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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a microphone using a conventional
electret fixed electrode element, and FIG. 2 shows a microphone using an electret fixed electrode
element of the present invention. 9: upper case, 10: vibrating membrane fixing ring, 11: vibrating
membrane, 12: electret material film, 13: metal fixed electrode, 13-1: support for fixing, . 13-3 · · ·
· · · · lower case, 15 · · · insulator 1, 16 · · · fixed metal plate, 1 T · · · insulator 2, 18 · · · tightening
screw, 19 · · · Fixed electrode tightening screw. % 1 area second throat-83 1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an electret fixed
electrode device for electric equipment having a high electric resistance and a long life which is
easy to manufacture. Heretofore, the application to acoustic equipment has been representative
of electret applications. That is, it is an electrostatic acoustic device using an electret as a vibrator
or a fixed electrode. In the past, many methods using electrets as a moving body have been
carried out, but in view of the mechanical characteristics of the air 1-9 rectangle material, it is
extremely difficult to produce an acoustic device having good frequency sensitivity
characteristics by this method. It is. On the other hand, in the method using the electret as the
fixed electrode, the material selection of the vibrating body becomes free, and it becomes
possible to manufacture an electret acoustic device having extremely excellent wavenumber
sensitivity characteristics. However, in the case of the fixed electrode system, the shape of the
electret is complicated as compared with the vibrating membrane system, and it is difficult to
simultaneously satisfy both the acoustic characteristics and the life characteristics. In FIG. 1
showing a conventional microphone, in FIG. 1, (1) is a case, Q is a diaphragm ring, (31)
diaphragm, +41 is a spacer, (5) is an electret material film, and (6) is a metal. A fixed electrode,
(η is an insulating plate,-) indicates a clamping screw. The conventional electret fixed electrode
element has a structure in which an electret material film (5) is adhered to one side of a metal
fixed electrode (6). The electret fixed electrode device of this structure has a significantly worse
life in the wet state as compared with a vibrating film using the same electret material. The
lifetime analysis of the electret material reveals that the attenuation of the surface potential at 21-1 in moisture is due to the decrease in the surface resistance. Attenuation of the surface
potential at the time of adhesion is considered to be that the contaminants attached to the
surface at the time of opening decreased the surface resistance at the time of adhesion.
Furthermore, the fixed electrode shown in FIG. Since the holes are opened, charge transfer at the
holes is also a drawback. This invention is a simple process that eliminates conventional defects
and does not adhere to contaminants during the manufacturing process, and aims to obtain an
electret fixed electrode element for electric devices with high electric resistance and long life.
Description will be made based on the drawings. In FIG. 2 showing a microphone using an
electret fixed electrode element based on this invention, in (0), (9) is an upper case, 曽 is a
vibrating film fixing ring, (2) is a vibrating film, and (2) is an electret material film , A metal fixed
electrode, (15-1) a support for fixing, (15-2) a hole, (15-5) a fixed portion, +14 a lower case, (2)
an insulator 1, ) Is a metal plate for fixing, (b) is insulator 2, (5) is a 5-clamping screw, 曽 is a
fixed electrode clamping screw, (9-1), (14-1), (14-2) is a screw Show.
Next, the manufacturing method of the electret fixed electrode element of this invention is
described. After thoroughly cleaning the machined fixing support (15-1) and the metal fixed
electrode (2), the holes (1? 1-2) and chemical etching to remove the corners of the circumference
0 This step is essential to obtain a continuous coating film. Other than chemical etching, it is
possible to use an abrasive. 0 Next, the electret material (b) is coated on the entire surface of this
metal fixed electrode (except for the screw for fixing (15-5) by the usual coating method) . The
fixed electrode element after coating is electretized by a conventional method. As shown in FIG.
2, in the electret fixed electrode device of this invention, the surface of the electret material (b) is
in contact with the metal fixed electrode (b) only at the fixing screw portion (15-5). The surface
resistance between the surface of the electret (6) opposed to (ii) and the metal fixed electrode (2)
is the surface resistance of the back surface as shown in FIG. The surface resistance of (15-1) is
added. In the electret fixed electrode of this invention used in the microphone of FIG. 2, the
diameter 8 of the fixing support (15-1) is sufficiently higher than that of the length 1 of the
fixing support (15-1). The surface resistance value of the electret fixed electrode element of the
structure of has a value much larger than the value of the structure of FIG. 1, and its lifetime
during wet is also greatly improved. The diameter of the metal fixed electrode is 15. The size of
the fixed electrode, the diameter of the fixed support, and the length thereof can be appropriately
selected depending on the purpose. Although the case where it applied to a microphone was
shown, it can apply not only to an audio equipment but to a general electric equipment.
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