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Patent application Showa 7 1 37 28 2 2 Inventor's Name Hall I Franklin Fist Steel [Facial] Japan
Patent Office ? JPA 51-130215 ? Published Japan. (I976) 11. 32 ? Japanese Patent
Application No. 57-45602 @ Application F! L l ? ? /, (197 g) ? No request for examination of
lie (6 pages in total) Office serial number specification, 1 title of invention 2% ?Claim (1) A
loudspeaker type input filter device comprising a filter circuit ?) responsive to an input audio
signal for providing an output signal filtered to supply an amplifier nl, wherein the filter circuit
The control circuit 1118 (R) changes the wave number response characteristic of the filter circuit
in response to the transfer signal related to the banker 7 or the olfactory consideration, and the
control circuit 1118 (R) A loudspeaker control device characterized in that a pitch is limited to 1
lt II.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of an expanded -4 system in
which two input filter devices according to the present invention are incorporated; FIG. 3 is a
block diagram of FIG. [* Simplified layout diagram, FIG. 6 shows the change curve of the peak
input voltage at the frequency of the spreader at the limit of 5 linear m @ range, FIG. 7 shows
FIG. 76] Figure 8 shows the required 8 frequency response curves of the balancing circuit for the
expander shown in Figure 8; Figure g is a block diagram of 9 substantial embodiments of the
invention; Figure 7 is a portion of Figure 1 10 embodiments FIG. 10 shows one curve diagram 12
of the frequency response characteristic at the input stage of FIG. , 3 // fist fist filter circuit, i, y-bass balance circuit, 4 way, [email protected] movement signal generation circuit, / 7--, 5 filter control circuit, /
f-phi loudspeaker, co ?, 16 ? /, Koko и line, 23 + 1 filter circuit 1, 7 ? j 11 и speech level block,
27 ии power, 8-amplitude i, cobb и 0 buffer 7 ░, Patent delivery agent agent ? ? Page EndPage:
4J II ?, ? FIG 70 ?? End Page: 5 L continued sleeve 11. Book "Spontaneous" Showa zi June
4tFl Special 1. '1 Agency Secretary Katayama Ishibuden 16 ░ 11 display Showa j' / hand 1. 'I
Application atto No. 2, Title 2 of the Invention, Title of Invention Loudspeaker control device at
low frequency' 3, Related patent application with Battf '+ to make corrections! (The name
Teledyne ? Su (dead 4, substitute! ????????? ?
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