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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a structural explanatory view showing a
conventional speaker switching device, and FIG. 2 is a structural explanatory view showing one
embodiment of the speaker switching device according to the present invention. 21 ... L amplifier,
22 ... R amplifier, 23, 24 ... speaker system, 27 ... changeover switch, 28.31 ... hot output terminal,
29, 30, 32, 33 · · Speaker, 34 · · · cold output terminal. Fig. 1 L 1 1 2 -14 1 1 1 "-t-15" 3-3 開 51122 602 (2) Figure 2 1 1 724 1
【Detailed description of the invention】 1. Name of the Ijja book 1.4 ス ピ ー カ Speaker
switching ij 龜 龜 * * * 範 範 範 範 範 1 1 H 1 l 猷 (a phantom channel amplifier has a system
stereo amplifier 6 two, Each of the above channel amplifiers has its own corresponding channel
speaker (nJ's speaker system & choice-next speaker turn-on attack as well as hot output ladder
for each channel amplifier @ two corresponding) When one end of each corresponding channel
speaker of each speaker system of the two button and speaker button is m-, the speaker m
connection terminal of the double sense (n) and the same period speaker system are provided.
The other speaker of each corresponding speaker system is m- 嶺 欽 嶺 欽 (n) Nosueka Bell #!
Switch the speaker 趨 # tc 趨 of this 1111 (n) to 趨 and select the cold output 配 of 配 11 チ ヤ
ン 早 ン 共通 共通 Common area 2 Il! The speaker @ conversion side La, which is composed of a
changeover switch with the following T, and the # -n m-- of this invention is the sound II! l: The
improvement 6 of the speaker switching iui used is related. In general C two-tone * mar two, it is
possible to switch and use the speakers of a plurality of systems as opposed to an amplifier
system 2 of a l system. For example, assuming that the amplifier of the l system consists of two
for L (left) polarization for stereo and 11 for R (right), the speakers are two systems and one
speaker per knob l- In the prior art, as shown in the + i diagram, the speaker connection
terminals ii,. And 4 C switches interlocking with each other C 1sl-iB. Was used. In the figure,
reference numeral 18 denotes a terminal board, and 14ν and 15 each denote a speaker system.
However, according to the switching 簑 t as described above, the speaker 11M terminal 11.
−11. In addition to the large number of folds and changeover switches 1g1-1g4 as well as
the large number of these arrangements, there are drawbacks in terms of parts cost, production
cost and the like. The present invention has been made to solve the above-mentioned drawbacks,
and it is possible to provide a speaker switching device 1- * which can reduce the number of used
products S, simplify the distribution operation, and achieve low cost. Refer to the following causeone example of the present invention details I :! ! Light up. In the lIs diagram, if and sza
respectively correspond to I and 794 amplifiers and an amplifier for R, and constitute an
amplifier of an l system as a 2-channel stereo amplifier. -1, [1 j 84 respectively correspond to the
first one. It is a speaker system of @S, and has two channels of speakers corresponding to one set
of stereo amplifiers, but the speaker systems have different fatigue characteristics, for example.
Further, 25 is a skin plate, and the number of channel amplifiers m (2 in this example) of the
stereo amplifier and the number n of use of the speaker system (8 8 in this example) are
determined by the total number (m + n) Biased l. ~ 64 speaker rice bowl terminals! M to 61-86.
Further, reference numeral 27 denotes a changeover switch, which has the number of switching
circuits determined by one Sbi easy-1 system number n. -The hot output terminal s8 of the L for
the ang 81 is a terminal m6, l: of the sense l of the terminal board 25 from which the Ljl speaker
gg of each speaker system 28.14 gg, one end of the go 緩 2 each loose It is being deceived. Also,
the hot output terminal 81 of the R amplifier 22 is connected to the terminal plate 31 & (the
terminal 26 of the 71st number, and is connected to the R speaker 8B of each speaker system
28164, i 1 from this There is. And L amplifier 11. Each cold output terminal s4 of the amplifier
s2 for R is connected to the terminal 2 of terminal plate 8II via the changeover switch 87! 6.17. !
, @ @ IF) terminal 1 <Isi 2 a selection mess, from the terminal s 63 of the above Izz each speaker
9 of the speaker system 8g of the si, 1A'-1 letter addition joining other end · 2 each has a
superiority, From the terminals sa of the journal 8 and ""-", the respective segments 2 of each
speaker 8L1.8B of the eighth speaker system 84 are m each. Number 4j. In the above speaker
switching device, if the second terminal ff16m is vigorously connected to the cold output
terminal 84 of the stereo amplifier from the selector switch 161 + 2, the speaker system g8 of
llB1 is selected to continue the stereo amplifier sense two images The switch system is switched
to 0 M and the terminal z 63 of the I 8 is connected to the cold output terminal 84 of the stereo
amplifier. The speaker system 24 of tx and am is selected to connect the stereo amplifier 8 in
two. Loudspeaker switching jal as described above: according to I! ! For the number of switching
systems having the number of switching systems corresponding to the number of speaker
systems, and the total number of channel amplifiers of stereo amplifiers and the number of
speaker systems used-two matching loudspeakers IIRm 2B to s64 are provided. If you can save
the use J @ parts compared with, both C 2 distribution will become a cabinet simple. It would be
advantageous in terms of used parts cost and layout cost, fi! I go to bed to lower the cost of
equipment. In addition, although the above actual case-6 for two channel stereo, the speaker
switching V device was judged six times, if it carries out according to the above actual IIA-also for
four channel stereo, the same effect as the above * 1 m @ is acquired It goes without saying that
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