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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front elevational view showing an
embodiment of an ultrasonic transducer according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is an
inside of the rubber when water pressure is applied or when the rubber is thermally shrunk. FIG.
6 is a partial enlarged cross-sectional view showing a deformed / deformed state, wherein a is a
conventional ultrasonic transducer and b is an ultrasonic transducer of the present invention.
FIG. 3 is a front elevational view showing another embodiment. DESCRIPTION OF NUMERALS 1:
vibrator main body 2: rubber mold outer peripheral surface 3: deep notched groove 4: rubber 5:
vibration element 6: sound radiation surface , 7 ... post, 8 ... mounting plate. -Fig. 1 Fig. 3 Fig. 2175-
[Detailed description of the invention], ? page 1 Name of the invention ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??
? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? 5 ? ? 5 The ultrasonic transducer and the device o * atta # 41O
which is formed between rubber elements and between the vibratory elements and in which a
deep cut groove is provided toward the center from the outer periphery of the rubber mold The
invention is related to the improvement of the ultrasonic IIalli1 child-The conventional ultrasonic
transducer has a simple outer shape exhibiting a cylindrical shape, so that it sinks 1 deep in the
water by the crane water pressure. Also, when used in a spoiler, the rubber is reduced at 1111
stations, and as shown in FIG. 15, one supersonic sound [i's vibration element 5 has an adhesion
of acoustic wave radiation 1i6 on its outer periphery and rubber ridge 4 May peel off. Therefore,
it is possible to sink in the water, and it is not easy to use it because it does not get hot due to use
at the same time. Even if it sinks, it is possible to use the ultrasonic am-motor even at low
temperatures. In order to achieve the above-mentioned object, the present invention is attached
to a plurality of vibration elements', the vibration elements own are molded with rubber, and
between the vibration elements, the outer periphery of the rubber mold is directed to the center)
It has a deep cut list. Next, in FIG. 1, which is a specific example of the ultrasonic vibrator
according to the present invention, in FIG. 1, 1 is a riotism main body, and a pair of vibration
elements 5 are inserted together with a support 7 + oK @ plate 8; 1) The device according to the
present invention forms a deep cut l # I3 toward the center of the vibration element 5.51 MI) by
molding in 4) 1sjiiIf wave oscillator is underwater Although it sinks deeply и In this case, even if
heat is generated inside the rubber by using water pressure or at low temperature, the rubber 4
is deformed in the direction of the arrow as shown in 1128 I 16 L) in the prior art. The adhesion
iI between the acoustic section 6 of 5 and the rubber 1 was peeled off -9 because of this, the
bearing surface was peeled off.? 2 figure (like noodles, hair shaped like an arrow by 4 rubber
company cuts $ 3 And peeling force occurs mostly compressive forces on the adhesive toward
the acoustic radiation -6 rubber 4 of the vibrating element 5 does not act almost. This nine-fifthmilitary-collision ml can prevent peeling-off-conventional defects. Furthermore, as shown by
M511JK, a large number of vibration elements 5 are large, each vibration Takako 5.511 JIK
several lines It forms the cut II3 and includes all # 13 is 1! The ultrasonic transducer according
to the present invention can be used with no problems such as in the example shown in Fig. 10
in the example shown in Fig. 10, even if the ultrasonic transducer of the present invention is
deeply submerged in water or low temperature covered. As there is no possibility of peeling off,
the horizontal directivity deviation also gets worse and has an effect of 1.
15llllli's simple te @ ? 1 Figure shows an example of an ultrasonic transducer according to the
present invention. Fig. 112 is a case where water pressure is applied и t is the case of static
contraction of rubber 9 The deformation imt inside the rubber-WO expansion #-in the) is a
conventional ultrasonic 20Ii transducer, ((9) is a series 31 "showing the ultrasonic transducer of
the present invention), ~ 1 is II showing another 1uii example! Breaking pressure -1 is one sign ?
-1 moving element main body 2 rubber mold outside jll direction 5 s @ notching ? 4 rubber 5
vibrodynamic element 6 acoustic section 7 7 post 1013 mounting plate m m theater person
Company-wide company Hitachi-production 15 generations person * m person Akimoto JEII B
1st IIII3Ill ? \, 36 ? ? 856 ?? 56, ?* 2w (a) III25 (b), t, x4, gate 4, F? 6, L1, (?, ?, -8-5
water, 44. (s-pa, pa и light tile иии, tree 5,), ? -5217 ?и-6 ?6,-, "11, ... 11; = S + (! ??? \ Water
pressure 160 G N "" 8th hot-spring people this book
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