown
in FIG. 1.2. That is, the first factor is a constant for the original length of the stretching force
direction of the diaphragm with respect to temperature, and the second factor is the θ constant
(O dB = 30 × 1 ocgsesu) when the microphone VC is applied. B) the heating time for the same
foot 24 o'clock, showing the change-relative to the annealing temperature.
In the above description, the method of giving the water pressure in advance to the diaphragm is
considered to be the case where one is performed from the back surface of the diaphragm to the
firing rod and the case where the frame is bent. Further, the heating time according to the
present invention may be any time determined by the correlation with the side wall, and is not
limited to the value of the real axis. However, the same applies to the case of using a B-type
(Tatoko is an electret nigonden "j-type") Hui / l / A transmission plate. According to the present
invention, as described above, by fixing the worm to the frame at a temperature not higher than
one point of the shooting plate Hui A and making the shooting plate curl, a thick tension is
applied to the transmission plate, and therefore wrinkles It is worthwhile to eliminate etc. Also, if
polarization processing is performed on the imaging plate fixed on the bridge, vc will be shaken
by 7JD2 at the temperature slope below the polarization processing! This is an ineffective effect
such as no reduction in the charge before handling of the battery.
Example 49 A simple explanation of the figure is a characteristic diagram of the Kamebe air
acoustic transducer which is manufactured by the manufacturing method of the present
invention, and FIG. 1 is a diagram showing a shrinkage change rice with respect to Wenzhou, a
second evil Is a diagram showing a change in e constant with respect to the annealing t + 1
temperature. One person pioneer Pioneer Co. Ltd. Na Atsushino Hideo EndPage: 21 "L dish Annie
Relebe i degree [0C] 6 ° inventor or patent applicant other than the above address or name (2)
patent applicant address (Location) Name (Name) Representative Address (Location) Name
(Name) Representative EndPage: 3
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